Different Types of Clock Widgets for Android Phones and Tablets

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Different Types of Clock Widgets for Android Phones and Tablets: Android is the platform which uses the high technology and advantages. It has the rich platform, innovative, versatility and clock widgets which are customizable. They will have both creative and modern modes. Clock Widgets will help us to maintain the order and organisation which is present on the home screen of the device.

Some of the fundamentals in it are the climate check, shortcuts, email exchange. It had all the qualities which are convenient to you if you want to add any feature. There is also a decent option, and we can use to select the transparency. It will not bother us at any time.

Here is the complete information regarding the best clock widgets especially for the Android phones and Tables in 2017. We can avail them directly from the Google Play Store.

Different Types of Clock Widgets for Android Phones and Tablets

1. Chronus

It is the type of clock widgets that is present in the Google Play Store. For customers, it is easy to use and does not have random behaviour. We can go with any wallpaper, and it depends on our selection criteria.


To avail it, click on the Widgets bar and it has several customisation options. We have to choose among them like the clock, time panel, alarm, general appearance and its calendar events. Manufacturers made them work on the Android 4.1 or higher running devices. However, it will deliver the work excellently on the devices, and it starts from Android 4.2 and then onwards.

2. Ultimate Custom Clock Widget (UCCW)

If we are not satisfied with the widgets that are present in the Google Play Store, then we can just create another. To create our own, we have to use the Ultimate Custom Clock Widget (UCCM). Using it, we can change the settings like the layout, fonts, images, insert clocks, formats, email, weather, icons, battery data, weather information.


However, it has the simple interface which will permit us to idealise our level of creations without having a prior knowledge regarding the graphics building. The only thing is that we have to create our design ideas, creativity, and has to build our style. It is the strategic tool for the people who are looking to have the important attributes which are present on the home screen.

3. Minimalistic Text

If you are tired of using the smartphones and we are looking for the change then here is the Minimalistic Text. It is the application which is essential to us as it will complete the entire personalisation rather than anywhere else.


 It is the best clock widget which will permit the users to control certain things. Even, we can add some new sources of data in it. Some of the features which we find in this app are the auto-update, customisation, easy management, lightweight and monitors the entire battery consumption.

4. Fancy Widgets

It is the clock widgets set which will comprise the weather details. This app features the five various dimensions that are fully functional and may vary as it will rely on the widget size as per the requirement. If you are looking to have the vast choice of data, then choose the largest widget which will provide more details to us.

Clock Widgets for Android

Finally, the interactivity in between the device and information goes far away beyond the limits. In real-time, it will show the temperature which is in your current city. To get the singular style, they have to pick between the three striking interfaces.

5. DashClock Widget

It will make our smartphone screen to look more extraordinary and sensational. This widget will show us all the notifications regarding our scheduled appointments, unread emails, missed calls, and text messages. It will make the smartphone lock screen to look more particular. This widget seeks only the Android 4.2 and never works on any other.


By dragging on this widget horizontally, we can replace the default clock. However, the interface is very easy to learn but do not have some features like the visuals, numbers and text.


It won’t require more space, and its contrast will match with all screen types like the font and layout. Meanwhile, it will give the precise definition of the date and time. Without overloading our smartphone, every work is exemplary.

7. D-Clock Widget

It is well suitable for the one who sticks particularly to the tight schedule. We can start this by setting it between the 12 and 24-hour formats. People can pick the wallpaper which will choose the best with the dark or white coloured clock.

If you did not want to change the wallpaper or theme on your device, then D-Clock is the easy choice. We can choose our colours and can embellish it for more eyeballs using the 3D effect

8. Simi Clock Widget

It will work efficiently and contains four different size options. We can use only one among them for the tablets. For that, we have to customise the date mode, font colour, text size and the background.

We also have the mode to select more than one widget only at once. For example, one will display the temperature, and the other shows the Android battery status. If we prefer only one, then it will show all the information in one, and it depends on the size.

In case of the larger widgets, we can add the battery meter. There is the icon which makes the current temperature available to the users in Celsius and Fahrenheit. SiMi Clock Widget will give a perfect look for any theme and background.

This Widget has two downsides while one is for the smaller widgets. However, they are unable to display the correct text regarding the accurate, current data and it relies completely on the format which we have selected. The second one is that the Simi along with the temperature which won’t update automatically.

9. GO Clock Widget

It is the modern and the excellent package related to the skins. However, it has three models of clock sizes, and we can find them in the different styles to integrate.

They will have the fresh and complex composition relating to the analogue. It also has the digital clock alternatives. We can auto-select the hues and contrast, and they will provide the perfect integration of the tones. It will assure us the full clock visibility and the numbers.

The downside is that it should have the GO launcher EX already installed in it. So that, we will use it for the GO Clock functions.

10. Amazing Clock Widget

It is the application which is unique, and it will radicalise the visual style which is present on the home screen. This app features the 35 skins and possesses it in the High Definition mode, and it is different from the one in the Google Play Store. The original visuals will make the clock to have a focal point in its interface.

It will not guide us how to modify the skins, and at least no tutorial or indication will present on the screen. We can notice the good visual option in this app as all the images contains the visually differentiated quality. Individuals can choose either the matchable wallpapers or any and in any colour.

11. One More Clock Widget

It includes both the free and paid version. We can pick this for our phone as it has the transparency and eye-catchy themes. People can also know the information relating to the weather. Individuals can also see which Wi-Fi is available to them in their area.

12. Digi Clock Widget

When we compare it with any other ones, then it will stand apart as it has its attributes. It includes the different fonts which can match with any style.

In it, we can add colours and can modify the display options, bold effects either Bolden or Shadow. We can choose either the 12 or 24-hour mode, display background image, select from the 40 font styles and customise it in different sizes and shapes. In addition to these, we can also find the fascinating features relating to any screen type.

13. Simple Calendar Widget

Its features will enrich our home screen functions like clock, tasks, backup and calendar. There is the essential tool which will aid us to perform the daily routine works, and it is free of cost.

14. ClockQ

It will change our Android Screen entirely with its impressive fonts. ClockQ includes the several shades and patterns and adds the stunning look and appears transparency. Finally, it is the ideal to use and has a stylish look also.

15. Clock Widget

It is the essential and the classiest clock which is present on the Android platform. This app will provide us with the complete information regarding the date, time and day of the week on our screen. However, the background is transparent so no need to do the patchwork on the screen.Clock Widget will deliver its support to the multiple fonts, one-tap for alarm, lots of customisations in the countdown timer. Meanwhile, it got the design of the Google material.

Conclusion: Clock Widgets for Android

The Android Clock Widgets on the home screen which will tell us how much we depend on them and the phones. No one will show the interest to wear the wristwatch. Instead of that, they will carry the smartphones. We can take them wherever we go, and in present days, we are using them more to check the time, calendar events and data and all related things.

So here we provided this Best Clock Widgets information thinking it may aid us. Thanks for reading the article, and if you want any details then comment us on Phonemantra.