Xiaomi Teases MIUI 9 Themes; Mi Mix, Mi Note 2, and Mi 5 to Receive the Update in Coming Days

Xiaomi is all set to officially release its next MIUI update, the MIUI 9, on July 26 along with the unveiling of a new smartphone called the Xiaomi Mi 5X. However, reports suggest that the Chinese smartphone maker has already started testing the Beta version of the MIUI 9 for Mi 6 and Redmi Note 4X and they will most likely be the first devices to get the much anticipated MIUI 9 platform.


Apart from the above two devices, a new Weibo leak suggests that the next batch of Xiaomi smartphones receive the MIUI 9 update include flagships like the Mi 5, Mi Mix, as well as the Mi Note 2. A previous leak had mentioned Xiaomi Mi 5s, Mi 5s Plus, Redmi 4, Mi Max 2, and Mi 4 to be a part of the second batch, however, the latest report does not mention any of these devices.

To sweeten the whole deal, Xiaomi has teased some of the features that the MIUI 9 update will bring to your phone. Starting off with the themes, the MIUI 9 will have three new themes in addition to the default one named No Boundary, Cool Black, and Color Fantasy. The one significant change you may notice in these themes is the lack of text below the app icons in the dock, giving them a neat look.

The MIUI 9 will also bring with it an improved lock screen feature with shortcuts that can be accessed by simply swiping on the screen. These revamped lock screen shortcuts include Torch, Mi Remote, Mi Home, Mi Pay, and Transport Card, to name a few.


Another highlighted feature of the MIUI 9 is the multi-window split-screen mode. However, this feature will only be accessible to Xiaomi devices that run on Android 7.0 getting the MIUI 9 update. The MIUI 9 ROM has been optimised so that you can keep tabs on its size for smart usage. The new ROM has also been improved by adding several new features to it while removing a few redundant ones.

Interestingly, the company claims that it has a few technology breakthrough features in store for the Xiaomi customers that will be unveiled on July 26. We have to simply wait for the grand launch next week to get more information.


SwiftKey Update Brings Emoji Prediction, ‘Oxygen’ Themes, and More Languages

Microsoft today released an update for SwiftKey that includes a handful of new features including emoji prediction and enhancements to 3D Touch gestures.

Users who tap on the emoji key will now see a new prediction panel that automatically suggests up to 18 relevant emoji depending on what they type, saving them the trouble of searching through the entire list.

The update also includes eight new “Oxygen” themes adding up to a spectrum of vibrant colors for SwiftKey keyboards. The new hues can be found in the Design section of the app and include Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Light Blue, Blue, Purple, and Pink.

In addition, Microsoft said it had made substantial improvements to the responsiveness of 3D Touch gestures in SwiftKey on supporting iPhones, including those that trigger cursor control and cursor movement. Haptic feedback has also been implemented for some keyboard actions, such as opening the emoji panel.

Lastly, SwiftKey added support for 15 new languages including Egyptian Arabic, Tanglish, Bambara, Wolof, Mossi, Greenlandic, and Northern Sami. See here for the full list.

SwiftKey is a free download for iPhone and iPad on the App Store. [Direct Link]


Google Calendar for iOS Update Finally Brings the Today Widget, More

Google Calendar for iOS Update Finally Brings the Today Widget, More


  • The update is already available on App Store
  • The app widget shows two upcoming events by default
  • The widget can be extended to see up to four upcoming events

Google Calendar app for iOS has finally received a feature that should have ideally been added long time ago by the company – the Today Widget. While iOS has been supporting widgets for some time now, the search giant has only now added the Today Widget to its Calendar app on the platform that allows users to see the upcoming events from the home screen itself.

With Google Calendar for iOS version 2.4.0 update, which is already available in the App Store, Google has added support for Today Widget to the calendar app and users will now be able to see two upcoming events by default in the Today View section, as pointed out in a report by 9To5Mac. This can further be expanded to see four upcoming events.

Notably, Google Calendar users can also get a glance of upcoming events on iPhone 6s and later by using 3D Touch – hard pressing the app’s icon on the Home screen. In order to add the Today Widget, just like you add other widgets, you will need to swipe right from the Home screen and tap on the edit button at the bottom of the screen.

“Today Widget – Get a quick look at your day’s events directly in the Today View of your iPhone or iPadthanks to the new Calendar widget,” the company said in its changelog for the update.

