10 Best WordPress Themes to Choose From for Your Next Website Project

10 Best WordPress Themes to Choose From for Your Next Website Project

The digital world is spawning at an exponential rate. Every hour, roughly 1,000 websites are created. We’re talking petabytes of new data every single hour. To understand the sheer size and volume of that, there’s one million gigabytes in a petabyte or 1,000 terabytes. Considering that the human mind is estimated to be able to hold 1.25 terabytes of data, one petabyte is equivalent to approximately 800 human minds.

While those numbers could most certainly shock and awe you, the truth is that many of the newcomers to the online world rely on the WordPress platform to help streamline the process of getting their website up and running quickly and easily. With over 100 million websites and counting, WordPress is by far the most popular CMS in existence. That might be why the WordPress theme market is burgeoning and exploding.

However, with tens of thousands of themes in existence, how do you know which WordPress theme is the best one for your next website project? While this can most certainly be a subjective topic, these pre-built themes, which offer a far smoother transition into cyberspace, are scooped up in droves.

Some of these themes are terrific for ecommerce stores while others are great for starting a blog. However, the best theme for your project will be based on a few criteria. Not only should they be aesthetically appealing to the eye, but they also need to be mobile responsive. Considering that Google’s search is now a mobile-first index, and mobile searches far outpace desktop, responsiveness in design is important.

When a design is responsive, it looks and functions just as well on mobile and tablet devices as it does on desktop. However, building a responsive design on your own is no simple feat. Trust me, I’ve built loads of them. And unless you rely on a system like Twitter’s Bootstrap, building responsive designs for different media types is an exhaustive endeavor. That’s why some of the best WordPress themes have placed special weight on this one crucial aspect.

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How to choose the best theme for your website.

Whether you’ve just started a business, or you’re trying to figure out the type of business you want to start, there are some things to look for when selecting a theme for your WordPress site. Some themes offer great support for ecommerce stores while others are terrific for membership-based sites. Either way, you’ll usually need some plugins to make everything function smoothly with one another.

After nearly two decades of software engineering, web development and SEO mastery, I can tell you that there are 7 critical categories that any software application or extension (i.e. WordPress theme) is judged on.

1. Ease-of-installation: While there are tons of WordPress themes out there, the best ones are easy to install. There should be a simple interface that will help you get started quickly and easily, without a lot of fuss or programming know-how.

2. Degree of customization allowed: Pre-built add-ons, tailor-made plugins and a high degree of customization make themes that much more powerful. While some themes focus on a high degree of customization, others don’t.

3. Mobile usability: Mobile usability is crucial. Considering Google places heavy weight on this, finding the right WordPress theme that supports a responsive mobile design should be one of the defining factors in your quest for the ideal theme.

4. Overall speed: As a developer, I can tell you firsthand that your style of coding counts for a lot. It can either be bogged down by excessive code, or be light and compact. The latter is important to facilitate the overall speed of page loads, which is a crucial factor when it comes to things like SEO and visitor retention.

5. Aesthetic appeal of design: The aesthetic appeal of the theme is important. How polished is the look and feel? Does it look amateur or professional? People pay acute attention to design, so be sure to select the right theme that supports a high-quality design.

6. Customer reviews: Reviews are important when it comes to any product or service. And, when it comes to discovering the right theme, you should do your due diligence into the experiences of others. What’s the general consensus on that theme? Are they authentic reviews?

7. Ongoing support and upgrades: Support is an important aspect in any business, especially in one that requires constant evolution and upgrades to keep up with core upgrades to the WordPress platform. Be sure that whatever theme you purchase, that they provide some sort of on-going or limited support and that they’re constantly evolving, upgrading and adding new features.

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Top themes for WordPress sites.

While any list of themes for WordPress might be considered subjective, the preceding list of criteria help to laser-focus the approach to finding the perfect one. Below are what I consider to be some of the best themes that are out there.

