5 Reasons You Need a Blog for Your Small Business

u’re a small business with a company website. Maybe you have a few pages about your company, describing products or services. That’s enough, right?

Not necessarily.

Along with your site, you need a business blog page. And you need to fill that blog with high-quality content that relates to your industry.

Why? Great questions. I’ve got five reasons for you.

1. To make the search engine gods happy.

If one of your top goals isn’t to climb to that number one spot in Google search rankings, well…it’s time to make a new goal. Case in point: the top 4 spots in a Google search get 83% of the clicks. That’s right. So if you’re down on page 3 or 4, no one will ever see you.

So how do you climb the rankings? I could write an entire book on it, but one way is to make sure you’re getting plenty of content out there for Google to index. Your blog is the perfect vehicle for that. And as your site gets crawled and new content is found, you increase the chances of rising in the search engines.

2. To provide fresh content for your users.

Google isn’t the only one who loves fresh content. People who come to your site do as well. That can include customers, potential customers, and people in your industry.

Why do you want to keep plenty of content out there for people to enjoy? Simple. The more they like your content, the more they come back. The more they come back, the more likely they are to buy.

3. To have something to share on social media.

Social media is something many small businesses really have no clue how to run. What’s the purpose of social media? It’s to engage your customers. It’s to connect with influencers. It’s to get your brand name out there.

Yeah, all of that.

But if you aren’t producing content, what are you sharing that lets people get to know you? The more content you produce on your blog, the more you can share with your social followings. Need help promoting your content on social media? Check out this guide.

4. To give something for others to share on social media.

Of course, sharing your content on social media is only half the story. The other half is that you want others to share it too. After all, if you’re producing quality blog content, odds are your followers will start sharing it with their friends, and their friends with their friends, and their friends with their friends…

You get the picture. The word spreads. Or more importantly your word spreads.

5. To show off your expertise.

Think of it this way… who would you buy from–the company with a 4-page website with a bit of info about themselves or their product, or the company with 50 published articles detailing the ins and outs of the industry, products, etc.?

Yes, the latter.

See, the more you write knowledgeably and share on your topic, the more you’ll be seen as the expert in your field. This will build trust with your customers, and could even land you some great press as a source for news articles or even contributor roles.

So it’s clear you need a blog for your business. So that begs the question, how do you get started blogging? There are a ton of blogging tutorials online to help you do it. Here’s a great one to check out. It’s quick and simple–just make sure you follow the directions. Happy (business) blogging!

[Source:-Busoiness Zone]