talking to the QI Elves about BBC two’s ‘No Such element because the news’

‘No Such issue as the news’ is primarily based on your podcast ‘No Such issue as a Fish’. inform us approximately the podcast for those of us who (er … sorry) haven’t heard it earlier than.

Dan: The idea in the back of the podcast sincerely got here from our paintings as researchers on QI. So we’re continuously seeking out exciting statistics. I think the nature of how we talk usually in day to day discourse is that we normally start with ‘Oh, did you understand?’ So, we’re having these conversations in the workplace where we paintings. anything that doesn’t make it to a QI script became getting misplaced. So we were thinking that the conversations we were having as researchers were sincerely reality-packed and a laugh. What would take place if we tried recording it? So we attempted recording it and then we ended up doing it often.

James: Yeah, we by chance launched it, didn’t we?

Dan: Yep, we absolutely did. We were making it as a pilot to show to John Lloyd. We transferred it to John via a Soundcloud account however we’d left it open to each person. You, James, stated it to a few of your friends on Twitter, and earlier than we knew what turned into taking place we had masses of listeners.
What do you believe you studied accounted for that preliminary surge in popularity?

Anna Ptaszynski: One element which changed into really helpful changed into that John Lloyd who had started the original QI Twitter feed were tweeting exciting information twice a day. That feed now has 800,000 followers. That become a simply useful springboard. I think the boom in the target market is definitely terrific – there are a number of folks that pay attention to the podcast who don’t necessarily concentrate to QI.

Dan: I think it’s an excellent pub-type communique. There aren’t any opinions, or angles, or comedy. We simply just chat through statistics. We’ll just have a conversation at the podcast wherein one man or woman will say one truth and a person else will throw something else in. I think folks who are listening like getting to know new facts and they prefer listening to us just having a communique.

I think too that folks that are listening have been interested in listening to who precisely us QI Elves had been – we have Stephen Fry to thank for that for introducing the concept of the QI Elves in the television show. that could had been a bit of the attraction for new listeners.

What kind of person is a QI Elf? They sound very hard-operating and immediately likeable. Do you recognise something of yourself in the label you’ve been given?

James: I suppose a QI Elf is a particular kind of character. They examine the entirety they can find. They’re virtually curious and interested in matters. each time they see that one reality that makes you cross ‘wow’, its now not that they simply study it, they want to percentage it with one another. and i think that’s some thing we have in not unusual with each other sincerely.

How did you cross from podcast to television? turned into that a trustworthy, ‘no-brainer’ sort of idea?

Dan: We’ve been going for two years now. There’s been little progressions which have take us to this place. So for a long term we’ve been recording the podcast within the workplace all together. Then we started out to reflect onconsideration on how it might paintings in front of a live target audience. So, we attempted that and then the event grew and grew, and we started out doing bigger shows with a slightly extra visual detail.

Then we had an possibility to do a live occasion at a comedy venue in Greenwich so we attempted out filming it if you want to placing it on YouTube. whilst we edited the video together we realised that we had some thing in reality thrilling. It regarded simply top to us.

John Lloyd had a study it too. He liked it. And that’s whilst we began thinking with him, ‘properly, if we have been to make this a tv show, what would make it an excellent television show?’ That’s whilst we started out thinking that the great area to begin would be picking out some thing topical from each week and speakme about the fascinating statistics which emerge from the ones topical tales. when we’d agreed on that concept, that’s when we pitched the idea. all of it happened honestly pretty speedy from there.
How do you understand while something is thrilling? It relies upon on whether the audience is aware of it already. So how do you know?

James: I’ve been doing QI for approximately 12 years and i think you simply get a nose for it. It’s just something you find out which whilst you’ve observed it you need to inform different humans. it is able to sound as an alternative twee, however it’s the form of element wherein if I locate it interesting I’m hoping that other human beings discover it exciting as properly. you have to trust that’s going to manifest.

Anna: It’s no longer a foolproof method always. I suppose all people is aware of what’s interesting in reality. whilst you’re in a set of human beings and you’ve were given something that you absolutely really need to percentage because you know they’ll additionally find it exciting, then that’s the only. everybody instinctively is aware of that. It’s just about reading via masses and hundreds of fabric and being in reality brutal, identifying that facts that you might percentage with eight humans in a pub and they wouldn’t be bored or feigning hobby.

James: It’s a bit like a joke. The way you phrase a fact is that there needs to be matters in there which humans already recognize. after which there desires to be a pay-off that is the component they haven’t heard before. It’s about taking the mundane or the familiar, and then doing a twist on it.

Dan: I assume its got to be private. You’ve got to find it exciting otherwise why might you share it? It’s a intestine aspect. I suppose we’re all basically Jedis and we have been born with the force.