STAR WARS Themes Get Covered With Melodicas

John Williams may be done with Star Wars after Episode IX, but Star Wars fans are far from finished with him. Williams’ music for the franchise has taken on a life of its own, and his iconic themes have been covered countless times within the last four decades. It takes a lot for a new Star Wars cover to stand out, but this might do the trick. The Melodica Men, Tristan Clarke and Joe Buono, have released a Star Wars medley on their signature instruments.

We first came across this video at Laughing Squid, but that probably wasn’t your first question. Melodicas have musical keyboards that are played while blowing air through a mouthpiece. If someone wanted to fuse a harmonica and a keyboard together, the melodica would probably be the result. It has a unique sound, but Williams’ music lends itself well to many different instruments and styles.

Clarke and Buono also went the extra mile and covered more than just the main title theme. They also shared their spin on Williams’ Imperial March and Rey’s theme from The Force Awakens. It was a nice touch to hear some of Williams’ modern work included with this piece. To close out the cover, Clarke and Buono decided to have some fun by revisiting the music from the original Cantina scene.

For more melodica covers, check Clarke and Buono’s YouTube channel.

What did you think about the Star Wars melodica medley? Compose your thoughts across the stars and in the comment section below!

Images: The Melodica Men/Lucasfilm


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