CM Notification Bar

This plugin allows to display an Notification Bar that will be shown on the top of the page/post screen. You can easily customize the background color, font color, font size and more. You can create several notification that will show in random order. Notification can also include images, links, buttons and more.

Notification Plugin Site

  • Notification Plugin Site
  • Plugin Pro Version Features
  • User Guide

Basic Plugin Features

  • Customize notification content
  • Customize notification background color

Benefits of Going Pro

  • Target specific page or post or a group of pages
  • Target specific custom post types
  • Date range suppor
  • Views and clicks counter
  • Notification can be shown only once or on every page load.
  • Reports and statistics
  • More customization options

Plugin usage instructions

  1. Go to “Add New Notification”
  2. Fill the “Title” of the notification and “content” of one or many Notifications Items
  3. Click “Add Notification Item” to dynamically add more items
  4. Click “Publish”
  5. Go to any page of your website
  6. Watch the bar with Notification Item
  7. Close the bar clicking “X” icon