Let us know in comment section down below if you will be using the widget going ahead or think that there are other calendar apps that offer more utility.


[Update: Gone from the beta too] Twitter removes its homescreen widget support from the latest alpha

Twitter is struggling to figure out what it wants to be when it grows up. Life can be tough when you’re a social network that almost everyone has heard about but no one knows how to use when they’re just joining for the first time.

But despite these tumultuous times at Twitter’s headquarters, the Android app has seen some of its best days in the past few months: an overhauled Material Design inspired interface, a test for a night mode, Android N Direct Reply, and more. But instead of giving something new, the latest Twitter alpha 6.9.0 takes away a feature: the homescreen widget.

If you have the widget added to your homescreen, you will see the above message instead when you’re on the latest alpha. The widget is clearly no longer functional. Whether this change will carry through to the beta and stable versions remains to be seen, but it’s clear that Twitter’s Android developers are at least considering the possibility of removing the widget support altogether. Maybe they found out it wasn’t used all that much and the people who had added it were so few that it didn’t warrant keeping it alive and supported. I guess we’ll have to wait and see. In the meantime, feel free to cry foul in the comments below.

[Source:-Android Central]

Android Wear 2.0: Update bringt native Apps, Tastatur und Widgets

Google aktualisiert sein Smartwatch-OS Android Wear. Die neue Version 2.0 bringt dabei zahlreiche Verbesserungen mit sich. Unter anderem dürft ihr euch auf native Apps, eine Bildschirmtastatur sowie Widgets für eure Watchfaces freuen.

Android Wear 2.0 ist da.
Android Wear 2.0 ist da. (Quelle: Google / Screenshot: netzwelt)
  • Das sind die Neuerungen von Android Wear 2.0
  • Diese Smartwatches erhalten Android Wear 2.0
  • Neue Smartwatches von LG angekündigt

Google hat sich zweieinhalb Jahre Zeit gelassen, um seine neue Version von Android Wear fertigzustellen. Was bringt Android Wear 2.0? Spannendste Neuerung von Android Wear 2.0 ist sicher die Möglichkeit Apps ohne verbundenes Smartphone nutzen zu können. Unter anderem stehen bereits Accu Weather, Foursquare, Google Fit, Runkeeper und Runtastic als native Apps für Android Wear-Uhren zum Download bereit.

Das sind die Neuerungen von Android Wear 2.0

Auch die Watchfaces wurden verbessert. Informationen aus zahlreichen Apps können nun in das Ziffernblatt als eine Art Widget integriert werden. So seht ihr mit einen Blick euren nächsten Termin oder die Entwicklung eurer Aktienkurse. Zudem implementiert Google die Option, Text über handschriftliche Eingaben auf dem Smartwatch-Display zu generieren. Weiterhin an Bord: Eine Bildschirmtastatur. Inwieweit sich das Tippen und Swipen auf den kleinen Panels als praxistauglich erweisen wird, bleibt abzuwarten.

Überdies erhalten die Uhren mit der neuen Firmware den Zugriff auf den neuen Google Assistant, den wir bereits auf dem Google Pixel XLausprobieren konnten.

Diese Smartwatches erhalten Android Wear 2.0

Welche bereits erhältlichen Android Wear-Smartwatches erhalten ein Update? Laut Google werden insgesamt 19 Uhren ein Update auf Android Wear 2.0 erhalten. Ihr findet alle für ein Update vorgesehenen Modelle in der folgenden Liste. Leer gehen demnach unter anderem Besitzer einer der ersten Moto 360, der ersten G-Watch von LG sowie der Sony Smartwatch 3 aus. Das Update soll in den kommenden Wochen ausgerollt werden.

Hersteller Modell
Asus Zenwatch 2
Asus Zenwatch 3
Casio Smart Outdoor Watch
Casio Pro Trek Smart
Fossil Q Founder
Fossil Q Marshal
Fossil Q Wander
Huawei Watch
LG G Watch R
LG Watch Urbane
LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition LTE
Michael Kors Access Smartwatches
Motorola Moto 360 (2. Generation)
Motorola Moto 360 für Frauen
Motorola Moto 360 Sport
New Balance RunIQ
Nixon Mission
Polar M600
Tag Heuer Connected

Neue Smartwatches von LG angekündigt

Pünktlich zum Release von Android Wear 2.0 bringt LG auch zwei neue Smartwatch-Modelle mit dem System auf den Markt. Sie hören auf die Namen LG Watch Sport und LG Watch Style. Die Sport-Ausführung ist laut Google die bislang leistungsstärkste Uhr mit Android Wear. Dank GPS und NFC-Chip sowie einen Herzfrequenzmesser macht sie von den neuen Möglichkeiten des Systems umfassenden Gebrauch.Beide Modelle sind ab dem 10. Februar erhältlich – zunächst nur in den USA. In den kommenden Wochen ist ein Marktstart auch in weiteren Ländern geplant. Zum Preis machen Google und LG noch keine Angaben.


