PerkinElmer Webinar Displays the Power of Pfizer Plugins When Applied to TIBCO® Spotfire®

Obtaining fast, actionable insight is critical in any decision-making process. With TIBCO®, Spotfire®, wait times dissolve as the entire process, from installation to deriving insights from your data, is just a few clicks long. The platform provides an intuitive interface and simple connectivity to stored and real-time data. The data visualizations are easy to understand and share with anyone, ultimately enabling researchers to act quickly on data analyses.

The power of such a platform can be amplified when custom tools or plugins are applied, such as the DXPDataDisplay created at Pfizer. Harnessing both of these tools allow scientists to visualize structures, as well as the physical and biological data of compounds, while supporting sophisticated SAR analysis with embedded cheminformatics functions. As a result of having this functionality in TIBCO®, Spotfire® DXP, it became one of the primary data analysis tools for drug discovery at Pfizer.

During PerkinElmer’s free webinar, Structure and Data Visualization in TIBCO ® Spotfire® with the Pfizer DXPDataDisplay Plugin, members will receive an overview of the functions, as well as a history and overall impact of this tool.

The speaker for the webinar will be Klaus Dress, oncology medicinal chemist and lead of TIBCO®, Spotfire Research Environment at Pfizer.

As a medicinal chemist and lead of the Pfizer (Research) Spotfire environment, Klaus is responsible for the programming of TIBCO®, Spotfire®, plug-ins for data visualization, data access, and analytical workflows. This provides TIBCO ® Spotfire®, services to approximately 1,000 scientists, researchers, and managers. It is the functionality of these tools and their impact that will be discussed during the webinar.

This free webinar from PerkinElmer will be hosted by LabRoots on October 25, starting at 9 a.m. PDT, 12 p.m. EDT. To learn more about this webinar and to register for free, click here.

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