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Being the most popular blogging platform worldwide, it’s only natural that WordPress would have a user base in the millions. However, in today’s world, popularity is a double-edged sword – the more popular a particular website is, the higher the chances of spammers and hackers attacking it. Unlike other online platforms for blog, it could be a problem for WordPress and though it’s got strong security features, nothing’s set in stone. Thus, your priority should be to ascertain the safety of your blog and deter hackers from stealing and altering your private information. You wouldn’t want all your effort to go to waste, would you?

Take a look at the top 15 WordPress plugins that are used by bloggers around the world to beef up the security of their site.

Clean and simple, this plugin maintains a log of everything that happens on your WordPress blog or website. You can easily track any suspicious activity and determine the threat level. You receive security alerts in real-time whenever:

  • A new user profile is created
  • WordPress gets an upgrade
  • Users install and activate a WP theme
  • Change their email address or passwords
  • An existing page, post, or category is modified
  • Failed login attempts
  • And much more…


  1. Security Ninja


A combination of WP security best practices rolled into a single plugin, Security Ninja performs over 31 security tests, like brute-force attacks. Your site is checked thoroughly for holes and security vulnerabilities, and preventative measures help stop attacks.


  1. BulletProof Security Pro


A single click is all you need to safeguard your Root website folder and your ‘wp-admin’ folder when you have this plugin installed. No longer do you have to worry about hacking trials like XSS, CSRF, SQL Injection, Base64, RFI and Code Injection. A one-time fee is required to activate the spam and hacker protection features.


  1. iThemes Security


Are you looking for a strong security plugin that is simple enough for novices to operate? Well, you’re in luck. iThemes Security fixes multiple issues that makes WordPress blogs vulnerable, and also boosts the security. The plugin dashboard contains a checklist of action items, arranged in descending order of importance, that you can turn on or off as per your convenience.


  1. 6Scan Security


Hackers beware! 6Scan provides your site with rule-based protection and regularly updates the security features. The built-in security scanner checks and protects your website against a variety of threats, but the most significant feature of this plugin has got to be the automatic vulnerability fix. Any vulnerable code is automatically fixed using an auto-fix server-side agent solution. Moreover, malware-related issues are easily taken care of by 6Scan.


  1. All in One WPSecurity


So what features constitute the perfect WP security plugin?

  • Blacklist feature
  • System file security
  • User login security
  • Regular plugin updates
  • Database security
  • User account security
  • Firewall setup
  • Simple user interface

You’ll be happy to know that All in One WPSecurity and Firewall contains all of these features and more, making it one of the most effective WordPress security plugins available online.


  1. Sucuri Security


Being one of the best web security experts, Sucuri’s plugin was bound to be great. What users didn’t expect was a comprehensive tool that tracked every activity on their site. No breach in security goes unnoticed, and it’s easy for users to review activity logs and notice anything out of the ordinary.


  1. BruteProtect


Brute force attacks are the most common methods employed by hackers to gain access to your site. However, you need not worry when you have the BruteProtect plugin. Whenever a particular IP address tries to log in to your site and fails more times than usual, it automatically gets blocked.


  1. AntiVirus for WordPress


This plugin prevents your WordPress blog against malware, viruses and worms. You receive warnings about possible attacks. However, the highlight of this plugin has got to be the multilingual support, which not many plugins deem as necessary.


  1. Acunetix WP Security


Searching for a free but powerful security tool that secures your WP installation? Acunetix is the solution. It suggests corrective measures that boost the security of your database, secure file permissions, hide versions, and offer admin protection for your blog. Your site is checked for security vulnerabilities, and if any are found, corrective actions are suggested at once.


  1. WP-DBManager


This is a great plugin that enables you to optimize the database of your site, repair it properly, backup the database, restore it whenever necessary, delete the backup, easily empty/drop tables, and run specific queries. This plugin even supports the automatic scheduling of optimization, repair, and backup tasks for the database.


  1. VaultPress


From the makers of WordPress comes VaultPress, a premium subscription service. This plugin makes it easy to back up your website daily or in real-time. All the content on your website is synced, and if any threats are detected during scans of your files, they’re immediately dealt with.


  1. Clef Two-Factor Authentication


For people who don’t want the hassle of dealing with passwords or simply want a better, more secure logging in process, this plugin is the perfect solution. You open the Clef app on your phone and then hold it up in front of the WordPress login screen. Your next task is to line up the patterns on both the devices. You’ll be able to log in to your WP site only when they’ve detected one another.


  1. Wordfence Security


This free security and performance plugin for WordPress speeds up your site almost 50 times, making it more secure in the process. Any infections already on your site are checked for thoroughly. Though this plugin is free, you can access the Premium version which comes with advanced features like country blocking, two-factor SMS authentication services, and the ability to schedule scans as per your wish.


  1. Google Authenticator


Two-factor authentication is the way to go when you log onto your website, and this plugin provides just that. No longer do you have to worry about hackers gaining access to your website and uncovering your passwords. You’ll have to download the Google Authenticator app on your smartphone for this to work.

Malicious attacks on websites and blogs are becoming more common with every passing day, and it is imperative that website owners take proper precautions to defend their blogs. For users who don’t know how to code, plugins are the next best option and there are plenty of great WP plugins that offer complete security. The majority of them are safe, simple, and free, and in the end, it all depends on which one you find the best.

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