Apple iOS 10.2 Latest News: iOS Update Intensifies Bad Battery Life Issue

Apple’s iOS 10.2 has been introduced to improve the user experience, especially with iPhones. With that, Apple users who have been experiencing serious problems with their batteries had been anxiously anticipating the release of iOS 10.2. However, recent updates may have resulted to the contrary, as concerns regarding bad battery life continues to surface online.

Apple’s iOS 10.2 update has been getting bad reviews lately as it seemed to have intensified the bad battery issue from the previous version. After updating their devices to iOS 10.2, many consumers have reported experiencing the so-called 30 percent battery bug.

Previously, Apple acknowledged a problem with some iPhone 6s units and older iPhone models. Once the remaining charge reaches 30 percent, the phones shut down as if they had run out of power. Apple explained that air contaminated individual battery components, and that freak occurrence is responsible for the current shutdowns. A free repair was offered for those units affected. However, only iPhone 6s units sold in September and October 2015 are eligible for the free repair.

Many Apple enthusiasts hoped Apple’s iOS 10.2 update would include a fix for the aggravating issue. However, for some users, the battery problems plaguing many older iPhone models have only gotten worse. The battery life reading and display may have also been affected by the update. It goes from 30 percent to 1 percent but stays at that 1 percent reading for a significant period of time.

Some people are now searching for methods on how to prolong iPhone battery life, while waiting for Apple to solve the iOs 10.2 issue. Some helpful remedies and tips to conserve battery life on iPhone include turning off Raise to Wake function of the device. This would help avoid unnecessary battery use, especially if users regularly pick the unit or swing it in their hand while walking. Another remedy is to get rid of any widget, as most widgets would consume batter power to keep up to date. Turning off background applications may also prolong battery life.

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