Moonah Primary School students share their classroom activities and excursions using a class blog

Moonah Primary School year 2 students Dylan Dawson, Oscar Webster and Miranda Foley enjoy using their class blog. Picture: MATT THOMPSON

Moonah Primary School year 2 students Dylan Dawson, Oscar Webster and Miranda Foley enjoy using their class blog. Picture: MATT THOMPSON

WHAT happens in Moonah Primary’s year 1 and 2 class doesn’t stay in the class — it goes online.

Through a class blog, the students share their work, activities and excursions with their families and each other.

Teachers Bethany Woolnough and Emma Smyth have been running the class blog for four years.

“The students love the blog,” Ms Woolnough said.

“They love writing the blog and watching the videos that they’ve made, and looking at the learning that they’ve done.”

Posts are usually written by one of the teachers with input from the students.

Ms Woolnough and Ms Smyth are hoping their students will be able to make connections with students elsewhere through blogging.

“We’d like to connect with another school blogging in that age group,” Ms Woolnough said.

Griffith University English literature and curriculum professor Beryl Exley, in Hobart for the Australian Association for the Teaching of English and Australian Literary Educators’ Association national conference which finishes today, said blogging was one way to engage young writers.

Professor Exley’s research focuses on how children engage with traditional writing — with paper and pen — and how children write with new technology.

She said when children were blogging about something they were passionate about, it became something they wanted to engage in outside school.

“We’ve had children blogging into the evenings, into the weekend,” Prof Exley said.

Projects that Prof Exley has been involved in include children aged eight and nine years blogging about how scientific knowledge should be used, six-year-olds blogging about the history of a local creek, and other students sharing their understandings of mathematics concepts.

“Parents have been really curious about what’s captured the children’s attention,” she said.

“We’re also finding that the teachers are actually surprised about how some of the students who are quite shy and reluctant in class are actually quite engaged in the blogging space.”

Prof Exley said blogging was part of the Australian curriculum but some schools were concerned about students’ cyber safety.

“It’s not that we can remove the risks completely, but we can manage them,” she said.

Prof Exley said schools used closed blog sites to control who had access to the blog, with teachers deciding whether posts should be shared between the student, parent and teacher or with the whole class.


Create A Scrollable Widget Full Of App Icons Using ‘Foldery’

There are a ton of apps for Android that allow you to improve your productivity. As this is Android we’re talking about, you have far more freedom than you’d have on iOS, for example. There are apps that can boost your messaging experience, multitasking, and even change the look and feel of your entire home screen while adding some extra features into the mix. Well, we’re here to talk about an app called Foldery Multicon Folder Widget’ or ‘Foldery’ in short, which is basically a widget that will help you organize your home screen in a unique way, read on.

Many of you probably have quite a few icons on your home screen, and some of you are probably reluctant to use too many home screen pages. Well, with Foldery, you can create scrollable widgets and place app icons inside of them. You can essentially create a 1-by-1 widget on your home screen and place a number of icons inside of it. You can go through them by swiping either vertically or horizontally, that’s totally up to you. If your launcher allows you to, you can resize this widget and truly take control of what will it look like. The app also allows you to manipulate the size of the icons you include, you can make them huge, or simply use the standard size, it’s totally up to you. You can also increase the number of columns you’d like to use in a widget, change the background of the widget, and Foldery also supports icon packs, which means you can use whichever icon pack you want, as long as it is installed on your smartphone.Foldery worked great during our testing, and the app is very well designed, it’s not exactly in line with the latest Material Design guidelines, but it looks nice and it’s fairly easy to navigate. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that you can create only 1 Foldery widget in the free version of this application, if you’d like to add more of them, you’ll need to make an in-app purchase. Interesting enough, you have 5 levels of contributions to choose from, ranging from ‘Patronage’ to ‘Coconut Cocktail’, which essentially means you can choose how much you’d like to pay for the app, though do keep in mind that you won’t be able to pay less than $1. All of these aforementioned options will give you access to ‘Foldery Premium’, and this is a one-time payment.



Some Common Mistakes to Avoid during WordPress Development and Using WordPress Plugins

WordPress is an extraordinary CMS, and the global giants like The New Yorker, BBC America, Sony Music, MTV News, PlayStation.Blog, Xerox, Best Buy Quartz, Bata, Ford Social, Time Inc. and many others have built there websites on this solid and reliable platform. Thousands of new WordPress blogs are released everyday.

