Blogging for Israel and Dancers from Ariel – A Hebrew In The Heartland

On today’s show David Ha’ivri will be speaking with Paula Stern who is a blogger in Israel. For many years blogging as a soldier’s mother sharing the intimate experience as a mom who sent three of her sons to serve in the IDF. today she hosts the Israel blogger platform that provides a stage for 20 difference Israeli bloggers who each share their unique experience from their own perspective. Paula will tell us about her journey a a blogger starting long before blogging became popular.

A second guest on the show will be Avi Zimmerman who heads the international relations effort for the city of Ariel in the heart of Shomron. Avi is currently leading a large group of youth performers from Ariel on tour all across the United States. Today they will be having a major event in Ariel Twin City, Mobile, Alabama. We will hear of the fascinating interaction between the youth performers from Ariel and their peers in the school are Performing Arts in Miami. It is also amazing to see the connection of Christian and Jewish communities who have established a bond with Ariel the capital city of Shomron.