BCH Roundup: Rock Festivals, Long Form Blogging, and Prescription Drugs

BCH Roundup: Rock Festivals, Long Form Blogging, and Prescription Drugs

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Market Action

The Bitcoin Cash (BCH) community recently celebrated the successful Stress Test Dayon September 1 and continued flooding the network with transactions until September 6. As far as BCH trading markets are concerned the spot price of bitcoin cash has been pretty low as the cryptocurrency is now trading at $437 per coin. At the time of publication, the bitcoin cash market capitalization is $7.6 billion and commands $345 million in 24-hour trade volume. Data stemming from the price and market statistics website Satoshi Pulse details that the top exchange today swapping the most BCH is the trading platform Lbank. This is followed by cryptocurrency exchanges Coinex, Huobi, Okex, and Hitbtc. As far as money flow traded against BCH the top pairs today include tether (USDT 46%), BTC (29.3%), ETH (12.7%), USD (7%), QC (1.9%), and KRW (0.88%).

BCH Roundup: Rock Festivals, Long Form Blogging, and Prescription Drugs

Online Pharmaceutical Service Accepts Bitcoin Cash

Besides the dreary crypto-markets, there’s been lots of good news taking place within the BCH ecosystem. One specific merchant adoption announcement bitcoin cashers enjoyed was from the online pharmacy service from Canada called Script.care. The pharmaceutical vendor has announced the company now accepts bitcoin cash for payments. Script.care says the company is pleased to accept BCH to fulfill prescription orders and their pricing is significantly lower than average prices in the US. Unfortunately being an online pharmaceutical vendor the company cannot deal directly with Canadian citizens. “We can import and export medications but not sell them to Canadians directly,” explains a Script.care representative.

Bitcoin Cash Powered App Matter.cash Adds Arbitrarily Long Comment Abilities

Back in June news.Bitcoin.com reported on the long form blogging application Matter.cash and this week the platform has added some new features. The application is a platform that allows people to publish long-form posts using the Bitcoin Cash chain’s op-return feature. The Matter.cash creators explain this weekthat users can now add arbitrarily long comments as replies to posts on the website. The platform’s developers say that there will be ‘Submatters’ soon which will be similar to Reddit-style communities.

“We’re launching the ability to create, and grow your own community while earning Bitcoin Cash — Owners will have full support for managing the look and feel as well as have special administration rights in a permissionless fashion,” the developer explains.

BCH Roundup: Rock Festivals, Long Form Blogging, and Prescription Drugs

North Queensland Rock Fest Sponsored by BCH Proponents

Another BCH adoption story stems from the North Queensland Australia region, where BCH merchants in the area are sponsoring the North Queensland ‘Country by day Rock by Night’ rock festival. Lately, bitcoin cashers have been hearing a lot about the North Queensland BCH community and the Coffee Pedlar a Bitcoin-Cash-only cafe that supports zero-confirmation transactions. The rock festival will feature artists such as Troy Cassar-Daley, The McClymonts, Judah Kelly, Homegrown, Brooke ‘Josie’ Roberts, and Tony Cook. According to the North Queensland BCH community, tickets are also discounted to $40 if paid in bitcoin cash.

BCH Roundup: Rock Festivals, Long Form Blogging, and Prescription Drugs

Lots of Things Happening and Many More Bitcoin Cash Developments on the Way

Lastly, BCH supporters were excited to hear that the NBA’s Houston Rockets owner, Tilman Fertitta, has revealed his luxury automobile dealership Post Oak Motor Cars will now accept bitcoin cash. This means BCH fans can now purchase a Bugatti, Bentley, or Rolls Royce by using bitcoin cash for payment. Overall there’s been a lot happening within the BCH community and many more developments are on the way. For instance, the developer Unwriter has revealed that Bitdb 2.0 is coming soon which will upgrade the global NoSQL database powered by the BCH chain. “Not just an upgrade, but a quantum leap,” Unwriter explains.