However, there are possibilities that human mistakes can happen while doing WordPress development. If you are a developer or a business owner planning to have a WordPress site, then it is essential to know the possibilities of making a mistake and the common blunders developers make while using WordPress plugins and tools. Let us further discuss a few of such mistakes and how to fix them.

  • Extravagant plugin installation

While planning for a WordPress site, the key to success is always thinking minimally and being simplistic. So, be balanced when the matter is of installing plugins. You can see that the plugin center has nearly 50,000 plugins, and you may feel tempted to try as much as possible to make your portal more featured. However, such an immature act can cause your site go snail slow.

Ideal move: Always choose plugins wisely based on your exact use and purpose. Also uninstall it once if the plugins you downloaded is not in use. While considering a plugin, always ask yourself whether it is mandatory to have its functionality on the site which you are developing (client site or for yourself).

  • Neglecting the importance of SEO

WordPress is an easy to build CMS, and many developers who use it undervalue the importance of doing search engine optimization. Online market is highly competitive and you are missing an opportunity on publishing anything online without giving any thought for new SEO Plans.

If you have promotional interests on maintaining a portal (there is scarcely someone who doesn’t have), it is very important to plan your content, images, videos, headers, URL naming everything to make it search engine and user friendly and ensure easy visibility online.

Ideal move: It is ideal to download a user-friendly SEO plugin for WordPress like Yoast. It will make the SEO process easier for even the novice developers to master the game by offering handy SEO inputs and tips to make your site rank higher.

  • Using no images

What would you feel on seeing a web page jammed with only text to read through. You may find it as going through a research paper, which is not digestive to common men.

While making a web page, it is imperative to add attractive and worthy images to hold the reader’s attention. People are not much interested to read through the text that is why infographics and other simplest mode of information sharing are in high demand.

Studies have shown that contents featuring apt visuals get 90% more views and users stay back on such pages than those with only text walls. It is also a fact that human brain can process a visual 60000 times faster than interpreting text inputs. So, WordPress developers should include relevant images within the content to enhance readership.

Ideal move: As for most of the developers, if buying from stock photography is your concern, there are plenty of free images too available online for you to instantly use. However, while using free images, just give attribution to the photographers or painters as required.

  • Not doing appropriate resizing of images

WRT the above point, as per the SEOAdviSe experts, another big mistake WordPress developers make is not resizing the images for web upload. This will surely slow down your site and in turn increase the bounce rate to make your site less popular. You can use PhotoShop or other WordPress plugins to size down the images so that these won’t take a huge chunk of space.

Ideal move: Go to Image > Image Size in PhotoShop and reduce the resolution to around 72. You can then try decreasing the size to about 600 – 1000 pixels on displaying it on a regular site. Check for the file size and calculate how much bandwidth is needed to get the images loaded when someone visits the site. On checking the “Resample” option, the dimension of the image will automatically get reduced when you adjust the resolution. You can use WordPress plugins like WPSmush to do this task in a much easier way.

  1. Not backing up a site

If you are a professional WordPress developer, then it is essential to consistently back up your clients’ websites. If not, it is a mistake like spending the entire day writing an article on MS Word, but never press the ‘save’ button. Keep on backing up your work from time to time in order not to lose anything.

Ideal move: There is a range of plugins available for WordPress to do auto back of the sites. Some hosting service providers also offer automatic backups on demand so that you don’t have to worry about losing anything. Ensure every aspects of your site is kept safe including database, plugin, theme, uploads, and the core files.

  • Keeping the default permalink structure

The default permalink structure of WordPress is not search engine optimized. You have to change this to the permalink structure of the websites you develop. It is essential to win better article rankings. This is a very easy task to accomplish, but many of them simply ignore and thereby ending up in a poor performance online.

Ideal move: Change permalink structure as default while doing WordPress development. For this, go to the Settings -> Permalinks and then select the “Post name” tab. If the site has existing old content, redirect the old permalinks to new ones. There are also redirect tools for WordPress to automatically generate redirecting from old permalink to the new ones.

