Google Chrome Plugins for Sports Fanatics

It is no secret that geeks are not associated with sports, which might explain why there are such a few search engine extensions available for the latest sports news and updates. Fortunately, Alphabet Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOGL) has your back, as the search giant offers some useful Google Chrome add-ons for sports fanatics. Here is a quick review regarding the best available sports-oriented extensions for Google Chrome, which all sports fanatics should consider installing as soon as possible.


If you love keeping up with different fantasy sports leagues, then this extension is meant for you. PickEmFirst is designed to make it easier to manage your fantasy league by searching and adding the most suitable players available online. This extension brings a comprehensive assessment of every player, which is ready to be added to your fantasy league. PickEmFirst has support for fantasy leagues from NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL and NCAAF.

Sports Scoreboard:

This Google Chrome extension is designed to effectively keep an updated track of all the latest scores of different games and provide a link to each match’s ESPN Gamecast page. Users will highly appreciate the simplicity and easy to understand interface that Sports ScoreBoard is built upon. A must have for sports fanatics who want to keep up with the latest score from multiple leagues.

Are You Watching This?!:

If you never want to miss out on the best games of the season then Are You Watching This?! Is the Chrome extension for you. Interestingly, the team behind this extension constantly rate games by their build up and anticipation which determines whether such games arev worth watching or not. However, due to the subjectivity of different opinions, you might not always agree with the ratings applied but this extension goes a long way in ensuring that you never miss out on the most thrilling matches of the season.

Baseball Player Search:

If you are die-hard baseball follower then this is the perfect extension for you. Baseball Player Search is designed to generate as much information as possible regarding every baseball player in the MLB. The plug-in is hooked to multiple sites which ensures that users do not have to open multiple sites to keep up with their favorite baseball players.