1. X-Theme

I’m partial to X-Theme. It’s the theme that I presently use on my blog. And I’ve had an incredible experience with it. It hits all 7 of the criteria that I’ve laid out and does so particular well. X-Theme was created by ThemeCo, and it offers a highly-customizable, mobile-friendly, easy-to-use interface for your WordPress website. This one is definitely worth checking out.

2. Avada

Another one of the most versatile themes I’ve come across out there, Avada is one of the best-selling themes of all time and was created by Theme Fusion. It offers up a powerful design interface, allowing you to customize nearly all of the graphical elements of your WordPress site.

3. Hexater

Hexater is a fantastic theme that allows you to quickly and easily customize your site without investing hundreds of hours trying to figure out how it works or having a PhD in graphic design. This theme offers quick-to-market renditions for things like product launches, ebooks and niche authority sites, as just a few examples.

4. BeTheme

BeTheme is a massive theme built for WordPress with over 260 variations that can be launched with a single click. This powerful theme is beautiful, responsive, fast-loading and highly customizable. The company offers fast and reliable support, lifetime updates and the framework is optimized for SEO.

5. The7

The7 is one of the most customizable themes that are available for the WordPress platform. It includes a visual composer with a beautiful design wizard and over 750 theme options, along with over 26 pre-built websites that are quickly and easily launchable with a single click.

6. Flatsome

Flatsome is a great theme if you’re planning to run an ecommerce store with the WooCommerce plugin. It’s by far one of the best-selling WordPress themes for WooCommerce out there. It’s highly customizable, provide on-going updates, is fast-loading, boasts a responsive design and has beautiful pre-built designs with on-going updates.

7. Uncode

Uncode is a WordPress theme that gives you with the ability to create beautiful designs within an ultra-fast-loading framework. There are over 200+ layouts, a versatile visual composer and provides over 30 ready-for-market designs to get you up and running quickly and seamlessly.

8. Genesis

Gensis is a framework for WordPress that allows you to create beautiful and stunning websites that are highly customizable. This theme offers a light-weight design that’s highly optimized for speed, and provides advanced customization options, giving you the ability and flexibility to build just about any type of website with the framework.

9. Pixelgrade

Pixelgrade offers a visually-stunning WordPress theme that’s designed for a variety of situations, best suited for a variety of occupations such as restaurateurs, photographers, bloggers, designers and more. The theme is customizable, responsive and very easy-to-use.

10. Storefront

Storefront is a bulletproof WordPress theme that was specifically designed for the WooCommerce add-on. It’s a great way to build an ecommerce store quickly and easily, offering up extensible customization options with a fast-loading framework that makes creating an online story easy and straightforward.


What’s Next For Cowboys Ezekiel Elliott? How About 2,000 Yards?

Over the next couple months there will be extensive discussions about who the Cowboys first round pick should be. The front office has been lights-out fantastic when it comes to their first-round selections with five of their last seven picks being All Pro players. And two of those All Pros have been selected in the last three drafts and achieved their All Pro status their rookie seasons. Zack Martin accomplished this in 2014 and then Ezekiel Elliott did it again last season. Being rookie standouts aren’t the only similarity between these two. Both picks came with a lot of criticism as draft pundits had different players penciled in for the Cowboys when their spot came up. Last season, the great debate centered around two remarkable collegiate athletes – Zeke and Jalen Ramsey.

The Cowboys finally ended the suspense on draft day by selecting the Ohio State running back sensation with the fourth-overall pick. And they haven’t looked back since.

Elliott was a remarkable choice. While it wasn’t hard to see how talented he was, it was exhilarating to watch him put in on display within the Cowboys offense. Elliott broke franchise rookie records left and right. In just his first season, he finished with the fifth-highest rushing output of any Cowboys player with 1,631 yards. And he scored the fourth-most rushing touchdowns in Cowboys history with 15. Only the great touchdown magpie, Emmitt Smith, had seasons with more. And he’s just getting started.