Last, but not the least, using poor web hosting services may also spoil your entire effort of building an excellent WordPress portal as you are pouring in cheap quality fuel into your new Lamborghini. Take care of all these aspects if you are planning for a WordPress site development in order to ensure a better SEO performance, user experience, and ultimately online business success.

[Source:-Ground Report]

Writing Element Queries Today Using EQCSS

A man looking at his phone and computer screen with different inkblots on them.

We are all familiar with using media queries in CSS to change the appearance of an element based on screen width. Element queries are similar to media queries, however, now the responsive conditions apply to individual elements on a web page instead of the viewport. For example, you can now apply different style rules to an element based on its own width, the number of characters that it contains or how much the user has scrolled.

Why Do We Need Element Queries?

As I mentioned in the introduction, element queries can help you style elements based on a number of properties instead of just the width and height of the viewport. Other than that, there are a few other situations where the library can prove to be of great use.

Let’s say you have just created a beautiful responsive layout where all the elements fit together perfectly. Now, you are asked to add another column to the web page alongside existing ones. This will reduce the space available for all columns.

Your images and text which had perfect proportions for an 800px wide column on 1366px wide viewport may not look so good inside a 600px wide column on the same viewport. In such cases, the viewport width has not changed at all but individual columns are narrower because they had to make space for the sidebar. Using element queries instead of media queries in situations like this one can save you a lot of time because you won’t have to rewrite the CSS every time there is a change in the layout.

In the following demo, if we have a smaller viewport (narrower than 500px), we set the image width to 100% and move it all into a single column. However, on a larger viewport, if you click on the “Add Sidebar” button, the width of our main column reduces significantly without any change in viewport width. Therefore, the image looks too small because the viewport width has not changed.

Now, let’s assume you are creating a widget or plugin and you are using media queries to make it responsive. The problem here is that the widget can be inside a container whose width is equal to the viewport or a container whose width is just one-fourth of the viewport. If the width of the widget depends on the width of its container, relying on the size of the viewport to style it properly won’t work. Element queries can now come to the rescue! Element queries can work well here because they use the widget’s own width to style it.

In the image below, the same widget has been placed twice on a web page. You can see that the viewport width is the same but the width of these two widgets is different. Since the style rules are being applied based on the width of widget, both of them fit perfectly in the layout.

Two items displaying differently in the same viewport

Using element queries, the responsive conditions for an element become independent of the page layout. Therefore, you can create and style components like navigation bars and tables without worrying about surrounding elements. This means that a pricing table created for website A can be used directly in website B. It can be of immense help when you are creating templates.

Getting Started with EQCSS

To use element queries in your projects, you will have to include EQCSS.js in your HTML. You can download the file from their GitHub repository or link directly to the minified file hosted on CDNjs.

The plugin supports all modern browsers including IE9 and above. If you intend to support IE8, you will also have to include a polyfill in your project. The polyfill needs to be included before the actual plugin.


TNA News: TNA Once Again Using Sherri Shaw Themes, Update on How Many Episodes of Impact Have Been Taped


– It appears that at the end of this week’s TNA taping cycle, they will have taped 9 episodes of Impact. They originally planned to tape 12 episodes. TNA returns to Universal studios on March 2nd, and they will tape through March 9th.

– Earlier this week, it was reported that had been offered the theme songs composed by Sherri Shaw during the Billy Corgan regime for free but had turned them down. The company has now changed their mind, end last night, they used Shaw’s themes for Marshe Rockett and Allie.


Using automation to execute PPC strategy


Both technology and automation play a huge role in the digital marketing space. Paid search and social functionality is more complex than ever, the number of platforms and networks that need to be managed is constantly expanding and clients are demanding deeper analysis and insights. These convergent dynamics put a strain on the account manager’s ability to efficiently manage accounts.

The right technology provides the ability to automate routine tasks and solve complex problems quickly, which frees up account managers to focus more on strategic planning and exploring new growth opportunities.

Defining automation requirements

The difficult part about automating a PPC account is figuring out where to begin. How do we determine what to automate, and how do we identify the right set of technologies for the job?

The first step in the process of answering this question is fully understanding what an account’s goals are (or should be). You can find out this information through business download meetings, comprehensive data analysis, industry analysis and account audits. Once you’ve clearly defined goals, you must devise a strategy to reach those goals.

