Get More Subscribers with These 4 Blogging Tools

Coming up with eye-catching content can be a challenge, but there are resources available to make this process more successful. By tapping into the right tools you can attract more readers. Would you like to bring more visitors to your blog? Take advantage of these content gems, and let me know how these work for you!

1) SEO made easy – MozBar

Find out your website’s ranking, social shares, online authority, and optimization stats all from one toolbar. MozBar is easy to install on Google Chrome and Firefox, and provides a tool at the top of your browser that allows the user to analyze their content and the competition. There are metrics included for both SEO, and for social media.

2) Improve your content reach – Stumblebar

Help spread the word on your blog posts with this free Google Chrome extension. Stumblebar is an aggregate of videos, content, and images recommended by readers. After installation and publishing a blog post use this tool to upload your content without ever leaving your website.

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3) Simplified online editing – Hemingway

Easily correct your sentences, grammar, context, and much more before you hit publish. Hemingway App, available on a computer or your smart device, and includes user-friendly features such as simplifying hard-to-read sentences, removing too many adverbs in your content, and correcting a passive tone for optimum readership appeal.

4) Turn content into powerful visuals – SlideShare

If your blog needs more variety then you can re-purpose your old posts into eye-catching content. Not only will this add more visuals, but will attract more subscribers and social media fans and followers. SlideShare is easy to set up after connecting with your LinkedIn account. Use this tool to create presentations, infographics, documents, and more. Track your views and shares from your account, all for free.

Hopefully you will find these blogging tools useful for your search engine marketing strategy. Are there any that you would like to add as well?