Recently, WFAA sat down and talked to Zeke’s mother and asked her how does he build on such an incredible start? Her response…

Silly moms and their outlandish predictions. Only this declaration doesn’t seem that absurd. Let’s do some quick math here.

Zeke averaged 5.1 yards per carry last season. If you couple that per carry production with the same workload that DeMarco Murray got in 2014, Elliott would finish with 1,999 yards on the season. Of course, it would be highly unlikely to see him getting his tape cut in Week 17 if he is close to eclipsing such an incredible mark.

Elliott’s rookie totals would have been higher had he played in the regular season finale. They also would have been higher if he didn’t get off to a slow start. Yes, he was still a rookie and had to learn some patience and build chemistry with his offensive line. During the first two games of his career, he only averaged 67 yards. But once he started allowing the holes to open up and found the creases, he went on a tear. Over the next four games he averaged over 140 yards per game.

Expect more big games from Elliott in 2017 versus games where he will be shut down. To reach the 2,000 yard mark, he’ll need to rush for an average of 125 yards a game. He has the skill to make the big runs and he will certainly have plenty of opportunities. The Cowboys offense had the most rushing attempts of any team in the league last season and they will continue to be a run-heavy team. Don’t expect that to change any time soon.

As talented as Elliott is, one of the most exciting things about him is his drive. Instilled in him as a child, he loves to compete. Both his parents were extremely athletic, including his mother who was a track star. His parents were committed to his education and has exhibited great family values as they helped him reach his athletic goals. In just watching the above video, you can see why this kid has so much fire in him and is so dedicated to his craft. He’s got big plans.

There’s no denying that Zeke can be a goofball. He showed up to the draft in a crop top, he jumped in the kettle, he chased down a crazed fan at the Pro Bowl, and he regularly reminds those watching that he needs the ball with his “feed me” gesture. But as much fun as he loves to have, he’s has an overwhelming desire to compete. Just ask his coach.Zeke’s getting to 2,000 yards. Whether it happens in 2017 or the year after, it’s coming. His mother said so and that’s good enough for me. Never question a women’s intuition.

[Source:-Blogging the eboys]

Top Three FX Themes for Next Week’s Heavy Economic Calendar

Talking Points:

– Next week’s economic calendar is loaded with high importance announcements throughout the week. The highlights of which are the Bank of Japan on Monday night/Tuesday morning, FOMC on Wednesday, BoE’s Super Thursday followed by Non-Farm Payrolls on Friday. We previewed this in our webinar yesterday, and if you’d like a video walk-through, please click here.

– The major trends that developed in Q4 in the U.S. Dollar and Japanese Yen have spent much of January retracing; but with next week’s economic calendar, the potential certainly exists for those trends to continue or finally break-down and reverse.

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As rallies were developing across-the-world after the U.S. Presidential Election, there was very little pullback or slowdown. Markets were being volleyed-higher by a rare combination of a Central Bank that’s standing on the sideline, ready to ‘do more’ if needed; while the fiscal side of the equation was being driven by hope for massive infrastructure investment that might actually have a chance of being approved (given the GOP super majority and the prospect of lessened Congressional resistance).

This new paradigm was priced-in to global markets rather quickly; so quickly, in fact, that once we came into January, it began to become worrisome that the excitement may have gone a bit too far. So, much of January has seen retracements in markets like the U.S. Dollar and the Japanese Yen; and as we near the turn into February, a heightened economic calendar might provide that motivation to extend or finally break-down and reverse those prior trends. Below, we look at three of the most pertinent FX themes for next week and we finish with a look at the Dow Jones after it’s recent climb above 20k.

Is the U.S. Dollar Up-Trend Ready to Come Back to Life?

We looked at this theme on Wednesday as the Greenback was falling down into a crucial zone of support around the 100-level on DXY. Within this zone of support is a well-worn level of prior resistance from the 2015 highs, a psychological level at 100 as well as the 50% retracement of the post-Election move in the Greenback.