Adobe is forcing people to install a Chrome Plugin with its latest Reader update

This week Adobe pushed out a series of crucial security fixes to its PDF reader. Alongside the updates, the software firm appears to have installed an extra plugin onto the computers of customers.

According to numerous unconnectedindividuals on Twitter, the latest Adobe Reader update prompts people to install a Google Chrome Plugin.

The Adobe Acrobat and Reader updates (15.023.20053) are part of a release designed to fix a flaw that could let hackers take “control of the affected system”. But when you install this security fix, the Adobe Acrobatplugin is automatically added to your browser.

“It auto-installed,” security expert Troy Hunt told WIRED. “I literally walked up to my PC and the prompt was already there.”

When enabling or downloading the Chrome Plugin, people are required to grant it three specific permissions next time they open Chrome: to “read and change all your data on the websites you visit”, “manage your downloads”, and “communicate with cooperating native applications”. The plugin is intended to let users easily convert websites into PDFs. It should be noted that you can choose not to enable the plugin, and you don’t have to hand over permissions to Adobe in order for the bug fixes to take effect.This technique of auto-installing plugins is typically used by hackers to get access to people’s computers. Although this Adobe plugin appears to be from a legitimate source, it’s concerning that a company dogged with security issues should use such a tact.

WIRED has contacted Adobe for comment on the auto-install but the firm had not responded at the point of publication.

Adobe, in support documentation, issued alongside the plugin, says URL data is not collected for the company. “This [permission] is required to allow the extension to convert HTML content to PDF,” Adobe says. “However, the URL information is not sent back to Adobe.”

Hunt added: “I suspect Adobe is attempting to take a slice out of the native in-browser PDF viewers, but this certainly felt a bit too bullish.”

The firm continued that the information collected only includes the browser type and version, Adobe desktop production information, and data on how menu options or buttons are selected. It does not include personal information that could be used to identify a person, for example. Adobe claims that it details how it uses that information in its privacy policy.

The Adobe security updates were introduced to stop potential hackers from accessing computers remotely and installing malware. Across Adobe Reader, Acrobat and Flash Player there were 42 fixes for known problems.


TNA News: TNA Once Again Using Sherri Shaw Themes, Update on How Many Episodes of Impact Have Been Taped


– It appears that at the end of this week’s TNA taping cycle, they will have taped 9 episodes of Impact. They originally planned to tape 12 episodes. TNA returns to Universal studios on March 2nd, and they will tape through March 9th.

– Earlier this week, it was reported that had been offered the theme songs composed by Sherri Shaw during the Billy Corgan regime for free but had turned them down. The company has now changed their mind, end last night, they used Shaw’s themes for Marshe Rockett and Allie.


Apple iOS 10.2 Latest News: iOS Update Intensifies Bad Battery Life Issue

Apple’s iOS 10.2 has been introduced to improve the user experience, especially with iPhones. With that, Apple users who have been experiencing serious problems with their batteries had been anxiously anticipating the release of iOS 10.2. However, recent updates may have resulted to the contrary, as concerns regarding bad battery life continues to surface online.

Apple’s iOS 10.2 update has been getting bad reviews lately as it seemed to have intensified the bad battery issue from the previous version. After updating their devices to iOS 10.2, many consumers have reported experiencing the so-called 30 percent battery bug.

Previously, Apple acknowledged a problem with some iPhone 6s units and older iPhone models. Once the remaining charge reaches 30 percent, the phones shut down as if they had run out of power. Apple explained that air contaminated individual battery components, and that freak occurrence is responsible for the current shutdowns. A free repair was offered for those units affected. However, only iPhone 6s units sold in September and October 2015 are eligible for the free repair.

