‘Scarface’ Remake Drops Director David Ayer over “Too Dark” Script


The Scarface remake is once again looking for a new director. Universal Pictures has been working for years to put together a new take on the Scarface story, running through a variety of filmmakers who’ve come and gone that range from Antoine Fuqua (The Equalizer) to Pablo Larrain (Jackie), and in the early days of the project, even Harry Potter filmmaker David Yates. The studio aimed to try again by signing Suicide Squad director David Ayer this past spring, setting him to pen a new script for the remake which switches the Miami setting to Los Angeles.

But now THR reports that Ayer, like so many before him, has fallen off the project. Ayer’s take on the script was reportedly “too dark” for Universal’s taste (although Variety cites “scheduling issues” as the reason for his exit), which is interesting considering this is the story of a violent, misogynistic drug dealer. Ayer is known for a certain amount of grit in his screenplays for films like Training Day and End of Watch, but apparently Universal doesn’t want to go too dark for Scarface, which means we’re likely in for some lame “anti-hero” nonsense that tries to portray the protagonist as someone to root for. Granted, Brian De Palma’s 1983 remake has its own issues, but I was curious to see if Universal would “go there” with this new adaptation, and it sounds like they want something more palatable.


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Diego Luna is still attached to lead the film, which Universal recently set for release in August 2018, and now the studio will start the search anew for a director. As recently as this past February, the film had a new script by Joel and Ethan Coen, and other filmmakers they considered before Ayer included Pete Bergand  Hell or High Waterdirector David Mackenzie, so it’ll be interesting to see if they go back to directors they spoke with in the past, or if they’ll look for someone new.

As for Ayer, it’s unclear what his next move will be. He’s wrapping up post-production on his Netflix fantasy thriller Bright with Will Smith and Joel Edgerton and is attached to write and direct the DC spinoff Gotham City Sirens starring Margot Robbie, but that movie doesn’t yet have a release date and Robbie’s schedule is stacked. Warner Bros. has also reportedly zeroed in on Jaume Collet-Serra to direct Suicide Squad 2, so it’s unlikely he’s returning for that sequel.


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[Update: Gone from the beta too] Twitter removes its homescreen widget support from the latest alpha

Twitter is struggling to figure out what it wants to be when it grows up. Life can be tough when you’re a social network that almost everyone has heard about but no one knows how to use when they’re just joining for the first time.

But despite these tumultuous times at Twitter’s headquarters, the Android app has seen some of its best days in the past few months: an overhauled Material Design inspired interface, a test for a night mode, Android N Direct Reply, and more. But instead of giving something new, the latest Twitter alpha 6.9.0 takes away a feature: the homescreen widget.

If you have the widget added to your homescreen, you will see the above message instead when you’re on the latest alpha. The widget is clearly no longer functional. Whether this change will carry through to the beta and stable versions remains to be seen, but it’s clear that Twitter’s Android developers are at least considering the possibility of removing the widget support altogether. Maybe they found out it wasn’t used all that much and the people who had added it were so few that it didn’t warrant keeping it alive and supported. I guess we’ll have to wait and see. In the meantime, feel free to cry foul in the comments below.

[Source:-Android Central]

Are we making search engine optimization too complex?


As i used to be searching over reviews the alternative day, I realized i was almost drowning in records, benchmarks, KPIs, ratings, conversions, dashboards, audits and so forth. You get the photograph. i’m fascinated by records and gear that make my lifestyles simpler, however how much is an excessive amount of?

At my employer, we place a variety of importance on the records that topics to make sure that we are delivering what we’re reduced in size to do. yet as i used to be operating, I realized that the greater I dug thru the statistics, moving from tool to tool, the less time i used to be spending doing the paintings I had to do.

With a seek global crowded with options and assets, I trust it’s time to get back to the basics and simplify the system.