Top Three FX Themes for Next Week's Heavy Economic Calendar

Chart prepared by James Stanley

Since running into this confluent support zone earlier in the week, short-term price action in the U.S. Dollar has begun to move higher, with a near-term higher-high printing which indicates that bullish continuation may be near. On the hourly chart below, we drill-down to look at how price action traders might look for this move to continue.

Top Three FX Themes for Next Week's Heavy Economic Calendar

Chart prepared by James Stanley

Is Yen Weakness Around-the-Corner?

Another robust Q4 theme that’s seen retracement throughout January has been the massive run of weakness in the Japanese Yen. With the Bank of Japan meeting on Monday night/Tuesday morning, the possibility certainly exists for markets to get some usable information to price-in to those next trends in the Yen. And while little is being expected by way of new announcements, the Bank of Japan press conferences have a tendency to create volatility, and given the heavy calendar following next week’s BoJ meeting, there will be numerous opportunities for markets to work with any innuendo or indications that might be offered.

Last week we devoted a large chunk of a webinar to ‘The Return of Yen Trends,’ and since then we’ve seen some element of weak-Yen building in FX markets, particularly against the British Pound. On the chart below, we’re looking at USD/JPY along with what traders might be looking for in the effort of trading top-side continuation.

Top Three FX Themes for Next Week's Heavy Economic Calendar

Chart prepared by James Stanley

BoE Inflation Forecasts – Will This Drive Cable to Fresh Highs?

We’ve been discussing the saga of British inflation ever since the Brexit referendum. As Mark Carney had warned us, Brexit brought a ‘sharp repricing’ in the value of the British Pound. But after the referendum, and the Bank of England went uber-dovish in the effort of proactively off-setting risks from Brexit, and demand for the British Pound basically died. The ‘flash crash’ in October is indicative of as such, as there was just no buyers are current prices and the currency went into temporary free-fall. But as we noted just a week and a half later, rising forces of inflation could, potentially reverse that ‘pain chain’ that was seen in Sterling.

Just two weeks later, the Bank of England shifted their inflation expectations at November’s Super Thursday, and this brought strength back into the British Pound. Surprisingly, GBP was one of the few currencies in the world that was actually stronger than the Greenback during the month of November.

But December and early January saw Brexit worries develop again as the prospect of a ‘Hard Brexit’ was looking more-likely. But last week, Theresa May finally delivered her widely-awaited ‘Brexit speech’ and then a week later, the U.K. Supreme Court ruling that mandated parliamentary approval before triggering Article 50 collectively helped to re-drive Cable back up to fresh highs.

Next Thursday brings us the first Super Thursday since that meeting in November. What the Bank of England says about inflation expectations will probably be really important here. On the chart below, we’re looking at recent price action in the Cable along with what traders might want to watch for in order to trade a bullish continuation move-higher.

Top Three FX Themes for Next Week's Heavy Economic Calendar

Chart prepared by James Stanley

Equities: Can U.S. Stocks Continue to Drive-Higher?

It was widely reported this week that the Dow Jones Industrial Average crossed the psychological 20,000 level for the very first time in history. But perhaps more interesting is the fact that the Dow was below 18k just two and a half months ago; and the rate of incline really helps to illustrate just how much excitement and hope has enveloped capital markets after the election of Donald Trump.

But as we looked at yesterday, crossing above a psychological barrier isn’t necessarily a ‘bullish’ factor in and of itself, as now stock prices and equity markets will ‘seem’ more expensive to many regular investors (in the same way that a price of $1.99 feels much cheaper than $2.00, and this is why retailers commonly use such pricing strategies). When the Dow Jones crossed 10k back in 1999, a similar backdrop of hope was driving markets to exuberant valuations; but back then it was the hope of what the internet might bring to regular businesses while today’s hope is being driven by the potential policies from a Donald Trump-led government.

