Riyadh continues to sparkle in fireworks, spectacular shows

RIYADH — The Saudi capital city continues to sparkle in colorful fireworks and other spectacular events organized as part of the Eid Al-Fitr celebrations.

The activities are taking place in stadiums, parks and public squares. No matter how much one enjoys private gatherings at homes, both individuals and families are seen in large numbers enjoying the shows with phones held up to capture the beautiful moments.

“Believe it or not, Riyadh will become a holiday destination not only for Saudis but for all GCC citizens and residents,” Fahad, one of the attendees at a fireworks show, said.

“There are fireworks shows everywhere. There is one near everyone’s place. In the past it used to be held at very limited sites,” Fahad added.

Fireworks shows were not the only attraction in Riyadh; there are also such big events as “Hal Hilalu” in Albujairy district in Dariya.

Visitors to this historic district can see Eid themes and attractive décor. Food trucks, fashion corridors, artistes corridor, productive families showcasing their homemade products, Saudi cuisines, entertainment shows including folk singers, and even kids’ areas are to be found.

The General Authority of Entertainment is sponsoring the event, which lasts until Friday, the sixth day of Eid.

“It is an event where every member of the family can enjoy to the full. I personally enjoyed the folk songs by our singers. It was well prepared and the décor was eye catching. My kids enjoyed the burgers from the food trucks. My wife liked the fashion and the artists corridors,” one visitor said.

Theater has a presence at the Eid festivities with six plays varying from comedy, social satire to drama are being showcased. Some of them are for only men while others are exclusively for women. The plays gather a wide range of famous actors from the Gulf like Ameera Mohammed and social media celebrities such as Areej Abdullah.

“Women’s theater had a poor presence over the last few years. There was very limited audience. However, we tried this year to have a better participation during the Eid holidays,” a female director said.

One of the new themes this Eid is a big event that takes place at Durrat Arriyadh, lasting for several days. The event named “Our Scene is Marrakech”, where all cuisine, fashion, entertainment and folklore shows are from Morocco.

“It is a new idea to bring folklore bands, cooks and fashion designers are from other cultures. It is a very interesting idea and help bring cultures together,” said one visitor.