Things Homemakers and Rummy Players Have in Common

A homemaker has to handle all the responsibilities of the household. While she is never paid for her sacrifices, her job is really not easy. She is constantly working to keep her family happy. This requires one to possess certain skills and abilities. Otherwise they will fail miserably as a homemaker. Here we have listed a few qualities common among rummy card game players and home makers:

They Are Both Organised

One can never manage a house without being organised. That is the reason why most good homemakers are extremely organised. They have a mind that allocates a place for everything. They know how to arrange things in a proper order so that the house appears spacious and liveable.

These traits are the same in a classic rummy player. He knows that the key ingredients to win a game of rummy are order and method. As soon as the deck of cards are distributed to each player, he arranges the cards in his hand in proper order of their values. This makes it easy for him to make melds and sequences that are necessary to win the game.

They Both Are Disciplined

A homemaker has a vast array of tasks to handle. These include washing up, cooking, cleaning, organising and handling all the daily chores. If there is no discipline, it is impossible to handle all the chores in a proper fashion. That is the reason most homemakers are disciplined. They follow a proper method and arrange all the tasks as per a timeline. This prevents them from missing out any important task.

A rummy player, on the other hand, has to follow the rules to be respected in the rummy circles. There is a limited amount of time allocated to each player to play his turn. A rummy player is thus time conscious as well as disciplined. He will pass his turn if he fails to play but not waste the next player’s time. He will also strictly abide by the rules set for playing the game.

They Both Are Quick at Picking Up New Strategies

While most of us do not notice this fact, homemakers come across some new challenge each day. The type of challenge they face are very different each day. This is what makes them quick at picking up new strategies or unique ways to deal with things.

Rummy is a game that encourages people to try different strategies. An ultimate rummy game is the one that coaxes us to think of new methods to handle the challenges. A good rummy player will thus be quick at thinking out new strategies to handle the game.

They Both Know When to Quit

There are some challenges as a part of day to day living that can never be resolved even if you try countless times. There are issues most homemakers tend to put on ignore mode. This is their way of passing the game to lose less points.

Even in rummy, pursuing a wrong hand and trying to win the game is foolishness. A good player knows this fact. That is why he passes the game at the very beginning or even half way through the game to avoid further losses.

They Both Know How Best to Use Bonuses

In the Indian Rummy game, a joker is a bonus. It can be used in place of any other card to make melds or even to make real sequences. A good rummy player knows how to make the best of jokers. A homemaker may also be faced with certain bonuses in her life like free time in a weekday. She will be wise to use this time for some relaxation so that her mind is stress free and capable of handling the remaining tasks.

The similarities between rummy players and homemakers are remarkable. Both have their own plusses that make them stand out.