So how are we able to, as SEOs, use all the information and awesome tools to be had to create a greater streamlined and simplified technique to search engine optimization?

simple doesn’t imply clean
Now, easy doesn’t imply clean. If it had been smooth, all people could do it.

easy is set consciousness, consistency and effects. I recognize that i have spent hours and hours running on duties that, all in all, had a completely constrained effect on the overall intention of the campaign. So instead of focusing on the range of deliverables we are able to get executed, we need to as a substitute cognizance on turning in consequences.

through simplifying your search engine optimization strategy, you may strip from it a number of the “extras” that don’t in reality remember and start to attention at the tasks and actions that assist your site acquire its average cause. To help make my point, I want to percentage some thing I call the “Simplified seek productiveness Cycle.”

simplifed seek productivity cycle
it all starts offevolved with goals
you can’t get to where you want to move if you don’t have a plan. goals assist us outline our preferred vacation spot. as soon as we outline what we want, we can paintings backward to create a method with a purpose to assist us get there.

while deciding upon your search goals, right here are a few questions you have to ask:

what is the reason of my website? Is it to drive leads? promote a widget? connect to content material? Your web site’s purpose is at once associated with the kinds of desires you’ll set. examine more about defining your website’s cause in my ultimate post, “The benefits of making a cause-driven search engine optimization method.”
What do I need to gain? this is in which you outline what your give up intention looks like. Is it sales-based? user-based? site visitors-primarily based? Defining what it’s far you need will assist you determine whether or not or no longer you’re succeeding.
How will I measure success? After you already know what you need to gain, you want to recognise what to degree. on the way to ensure that you have a effective ROI, you have to understand what numbers matter. as an instance, in case you want to generate leads, you’re going to need no longer just to drive visitors, however to power visitors with a purpose to convert. It makes no experience to have thousands of visitors if none of them convert.
who is my opposition? understanding what you’re up towards is vital. searching at your opposition, what they do and the way they do it can give you some ideas on the way to take gain of the holes of their seek marketing strategy.
motion-primarily based method
once you have got your dreams in location, it’s time to construct a course of action. again, we should take into account that each web page is extraordinary and that what worked in one niche may not work in the next.

whilst constructing your approach, make sure that you live targeted at the end intention. Toss the entirety that doesn’t assist you reach your search engine optimization dreams. identify the responsibilities with a view to get you the desired outcomes, and then prioritize them.

throughout this segment of the cycle, you furthermore mght need to think about key strategic companions you could deliver alongside you. The net is all approximately connections, and in case you need to have search engine optimization achievement, you need to constantly be looking to connect.

real effects
As I noted above, we have more get entry to to statistics than ever earlier than. that is both correct and horrific. the key to reporting is reporting on what topics.

when I say “real outcomes,” i’m relating to some thing that has a actual impact at the development in the direction of the give up purpose. At this factor inside the cycle, we overview what we’ve got finished and the effect of these movements. right here are four simple questions we need to solution.

What worked?
What didn’t?
What’s next?
The purpose right here is to determine out if we’re headed inside the right course. We may not always have concrete solutions, however by way of asking ourselves these questions, we are able to make sure that we are looking at the statistics that topics. The most essential of all of the 4 is the ultimate one. Don’t get caught in the consequences and data. appearance forward and preserve pushing.

Making adjustments
Now, just due to the fact you have got a plan, that doesn’t suggest it’s going to head flawlessly. If truth, I’ll argue that it by no means will go flawlessly. but that’s half of the amusing of it, proper? After you have got reviewed the “real consequences,” it’s time to make calculated changes.

perhaps you went out on a limb and attempted some thing new, and it didn’t come up with the consequences you wanted. You’re not stuck having to do it over and over. The adjustment section of the cycle allows make sure that you stay aligned together with your desires.

Use the records you’ve accumulated to make tweaks, upload and do away with movement objects and refocus your method around your goals.

round we move once more
once you’ve made the tweaks, the cycle starts offevolved lower back at the pinnacle. Take time to check your dreams after each time around. i have found that after going through the cycle one time, the dreams I set within the starting want to be shifted barely.

A key issue to recall is that you have to allow yourself flexibility inside the technique. maintain it simple. define what you want. put together a course of action. evaluation the effects, and alter as wished. seo doesn’t should be first-rate-complicated; it just wishes to be centered.