The Expendables’ Dave Callaham To Co-Write The Wonder Woman Sequel Script

wonder woman 2

The gears are really starting to turn on the much-anticipated Wonder Woman sequel. With Patty Jenkins now officially returning to direct, the writing process is in full swing. And joining Jenkins and DC’s Geoff Johns in the script effort is The Expendables‘ Dave Callaham.

Jenkins, despite her seeming unofficial status as director, has been working with Johns for a while on a treatment for the new movie, and Callaham is aboard as it moves into the scripting stage. He’s also worked on the likes of 2014’s Godzilla and the less-than-loved video game adaptation Doom. But since his work on the first Expendables, he’s been keeping busy on various movies in development, including another sequel, that of Zombieland.

Little has been announced for the new Wonder Woman, save that Gal Gadot will be back as the Amazonian warrior. Rumours have pointed to another potential look back in time, such as setting the film in the 1980s, but there is also scope for a modern-day film that takes place in the wake of the Justice League films.

Wonder Woman 2 is currently scheduled to arrive on 13 December 2019, but with Star Wars: Episode IX recently shifting to a 20 December berth that year, chances are that Diana may decide to move.