How To Make Money From Blogging With Chris Brogan

How To Make Money From Blogging With Chris BroganThis question comes up a lot especially amongst small business owners and entrepreneurs:  How do I make money from blogging?

The bottom line is there are TONS of ways to make money directly and indirectly from your blog including selling a product or service, sponsorships and tasteful (keyword tasteful) advertising (that is what we do), affiliate marketing and many more.

That being said, the most successful blogs aren’t advertisements. They aren’t a bullhorn telling people to buy, buy, buy! The top end of blogs are educational and informative as opposed to hard selling. Meaning they are focused around a topic, not a product.

But let’s not forget the purple elephant in the room for business owners: We want to make money. Money is a good thing.

I always figure a good way to learn is to ask the very best and that is Chris Brogan from ChrisBrogan.comand also the co-author of Trust Agents.

In this video, Chris discusses how he monetizes his blog and my hope is it will inspire all of us to do the same in our own unique way. You can also check out over 45 more minutes with Chris with all kinds of advice for small business owners.