This hope has driven stock prices to aggressive valuations, again, very similar to what we saw in 1999. We had discussed this topic last month in the article, Are U.S. Stocks Expensive – Yes, and since then stock prices have only gotten more expensive according to the Shiller PE ratio. As of yesterday’s close, Shiller PE was reading at 28.46 and stock prices have only been this expensive at two other times in history: in 1929 and then in 1999, and neither of those scenarios worked out well with the Great Depression and the Tech Collapse following.

But stock prices being ‘expensive’ isn’t a bearish driver unto itself, is it? This is what we saw in 1999 when Shiller PE continued to bubble-higher, driven by hopes of the internet boom. Expensive valuations are very much like prices being above a psychological price point of 10k or 20k, as these don’t necessarily scream out that investors should sell as much as it indicates that they should be cautious if buying. For bearish drive to take-over, there usually needs to be a catalyst of some kind.

One possible catalyst and this is something that’s been an issue in the recent past is the prospect of normalization of Fed policy. Higher rates and tighter operating conditions make for a more unforgiving backdrop for corporates to operate in. Combine this with the fact that investors have more attractive opportunity costs to account for those higher rates, and this can, eventually, begin to bring pressure into stock prices. For investors – waiting for higher rates is usually a non-starter as markets will usually try to anticipate this type of action. This is what we saw in January of 2016 when markets cratered after the first Fed rate hike in over nine years. It likely wasn’t the rate hike that freaked everyone out as much as the Fed’s pledge to try to hike rates a full four times in 2016. That, of course, did not work out well so once they finally abated, stock prices were free to fly again.

But now that we have hope for fiscal policy to take over, the Fed might feel that they have a bit more operating room to try to more aggressively ‘normalize’ policy. The Fed has said they are expecting three rate hikes this year, and the big question is whether the pressure from three hikes might help to trigger a catalyst of some kind while U.S. equity markets are vulnerably expensive.

[Source:-Daily FX]

FX trading themes for next week — #SaxoStrats


Our FX trading themes piece on US jobs reports Fridays is always a difficult one, and this one was certainly a bit more so than usual due to all of the volatility in the USD last week and this week.
The ugly bout of nervousness in the Chinese yuan has spooked traders and reminded us all of last year’s rocky start on yuan-linked volatility. Still, it was a solid jobs report, mostly due to a strong surge in average hourly earnings to new highs for the cycle at 2.9% year-on-year that could mean the low for US interest rates in the near term is in, which would likely also mean that a low for the US dollar is in as well.
Still, we have only two USD-related trades on the themes this week – and the USDJPY trade is contingent on further USD strength before the idea is triggered while the EURUSD trade takes a longer term view through options.
Short EURUSD through options
The EURUSD has been a churning nightmare for traders over the last couple of weeks. The last week of 2016 was buffeted by likely position squaring and portfolio balancing and this week saw the steep Chinese revaluation as China moved to swat speculators, triggering an avalanche of USD buying.
We don’t think that this will lead to a stable bid under the US dollar and there are already signs late Friday that US yields may have put in a significant low if the reaction to the strong US jobs report sticks.
Still, we prefer to take it cautiously with the EURUSD bearish stance as the technical situation is still fraught with risks for bears and the market has a bad case of nerves that could lead to further short-term capitulation higher if the greenback can’t make a stand here.
Trading stance: Bears may prefer to take half of a EURUSD put position in the “limbo” zone between 1.0500 and 1.0600-plus – for example, a one-month put slightly out of the money for about 100 pips. For the other half of a position, EURUSD bears may wait for another squeeze above 1.0650/75 to place a similar or longer-dated put (for example, one of the other side of the March 15 Federal Open Market Committee meeting with a strike about 100 pips out of the money).
If higher prices are not realised for the second options position, traders may consider spot shorts of EURUSD on a significant break and close below 1.0500 for a try to new lows for the cycle ahead of the Jan 19 European Central Bank meeting.
EURUSDCreate your own charts with SaxoTraderGO click here to learn more

