Seven reasons why your business needs SEO marketing


Every business needs promotion and SEO is one of the best techniques to promote your business online. Many people consider that ‘SEO is Dead’ but this is not true. This is the most effective marketing technique that enhances your online presence and boosts your ranking in search results. Here in this guide, we have mentioned top reasons that make SEO most successful marketing tool.

  • It still works

This is a proven strategy even major search engines release major updates to its algorithm. Nowadays the core aspect of Search Engine Optimization is focus on experiences of users. If you have user friendly site with proper navigation, then you will definitely get good rankings in SERPs. SEO will work as long as people will use search engines.

  • SEO is an Investment

You will definitely get high return on your investment. You can check web analytics data to observe that there are certain keywords that have great conversion rates for which you rank on page#3 or #2 on major search engines.  If your keywords rank on 1 or 2nd page of Google, you will get lots of clicks and massive traffic to your website. This would be the highest ROI into Search Engine Optimization

  • This is a crucial part of your marketing mix

Search engine optimization is the master when it comes with boost sale and conversion. This is not the only process that is required to take your business to next level or reach your highest marketing potential.  But SEO is important to strengthen each segment of your marketing process.

  • Search Engines are a major gateway

The numbers of products are increasing day by day that rises demands and offers. People check reviews of products online by using major search engines. You have to adapt this trend as this is must. You have to increase your online presence via boosting ranking of your web pages in major search engines.

  • It saves your money

The pricing of SEO differs and this is cost effective. You can promote your business online by using SEO services. This is easier and cheaper way to spread word about your business.  It takes some time to provide results but it produces lasting results. You can get much greater return on investment than anything else. If you get listed on 1st page of Google, you can attract massive traffic to your website that helps increase conversion rate.

  • Your competitors are doing SEO

If you don’t invest in SEO, you may have risk of losing major benefits to know who your competitors are. You can also play ahead of your competitors by engaging in Search Engine Optimization activities.

  • Rise of Mobile:

Nowadays businesses have reached in the palm of customers. People have started using mobiles and they use search engines to find any product and service.

These are seven top reasons that make SEO a necessity for a business. You should look for SEO services to get your business ranked on 1st page. Cross Graphic Ideas is the best SEO Company in Jaipur which offers result driven SEO services Jaipur at best price.


We Explore Seven Creative Photoshoot Themes Perfect for Your Next Editorial

Most photographers grow nervous at the idea of copying someone else’s work. True artistry is about originality and innovation, right? What if we told you that the best way to strengthen your photography career is through imitation. Coming up with photoshoot themes is one of the most difficult components of fashion photography. At first, the thought of coming up with cool photoshoot ideas is exciting. However, for many this enthusiasm quickly turns into anxiety and eventually creative fatigue. So, where do you turn when you’re completely blank and have no inspiration for your next photoshoot themes? The answer is quite simple and it may surprise you. The absolute easiest way to come up with photoshoot themes is by looking at the work of other photographers. In today’s rich media age there is no shortage of photography research tools. Inspiration can be found on traditional mediums like magazines as well as popular social platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. The amount of inspiration can actually be quite overwhelming. Luckily, we have good news. We’ve compiled a list of seven of our favorite photoshoot themes of all time.Photoshoot Themes - The Dapifer

Find inspiration in History’s great artists. No need to be an art buff. Do a simple search of famous painting online. Find a few images that you love and start creating your next photoshoot themes. The Mona Lisa and Girl with the Pearl Earring featured above are great starting points for your art inspired photoshoot themes.

Be Inspired by an Icon
Photoshoot Themes - The Dapifer
Celebrities are responsible for some of the most iconic photographs of all time. Explore the famous photographs of celebrities throughout history and find images that align with your aesthetic. Examples of celebrities known for their iconic images include: Marilyn Monroe, Diana Ross, Audrey Hepburn, Josephine Baker, and Grace Jones.

Explore A Distant Culture
Photoshoot Themes - The Dapifer
The great thing about photography as that it allows us to take viewers on a visual journey. Incorporate components of a beautiful culture utilizing bold colors and authentic details. The more you research, the more ideas you can incorporate.

Go Underwater
Photoshoot Themes - The Dapifer
Underwater photoshoots make quite the statement. Take your next photo shoot underwater. Logistically these photoshoot themes require a bit more planning and specialized equipment. However, the ethereal imagery will be well worth the hard work. Can’t full submerge? You can achieve a similar effect by photographing your model in a pool of water while you stand on dry ground.

Rewrite A Classic Fairytale
Photoshoot Themes - The Dapifer
Fairytales provide the perfect structure for creating interesting fashion photos. Put a spin on your favorite fairytale and bring the characters to life like never before. Take notes from classics like Snow white and Cinderella.

Go Nude
Photoshoot Themes - The Dapifer
Today, creating great images is all about shock factor and nothing grabs our attention quite like risque photo. Focus on capturing high quality images and remember it’s art. You can look at classic images from industry icons like Herb Ritts for inspiration.

Use Flowers
Photoshoot Themes - The Dapifer
Flowers add a magical bit of life to any photo. Experiment with adding floral details in your images. You can use fresh cut flowers or take a trip to a beautiful garden. Let the colors and shapes guide you as you create your next masterpiece.

There are an infinite amount of photoshoot themes that you can use for your next project. Whether you have an idea in mind or you’re starting completely from scratch, the list above can help start the brainstorming process. Whatever photoshoot themes you choose remember to always make it your own. As you continue to build your portfolio you’ll find that others will even be inspired by you.