amoForms is the easiest way to build any form you need for your WordPress website. No more messing with code or worries about limitations. amoForms is an absolutely FREE solution to create any form you want, when you want with a simple drag and drop interface provided by the very powerful amoForms framework. This contact form builder will equally fit the needs of the beginners and experienced developers and designers.

Create your own styles, customize forms and fields with Custom CSS and expand your form’s functionality using Custom JS (JavaScript).

amoForms has cross-browser compatibility, which means that it can be used in any browser.

amoForms is one of the best responsive form builders in WordPress Plugin Directory. amoForms is a fresh and innovative form builder designed for generating various kinds of forms. The back end of amoForms is essential and easy to use, with no need of advanced programming skills.

amoForms uses a number of customizable themes. You can choose the design of the form to fit your website/webpage. To choose the best fitting form design, you can first preview created forms changing the form theme and pressing preview button. This form builder can be used for creating simple forms, survey forms and questionnaires, registration and application forms and etc.


  • WordPress 4.0+
  • Custom CSS, Custom JS
  • Absolutely no limitations to the number of forms, fields, actions, or submissions
  • Submit your form with AJAX
  • Responsive layout and design
  • 6 editable themes for different form designs
  • Possibility to include required field option to receive specific information from the form submitter
  • Possibility to receive the filled forms to the admin and form submitter (if applicable) emails
  • Data validation for all form fields while submitting the form
  • Possibility to preview the form, as well as form themes
  • Detailed amoForms User Manual describing plugin installation process, detailed form field descriptions, the process of inserting created form into your site and other details for the amoForms Users
  • Required form fields
  • Possibility to customize button styles used in the form
  • Form Pagination possibility
  • Customizable themes to edit the design of the forms
  • Possibility to edit the form titles whenever required
  • Possibility to create forms based on the default forms with the «Duplicate» button
  • Page redirect possibility after the form is submitted, allowing to navigate not only to specific pages (e.g. including other forms) or to another site (providing URL)
  • Possibility to have pre-filled texts serving as instructions for the textarea and other text fields
  • Date picker in the form of drop-down menu for easier date selection
  • Upload file field
  • Many form fields with detailed parameters for creating forms:
  1. Text Input form fields (included 9 different types)
    • Simple text to add a limited input field into the form
    • Text area allowing to shrink the text form field wherever the text is longer than the field itself
    • Name form field
    • Company form field
    • Address form field
    • E-mail for providing emails (gets validated for the type during the form submission)
    • URL for providing url (gets validated for the type)
    • Number for numerical form field
    • Phone form field with a possibility to add the mask field
  2. Custom select and multiselect (drop-down lists)
  3. Date form fields with a possibility of adding date pickers for registration forms, booking and similar forms
  4. Checkbox for single choices questions in the form
  5. Radio button for single choice questions in the form
  6. Captcha for using safer forms
  7. Section Line for creating multi-section forms
  8. Heading form field allows to set name of form

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