Source: Saxo Bank
Long USDJPY on further rebound
The critical coincident indicator for the USD, and especially USDJPY, has been the US bond market, and indications on Friday are that US yields may have finally put in a low after the US jobs report after a fairly steep consolidation that ironically came the day after the US Federal Reserve hiked rates in December.
Still, we’d like to see USDJPY continue to rally a bit more and show signs of stability early next year with further signs of rising US yields to prove the point that this week’s brief meltdown was merely a short-term positioning squeeze with the point of danger already passed for the bulls.
Next week could provide fresh opportunities for USDJPY bulls.
Trading stance: A close above 117.00 on Friday or maintenance of the price action north of 117.00 early next week is needed for bolstering confidence that the downside has been averted for now, with traders looking for fresh highs and a pull to the next psychological hurdle in the 120 area in the coming week or two.

Source: Saxo Bank
Short NZD versus CAD and AUD
This is a theme we have discussed in the recent past and one that has borne fruit as AUD and CAD fundamentals have improved while New Zealand this week saw an ugly dairy auction on Tuesday.
With very positive trade figures out of Australia (on a resurgence in Chinese imports of iron ore and coal due to domestic capacity constraint), the Aussie is looking firmer against the kiwi again and technically, we see signs of a descending wedge formation in AUDNZD suffering an upside break, which could lead to sharp further gains.
In NZDCAD, we’re noting a significant breakdown on strong US data (Canada’s economy heavily dependent on US), still strong oil prices, and a strong Canadian jobs report boosting CAD late Friday.
Trading stance: NZDCAD bears will stay short as long as the price action stays below about 0.9300, looking for progression toward 0.9100 or lower in the coming two weeks. AUDNZD longs have seen a promising break of the descending wedge and should stay long as long as the action is above 1.0350/75, with increased interest on a break of 1.0500 for progression toward 1.0700-plus in the coming weeks.

Source: Saxo Bank
NOK strength via EURNOK downside
The oil story remains a relatively strong one, as Opec has shown some discipline in maintaining its promised cuts (or at least the most important member, Saudi Arabia, has) and at least no notable oil correction has set in.
Also, on a longer term relative basis, NOK remains somewhat undervalued, given the ECB’s ongoing quantitative easing and given that short Norwegian rates have risen some 40-plus basis points from their lows last year.
Technically, we still have a major head-and-shoulders formation that broke its neckline back up at 9.15 and has yet to follow through down below 8.90/92. The downside looks like the side of least resistance, provided oil holds relatively firm and the euro picks up the negative attention it deserves with its money-printing central bank in what appears a reflationary world.
Trading stance: Bears may look to fade rallies in EURNOK into the 9.05-plus area as the current levels around 9.00 don’t look particularly compelling for trade entries, with stops somewhere above 9.10.
Those looking to avoid volatility and maintain a downside position for a longer duration might consider put options or put options spreads. Examples: 8.95 puts for expiry in a month (at spot of 8.995 on Friday, these cost about 0.0500 or 500 NOK pips, so breakeven is 8.90 at expiry) to hold for the other side of the ECB meeting on January 19 or more strategic traders might consider for holding to the other side of the March 16 Norges Bank meeting, so a March 17 expiry costs about 900 pips for an 8.95 strike (likewise with 8.9950 spot reference).
[Source:-Saxo Group]

