Event Calendar WD

Looking for an enhanced tool for displaying and managing various events within the site? Whether you have a single event you want to display on a calendar or multiple events per day, the Event Calendar plugin will help you to organize the events using elegant views.

You can choose to display the event calendar with all four views (choosing the ordering of the views) or select only the view(s) you prefer. The event calendar uses the following default views- Month, Week, List and Day.

Features of Event Calendar WD:

  • SEO-friendly
  • Responsive design
  • Unlimited number of calendars/events
  • Structured event markup (microdata)
  • Event categories
  • Event tag
  • Support for venues
  • Support for organizers
  • Google Maps integration
  • Event search
  • Social share buttons
  • Month, week, day, list views

Upgrade to WordPress Event Calendar Pro to add features:

  • Recurring events
  • 5 beautiful customizable themes
  • Posterboard view
  • 4 days view
  • Map view
  • Add-ons support
  • Pro support

Event Calendar WD Add-ons:

Event Tickets Add-on
Frontend Event Management Add-on
Upcoming Events
Filter Add-on
Subscribe Add-on
Google Calendar Integration
iCal Integration
Facebook Integration
Custom Fields

WordPress Event Calendar WD
User Guide
Support Forum

This calendar plugin is created based on WordPress core standards. This means that each calendar/event is a custom post, the category is taxonomy and standard tags are applicable for each post. Thus the Event Calendar WD fully inherits the user and SEO-friendly standards of WordPress.

The Event calendar WD is responsive and runs very smoothly on all devices. Thus the site visitors will get a pleasant user experience when viewing the calendars using various mobile devices and tablets.

The color scheme of the event calendar is based on the theme and the category colors. To get access to the theme section of the calendar you need to purchase the Pro version of the Event calendar WD. In free version of the Event Calendar WD you can add colors to event categories. The events will display with the background color prescribed by the category.

Don’t want the user to leave the event calendar page without knowing the details of the interesting events? Well, the calendar plugin uses Ajax load for the events and all event details of the calendar are being displayed on hover.

The events should be repeated? Feel free to use the recurring option choosing the repeating period on your own. So you can easily manage recurring events with this event calendar. Note that this is an Event Calendar WD pro feature.

You can choose a venue for each event and mark up the location on Google Maps and display all of this on the event calendar. Whenever creating new events you have options of selecting from previously created venues, or to create a new venue. The Google Map integration helps to display the scaled option of the map. This will ensure that your guests will get full directions and never miss an event.

Need to mention the hosts of the event? The Event Calendar WD plugin uses organizer section for this exact purpose. The number of the organizers is not limited. The calendar events can be hosted by multiple organizers.

The Event Calendar WD can be also used as an integral part of your site, not simply as a plugin. Since the event calendars are being created as a custom post, there is a possibility to display the event calendars among the standard post listings such as related posts or latest posts.


If you think you found a bug in Event Calendar WD or have any problem/question concerning the plugin, please check out Support Forum in our website. If you do not find a solution here, do not hesitate to click here to contact us.

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