Meet the German pilot, blogger, and globetrotter who has become an Instagram star

instagram pilot

There’s no shortage of lifestyle bloggers travelling the world, sharing their wanderlust-inducing pictures on Instagram to hoards of followers.

But few of them have the knowledge of the globe that a pilot does — and a view from the cockpit.

Known as @pilotmadeleine on Instagram, Madeleine Schneider-Weiffenbach calls herself a “blogger & globetrotter” — and she also happens to be a trained pilot on the hunt for a job.

Until the perfect role crops up, her 760,000 followers watch as she travels the world — usually with her boyfriend, who also has a big following — sharing stunning snaps of destinations like Santorini and the Taj Mahal.

Meanwhile, she also writes a lifestyle blog where she shares her tips on travel, fitness, fashion, recipes, and even has an online shop where she sells her own book about “clean and creative cooking.”

Scroll down to meet the German pilot who has become an Instagram sensation.