A clear strategy brings into focus the types of tasks that need to be completed and the kinds of technologies and automations needed to execute it. Below is an example of how I determined the automations needed to reach goals for an account I manage.

The account has a cost-per-lead goal of $200. Our optimizations primarily consist of pausing non-converting spend, adjusting bids either up or down depending on individual keyword performance, analysis of search query reports for negative matches and analysis of placement reports to identify non-performing sites to exclude.

We complete these optimizations on varying schedules ranging from daily to monthly. Because the account is so large, it takes a ton of time to manually complete these routine tasks and takes away from working on higher-impact growth initiatives.

Based on the above information, we were able to implement a comprehensive set of automation rules to manage standard account optimizations. Here’s a sampling of some of the rules we set:

  • Pause all keywords spending more than $300 without a conversion over the past 30 days.
  • Pause all ad groups spending more than $300 without a conversion over the past 30 days.
  • Reduce bids 25 percent on all keywords with a greater than $500 cost per acquisition over the past 30 days.
  • Exclude all placements with 0 conversions and more than 25 clicks.
  • Pause queries with 0 conversions and more than $300 in spend.

Any automation we put in place should directly support the outcome that we’re trying to achieve. Automation rules that aren’t in alignment with overall account strategy can lead to poor performance. Carefully think through any automation plan, and consider both the benefits and risks before implementing.

What kind of technology should I use?

The answer to this question is, “It depends.” There are dozens of technology solutions on the market, ranging from reporting platforms to bid management solutions to technology that automates creative testing.

Additionally, the advertising platforms themselves offer automated bid management functionality and provide the ability to pause keywords, ad groups and campaigns, based on specifically defined criteria. You can even set up scripts in Google that allow for paid search accounts to be integrated into an organization’s inventory or CRM system.

Budget and account size certainly play a large part in deciding whether to utilize a third-party technology solution or free tools the advertising platforms offer. It’s important to weigh cost vs. time saved in order to focus on big strategic initiatives.

At Hanapin, we utilize a reporting tool called NinjaCat. This reporting tool automatically pulls spend from a variety of advertising platforms and other associated account data such as clicks, impressions and click-through rate. The tool allows you to create dashboards and KPI graphs that track performance vs. your goal(s). It’s well worth the monetary investment, because automating data collection (rather than compiling it manually) frees up account managers to focus on taking action in accounts.

When deciding whether to use paid technology vs. a less powerful free tool, I use the following criteria:

  • Can free automation tools help me meet account goals and execute strategy effectively?
  • Do paid tools offer me functionality that provides deeper performance insights that I can’t get from free tools?
  • Will I save a significant amount of time with a free tool, above and beyond what I would save by using a paid tool?

Having a defined criteria for when to use technology will make it easier to decide whether or not it’s worthwhile to invest in technology.

Final thoughts

You should deploy technology primarily to quickly and efficiently execute strategy and reach goals. Too often, automation is narrowly viewed as a shortcut to reducing workload. While it’s important to make workloads more efficient, it’s more important not to lose sight of the big picture, which is improving account performance.


[source :-searchengineland]

Using Social Media for Commercial enterprise Without Bleaching Out the Social

Using Social Media for Business Without Bleaching Out the Social

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Social networking is some thing of an enigma: on one hand, Enterprise pundits insist that a possible social networking presence is valuable; on the alternative, they offer scant recommendation as to simply how to create and preserve a social networking presence that provides real price. Beyond ominous warnings to hold your social retailers squeaky smooth or to offer strategies (and carrier offerings) to push terrible publicity a long way off the first couple pages of a Google search, it’s tough to find a easy, practical, “do’s and don’ts” of social networking for Commercial enterprise. Clearly it’s unwise to submit negative comments approximately your customers or fringe political statements in your Facebook profile. However treating everything as though it had been a digital advertising and marketing brochure takes a lot of the social aspects out of social networking and hobbles you from realizing its complete ability. There is an obvious balance among a staid, bland, joyless web page and one that forever tarnishes your reputation. simply where that unique balance lies relies upon in large measure on what you hope to accomplish in phrases of your logo. Right here are a few regulations that can help you develop your logo Without taking all the a laugh out of life.