Many Apple enthusiasts hoped Apple’s iOS 10.2 update would include a fix for the aggravating issue. However, for some users, the battery problems plaguing many older iPhone models have only gotten worse. The battery life reading and display may have also been affected by the update. It goes from 30 percent to 1 percent but stays at that 1 percent reading for a significant period of time.

Some people are now searching for methods on how to prolong iPhone battery life, while waiting for Apple to solve the iOs 10.2 issue. Some helpful remedies and tips to conserve battery life on iPhone include turning off Raise to Wake function of the device. This would help avoid unnecessary battery use, especially if users regularly pick the unit or swing it in their hand while walking. Another remedy is to get rid of any widget, as most widgets would consume batter power to keep up to date. Turning off background applications may also prolong battery life.

[SOURCE:-Mobile apps]

Google Maps update removes one feature, replaces it with two brilliant new ones

Google Maps just rolled out a new update to its iPhone app

Google Maps has been updated on iOS.

Interestingly, the new software removes the Travel Times and Transit widgets Google added to Google Maps last month.

Google has not given a reason for the removal, but has instead replaced the iOS 10 widget with a new alternatives in the latest update, which brings the app to version 4.25.0.

The brand-new iOS 10 widget brings traffic time for your location.

The widget, which can be accessed by either swiping left on the Lock Screen or the Home Page of your iOS 10 device, displays a small map showing traffic congestion close to your current location.

The Google Maps widget displays a brief summary of traffic at your locationEXPRESS NEWSPAPERS

The Google Maps widget displays a brief summary of traffic at your location

Tapping the Show More button launches a more detailed map, with wider reaching traffic dataEXPRESS NEWSPAPERS

Tapping the Show More button launches a more detailed map, with wider reaching traffic data

Additionally, the widget offers up a short description of the conditions, something like “Light traffic in your area. Faster than usual.”

It’s a handy way to check the state of the road in your location without the need to login to your Apple device and launch the Google Maps app.

Secondly, the new Google Maps update also brings the ability to search for places along a route while you are already using the turn-by-turn navigation feature.

Back in August, iPhone users were finally given the ability to add multiple stops when planning a single trip on Google Maps.

This feature has long been available on the web version of Google Maps, first introduced in 2015, but has taken an inordinate amount of time to make the jump to mobile, where it debuted on Android devices earlier this year.

In the latest version of Google Maps, it is possible to add more stops from the navigation display.

Simply tap the Search icon and then pick from a list of categories, including Gas Stations, Restaurants – or search for a specific place by name.

Results will be plotted along your current route, where they can then be added to the ongoing turn-by-turn navigation.


Samsung brings Gear S3 features to the Gear S2 in latest update

Samsung brings Gear S3 goodies to Gear S2

Samsung has just released a pretty major update for the Gear S2 and Gear S2 Classic that adds some of the best new features included on the Gear S3.

While built-in GPS isn’t going to magically appear on your smaller Samsung smartwatch, that rotating bezel will become as smart as it is on the S3 and a whole lot more.

The headline news is that you’ll now be able to use the bezel to accept or reject calls, dismiss alarms, timers and alerts just like you can on the Frontier and Classic.

Essential reading: Samsung Gear S3 tips, tricks and hidden features

New Gear S3 watch faces also make an appearance, which can be downloaded from the Samsung app store while widget support has been improved for third party widgets including Uber, Yelp and USA Today. You can now also access an enhanced weather widget as well as S Health’s leaderboard and challenges widgets.

Staying on the S Health front, Samsung has followed up its Gear Fit2 update by adding the same automatic exercise detection for a series of activities including walking, running and cycling. There’s also rep counting for squats and crunches, pace coaching, a stretching guide and a smart Auto Pause mode that stops the workout when you’re taking a breather.

gear s3 features on gear s2

To make communicating from your watch a little easier, handwriting recognition has also been added to the mix with support for English, Korean and Chinese. That’s joined by the ability to sketch responses, send emojis and record and send voice messages.

Location tracking support has been added to bring the new SOS feature over from the S3 letting you quickly press the home button three times to raise the alarm to emergency contacts. In the apps department, you can now download Reminder and Alti-Barometer apps as well as play new games that utilise the rotating bezel including Monster Vampires.

The over the air update has already started to roll out worldwide and at just 113MB, you shouldn’t have to wait too long to get some Gear S3 goodness on your Gear S2.