It’s not easy to create WordPress Polls for website without coding knowledge. That’s we done our best to help WordPress users and developers to create WordPress Polls easily and quickly.Our WordPress Polls plugin is the best way to create Polls and survey forms for your website. WordPress Polls plugin have a lot of features that you will like. Here are some of features of our WordPress Polls plugin.

Features of WordPress Polls plugin

  • Fully Responsive WordPress Polls
  • Easy install and use
  • WordPress Polls plugin works perfectly with all versions of WordPress
  • Ability to use WordPress Polls on pages and posts
  • Ability to use shortcode button for adding Polls on your pages and posts
  • Ability to use WordPress Polls on sidebars
  • Ability to use more then one survey form on widgets, create as many Polls as you need
  • Unlimited number of Polls
  • Ability to add images
  • WordPress posts editor for Polls questions
  • Polls with Single choice answers
  • Ability to set poll Main width
  • Ability to set poll Main height
  • Ability to set Full width option for poll
  • Live preview
  • SEO friendly WordPress Polls
  • User friendly back-end for WordPress Polls plugin
  • Tested on popular WordPress themes

You can upgrade WordPress Polls plugin to WordPress Polls Pro to add more features.

The features of WordPress Polls Pro

  • Polls with Multiple choice answers
  • Built in 7 themes
  • Ability to set Polls answers position
  • Ability to set Polls answers fonts
  • Ability to set Polls answers colors
  • Ability to set Polls Border parameters
  • Ability to set Polls count parameters
  • Ability to set Polls hover parameters
  • Poll with fully design customization
  • Premium support

View our WordPress Polls plugin Demo page:

WordPress Polls plugin Demo

If you found any bug in our WordPress Polls plugin or have a question contact us at [email protected]

WordPress Polls plugin is an awesome tool to understand your visitors opinion. You can use this Poll plugin to know what your users think about your website new design or what kind of stories they like. There are a lot of websites which use poll and survey form to collect information from their users. We think that poll is very important tool for every website. Create poll to understand what your users exactly want. Your WordPress Polls plugin have strong functionality. Your users even have choice for poll with Multiple answers. You can add the same poll on widget and in post or page. You can even use the same poll on different widgets. But the most attractive side of our poll consists in the fact that our poll is user friendly and easy to use. You can build a poll and poll theme easy and quickly. With our poll your visitors can easily demonstrate their opinion. Our poll plugin have a lot of features. One of our poll features is uses of WordPress posts/pages editor.