Check Out This Moodle 3.2 Themes Spectacular

When seeking to engage an audience, no matter the user or student scenario, an evergreen truth is that they will eventually become accustomed to (almost) any design. As such, any advantage realized by the “shiny new object” principal has a shelf-life and every Chief Learning Officer needs to plan for a regular refresh of their LMS experience.

Here are some of the best visual themes worth trying for Moodle 3.2. They accompany the video above from Moodle Partner HRDNZ, which tries to demonstrate that they can only be implemented and customized in such an easy and straightforward manner, in Moodle.



The Moodle Photo Theme offers a robust experience despite being a modification of just-out “Boost” Theme, launched along Moodle 3.2 as an exclusive last December. It allows high definition images as Moodle backgrounds for any page. Developed as an example of “Boost”‘s extensibility by Moodle HQ’s own Damyion Wiese.

Download or Install “Photo” Theme for Moodle

See “Photo in action” at



Also a variation on “Boost”, with the option to add social media icons as the theme’s trademark. Under the hood, it extends “Boost”‘s already decent personalization options with styling presets, color picker, and rich editing for footnotes and headings.

Download or Install “Waxed” Theme for Moodle



Another children of “Boost”, but the K-12 community at Dearborn Public Schools district is the other parent. “Fordson” has undergone constant feedback and support from students and staff that already has made him distinctive and ideal for primary and secondary school. A notable improvement is the “Enhanced Homepage”, as pictured, featuring window-wide header image, marketing tiles and a social media footer.

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