Crown J, Seo In-young reunite in “Just Remarried”

Rapper Crown J and singer Seo In-young reunite as a married couple in a variety show on JTBC _ seven years since they last starred on MBC’s “We Got Married” in 2009.

The musicians received much love as an honest couple in the old episodes that pushed the TV show to stardom. Now, they are back in a similar TV series called “Just Remarried” on the cable channel and the couple is expected to show some sparks once again.

“I never knew we would get back together again,” said Seo during the press conference at JTBC building in Mapo, western Seoul, Tuesday. “Also, if I joined another marriage-themed TV show, I thought I would be partnered with someone else. But I have to admit, Crown J is my guy.”

The rapper said he was offered to star in an American TV show called “Love and Hiphop: Hollywood” with actress and singer Masika Kalysha on VH-1. But he added Seo is his only partner and he will not join a marriage-themed TV show with any other woman except Seo.

The JTBC’s Late Marriage shows the true side of a married couple’s life by casting celebrities in their 30s to 40s. It recorded the highest viewership ratings of 5 percent after its launch last year. Comedian couple Yoon Jeong-soo and Kim Sook played a leading role in carrying out the TV series’ popularity by showing an ordinary couple’s married life in realistic ways.

The fake marriage show has cast Crown J and Seo to continue its popularity in its second season that premiered last Tuesday.

“Some people may think we might show similar dating scenes in the series, but Crown J and I are in our 30s now and our personalities have changed. We are more serious and to some extent, afraid as well,” said Seo.

She added that if she was a difficult but attractive woman in her 20s, she has now become a caring person, particularly for her man. Seo had uncomfortable scenes with Crown J when they starred in We Got Married as a young couple.

“I did not monitor our episode when we shot We Got Married because even I could see myself being so bad to Crown J. So I decided that when we meet someday in the future, I would be nice to him,” said Seo.


[Source:-The Korea Times]