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AffiliateTheme Introduction

AffiliateTheme is a word press tool employed by professional as well as the novice in creating affiliate websites as well as satellite sites without having the website developing skills. You can always integrate your Affiliate websites on Google with the help of keywords to be able to attract clients to your site; thus generate passive income. The AffiliateTheme tool can be used by private customers skilled in a particular area to share their knowledge with others. The tool can also be used by companies to build traffic and hence increase profits. It can also be used by domineers, online marketers, SEO and affiliate marketers to grow their profits.

Why is AffiliateTheme Best?

Affiliate theme has a high-quality standard that ensures to keep up unnecessary SEO and is also comprehensive, clear and easy to use by a beginner and professional. Affiliate theme has detailed documentation accessible to everyone, and there is continued improvement on the theme.

The affiliate theme has been designed to allow each to create personalized web pages.
The affiliate theme also has consideration for clients who purchase products using their phones by ensuring there is mobile optimization.



This word press theme enables you to customize your affiliate website whichever way you need making the website created uniquely for the product being sold.

Cunning Product Administration

This feature aids in the creation and managing a huge amount of different products without altering their uniqueness.
The feature also enables you to create comparison charts for products and shops beside the existing parallel product list. In addition to that, the system allows you to categorize your products in different ways.

API Interfaces

Creating product pages manually is very hectic, and this feature provides a solution for that. Interfaces to the affiliate partner programs make it easy to import products within a short time ensuring essential data like title, pictures, reviews, and descriptions are collected fully automatic and seen in the front end.


This feature enables you to perform many enormous tasks with little effort and time.

Predefined Widgets

This feature makes it easy to find out information about a product. Affiliate theme has included additional widgets on their site besides the common ones on word press themes that can only be used by those who own their affiliate theme. The predefined widgets can help customers find specific products they want.

Tools & Resources

The best resources and tools create affiliate theme like bootstrap and font awesome an iconic font that makes information noticeable and pretty. There are other features that you will find interesting like the adequately created social media buttons and mobile-optimized slider.


The affiliate theme provides its customers with a free demo which will enable them to see the available customization options. There is also a feature for customer feedbacks.



Affiliate theme is an excellent tool for all those looking forward to becoming affiliate marketers. Do away with unnecessary plugins from your affiliate websites by using this fantastic tool and achieve high conversion rates.