We Explore Seven Creative Photoshoot Themes Perfect for Your Next Editorial

Most photographers grow nervous at the idea of copying someone else’s work. True artistry is about originality and innovation, right? What if we told you that the best way to strengthen your photography career is through imitation. Coming up with photoshoot themes is one of the most difficult components of fashion photography. At first, the thought of coming up with cool photoshoot ideas is exciting. However, for many this enthusiasm quickly turns into anxiety and eventually creative fatigue. So, where do you turn when you’re completely blank and have no inspiration for your next photoshoot themes? The answer is quite simple and it may surprise you. The absolute easiest way to come up with photoshoot themes is by looking at the work of other photographers. In today’s rich media age there is no shortage of photography research tools. Inspiration can be found on traditional mediums like magazines as well as popular social platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. The amount of inspiration can actually be quite overwhelming. Luckily, we have good news. We’ve compiled a list of seven of our favorite photoshoot themes of all time.Photoshoot Themes - The Dapifer

Find inspiration in History’s great artists. No need to be an art buff. Do a simple search of famous painting online. Find a few images that you love and start creating your next photoshoot themes. The Mona Lisa and Girl with the Pearl Earring featured above are great starting points for your art inspired photoshoot themes.

Be Inspired by an Icon
Photoshoot Themes - The Dapifer
Celebrities are responsible for some of the most iconic photographs of all time. Explore the famous photographs of celebrities throughout history and find images that align with your aesthetic. Examples of celebrities known for their iconic images include: Marilyn Monroe, Diana Ross, Audrey Hepburn, Josephine Baker, and Grace Jones.

Explore A Distant Culture
Photoshoot Themes - The Dapifer
The great thing about photography as that it allows us to take viewers on a visual journey. Incorporate components of a beautiful culture utilizing bold colors and authentic details. The more you research, the more ideas you can incorporate.

Go Underwater
Photoshoot Themes - The Dapifer
Underwater photoshoots make quite the statement. Take your next photo shoot underwater. Logistically these photoshoot themes require a bit more planning and specialized equipment. However, the ethereal imagery will be well worth the hard work. Can’t full submerge? You can achieve a similar effect by photographing your model in a pool of water while you stand on dry ground.

Rewrite A Classic Fairytale
Photoshoot Themes - The Dapifer
Fairytales provide the perfect structure for creating interesting fashion photos. Put a spin on your favorite fairytale and bring the characters to life like never before. Take notes from classics like Snow white and Cinderella.

Go Nude
Photoshoot Themes - The Dapifer
Today, creating great images is all about shock factor and nothing grabs our attention quite like risque photo. Focus on capturing high quality images and remember it’s art. You can look at classic images from industry icons like Herb Ritts for inspiration.

Use Flowers
Photoshoot Themes - The Dapifer
Flowers add a magical bit of life to any photo. Experiment with adding floral details in your images. You can use fresh cut flowers or take a trip to a beautiful garden. Let the colors and shapes guide you as you create your next masterpiece.

There are an infinite amount of photoshoot themes that you can use for your next project. Whether you have an idea in mind or you’re starting completely from scratch, the list above can help start the brainstorming process. Whatever photoshoot themes you choose remember to always make it your own. As you continue to build your portfolio you’ll find that others will even be inspired by you.


how to Get 1,000 site visitors on your next weblog publish the use of an Influencer institution submit

How to Get 1,000 Visitors to Your Next Blog Post Using an Influencer Group Post

developing precious content on your website via a weblog put up that demonstrates your information will assist you to construct your emblem, drive visitors and create leads. however entrepreneurs frequently battle to get sufficient traffic to validate the time they spend growing and selling their content. but, if you write the proper form of content and promote it the right way, you are guaranteed to get lots more traffic.

In this text, we outline what you need to do to create your Influencer institution publish. observe the stairs under to get the site visitors.

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1. discover a listing of influencers in your enterprise.
You need to identify the people in your enterprise who have access to the target market you want to get get right of entry to to. They ought to be influential online, have a large following, a high-authority website and a pretty engaged network.

Create a listing of these humans and seize their e-mail addresses, if possible.

