Solid Explorer stable version updated with new Material themes, adaptive icon, and more

Android has its own built-in file manager these days, but it’s rudimentary at best. If you spend any amount of time managing files, you’ll want a third-party file manager, and Solid Explorer is among the best. A new interface hit this app in beta some weeks back, and now the stable version is joining the fun.

Here’s the changelog from the stable version v2.5.7 update.

Every developer can use Google’s Material Theming guidelines to come up with a look that matches their style. Solid Explorer has two new themes in the v2.5.7. There’s white, which looks a lot like recent Google app updates. Onyx is a dark UI that still has a new material vibe. You can pick either them or have them automatically switch based on the time of day. The older themes are still available as well. On your home screen, you’ll notice that Solid Explorer finally has a proper adaptive icon.

The latest update is live in the Play Store, and you can sideload it via APK Mirror. Remember, the app comes with a 14-day trial, and then you have to pay for the full version unlock.