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put up beneficial and interesting content.
You need to provide your followers a motive to observe and share your records. It doesn’t take too many bland or deceptive posts or tweets before people will turn beyond you With out a 2d notion, and once they’re long gone it’s miles tough to get your target audience back.

post with purpose.
On a similar word, keep away from posting cloth only for the sake of placing up content material, and earlier than you publish, ask what the put up says approximately you’re logo. Not the whole thing ought to be shared, the things you don’t submit tell the arena as lots about you — or greater — than the things you do put up.

Combine distinct social media retailers to drive visitors for your sites.
140 characters doesn’t let you talk tons facts, so use it to pressure visitors to extra content wealthy web sites like blogs, opinions, your internet site, or articles.

Associated: An Entrepreneur’s Social-Media Plan for Achievement

Create a rich public portrait of your enterprise.

As tons as all of us like to extol the virtues of our organisation, proportion its storied history, or the mythical genius of our founder, it tends to be a bore for the average internet surfer. Remember posting profiles of your human beings — and Not the usual bios and pedigrees, however the interesting info that make your human beings tick. Do they mountain climb, rescue abandoned animals, or move kayaking. Corporations like to do Commercial enterprise with human beings they recognise and believe, and something as easy as nicely-finished profiles of your people helps the individuals who go to your web page to get to realize you Beyond the stale bios your prospects are used to seeing.

Don’t reply to negative posts about your corporation.
While a person writes an indignant Yelp assessment, or a blistering evaluate of your business enterprise you may be tempted to compose a digital diatribe; don’t. No Enterprise receives one hundred percentage fine feedback and everybody has some clients with more than multiple screws loose. The temptation to try to set the document directly in print can be amazing, However doing so generally leads to catastrophe. If the posts are absolutely libelous then preserve an attorney, However if they are just topics of opinion, both attain out to the individual by means of smartphone and offer to make things right, or overlook the edge you sense from the hurtful phrases and flow on. At any price you ought to take the moral high ground.

Associated: The secret to Convalescing From a terrible Client review

Once in a while much less is extra.
Your social network is a form of media publicity, and suitable public members of the family retailers ensure their clients don’t recover from-exposed. There are training to be learned from this approach; before posting, ask your self in case you are advancing your emblem by supplying a few new records approximately your self or are you repeating yourself. Again and again posting comparable messages about how high-quality your modern day product line is won’t best make you appear less exciting, However extra mono-dimensional.

post your nice, leave the rest.
Social networks permit us instantaneous and immediate get admission to to the world; use this get entry to judiciously. Never publish at the same time as angry, below the influence, or in every other country that could purpose you to submit things you may regret later. you’ll be able to take down websites and scrub your public photo, However negative posts can also forever alienate folks who you may sooner or later want to your facet.

search engine optimization by using SQUIRRLY™

Squirrly seo helps you write content material that is seo friendly and also Human friendly. you may get to enhance your rankings, while imparting your readers with incredible content material. See Your search engine optimization Stats, get a weekly seo Audit and locate the pleasant key phrases.

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The set of rules for key-word analysis takes into accounts elements to help you find suitable key phrases for content material optimization: for human beings and for search engines.

Tracks all the elements of your content marketing approach: running a blog, site visitors, search engine optimization, Social indicators, links, Authority. every unmarried week you get a brand new report by means of e-mail.

send the Audit file through electronic mail on your content material author, seo man or woman, builders, or in your boss.

It offers You professional recommendation on the way to fix any of these areas that it allows tune, so you can easily find out the way to improve. content from seo Moz (currently simply MOZ), Google, Authority Labs, and so forth.

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examine any single article. See the way it improves over the years.

Optimize Your content for human beings. we’ve got lately introduced tools and training (freed from charge) that will help you optimize all of your content material for human beings, now not just for serps.

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live up to date together with your seo and Social indicators, with our email indicators. We send out e mail indicators if something for your WordPress website online desires immediate attention, so that you can act upon it and save your commercial enterprise the trouble.

Copyright-loose pictures That you can Use.

Headline recommendations based totally on your seo keyword.

Social Intelligence through the muse field, that will help you write better content material. shows you recent tweets approximately your challenge, how other newshounds and bloggers have approached your subject matter. All of this to your “upload New publish” interface.

you can use Squirrly search engine optimization without cost and if you have small content advertising and marketing desires (approximately one article posted according to week, some keywords which you want to analyze), then it’s the ideal plan for you.

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