Specialist measurement plugins uprate audio analyzers

Audio Precision (Beaverton, Oregon) has added three measurement plugins that integrate attack-and-release, fractional octave analysis and audio-video sync measurements to the company’s APx software.

Each plugin integrates directly with APx software (version 4.3 or later) and adds new capabilities while allowing users to take advantage of built-in APx features such as limits, sequencer control, derived results and reporting.

The Attack-and-Release plugin enables the characterization of attack-and-release (recovery) times for AGC-enabled (automatic gain control) devices and allows the user to perform the tests according to several different standards, from IEC 60268-8 for general purpose AGC devices to IEC 60118-2 and ANSI S3.22 for hearing aids. Test settings can also be customized when using the IEC 60268-8-based measurement.

Octave Analysis: performing fractional octave analysis of broadband signals incorporating speech and noise can be an important element in the design and verification of a wide range of audio and communications systems. This plugin integrates octave analysis capabilities into APx measurement software, replacing the FFT-to-Octave Conversion utility for APx version 4.3 users.

The Audio-Video Sync plugin integrates audio delay measurement into APx software to support designers evaluating audio/video timing (lip sync) in professional and consumer systems. The plugin is also designed to support the A/V synchronization tests that are part of both Dolby and DTS licensee compliance requirements.

The plugins are compatible with any model APx500 Series analyzer and require APx audio measurement software, version 4.3 or later. All three plugins are available as a courtesy download to registered users of AP.com.