2. Get commenced on content.
think about something your modern-day and capability audience would like to recognise the solution to. attain out to invite the influencers to answer that query in your blog post. The high-quality form of outreach is e mail.

however, you want to be very aware that influential human beings get a lot of emails. You want to send a customised and considerate email asking the influencer to offer you with a solution to the query for your publish. make certain you mention that you understand them as a key influencer, you respect that they don’t have a lot time and factor out the delivered price by way of having them within the submit.

Your purpose is to get as a minimum 30 key influencers to your put up.

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three. Create the content.
Create the submit, and include each of the pointers from the influencers for your put up. make certain to profile them with a pleasant image and a link again to their website. Create a photograph that consists of all the influencers in one photo, much like the following. You’ll see why in a minute!

Podcast gear post

four. attain out to the influencers.
send an electronic mail to the influencers telling them about the put up. Don’t ask them to percentage it, because they recognise you need them to try this. Thank them for their contribution and, if the post is already proving to be popular together with your target audience, make sure you point out this.

five. start your social-media promotion.
Create tweets spread out over a month, with a tweet an afternoon that highlights one tip from one influencer. Create a fb and Google+ put up and consist of the group photo inside the post. humans will begin tagging human beings they recognize inside the publish. share across different channels. enhance the submit with a few paid promoting.

you have created a high-quality piece of content, so it’s time for competitive promotion.

running a blog could be very tactical. You create content material for a specific motive, in a selected layout and sell it in a specific way. when you recognize the formula for running a blog achievement, it’s just a remember of putting in the paintings. the tactic above normally produces remarkable consequences.

What Could Happen if You Launch a Podcast in the Next 30 Days?

imagine your future in podcasting

Let’s start with a question you know the answer to:

What do you need to build a successful online business today?

Well, you start with a growing, loyal audience who views you as an authority. Content Marketing 101.

Now another question you probably can answer:

How do you stand out from the crowd, cut through the noise, and build anauthentic connection with an audience when there is already so much content out there and more coming every day?

Isn’t it too … late?

No, it’s not too late.

But the reality of the content abundance all around us does mean that wecannot blend in and expect to stand out.

We must attract attention, be useful, and build trust.

In other words, we need to be remarkable.

And there is no better way to create an authentic connection with an audience than through a remarkable podcast.

Now I’ve got a question I bet you don’t know the answer to … yet.

If you launched a podcast today about your favorite topic in the entire world, where could you be five years from now?

Think about it for a minute. Let your mind wander.

While you’re thinking, I’ll quickly share my story.

Five years ago, I did launch a podcast about my favorite topic in the entire world: Indiana Hoosiers basketball.

I didn’t really know what I was doing — I was nervous and a little afraid — but I launched it anyway. And somehow I convinced a couple of guys I’d never met to co-host with me.

Five years later, The Assembly Call gets hundreds of live viewers, thousands more on the podcast, and is simulcast live on terrestrial radio.

Yeah, I host a radio show now. Who’da thunk? (That was fun to type.)

We also have an official internship program with the IU Sports Media school, and we are entirely listener supported.

Imagine if I hadn’t made that choice to launch the show five years ago, well before I was ready.

Actually, I’d rather not. I’m quite fond of what has transpired since.

So … did you come up with an answer?

Where could you be in five years if you launched your podcast in the next 30 days?

You know, come to think of it, five years is a long time to wait.

Let me rephrase that question.

If you launched a podcast today, about a topic strategically chosen to help you build an audience that could build a business, where could you be 18 months from now?

Think about it for a minute. Let your mind wander.

While you’re thinking, I’ll quickly share my friend Jonny Nastor’s story.

Eighteen months ago, he did launch a podcast about a topic strategically chosen to help him build an audience that would build his business: the entrepreneurial mindset.

He didn’t really know what he was doing — he was nervous and a little afraid — but he launched it anyway. And somehow he convinced a sponsor to support him before he’d even published an episode.

Eighteen months later, Hack the Entrepreneur is one of the top business podcasts in the world, gets tens of thousands of downloads every episode, and Jonny was able to repurpose material from the podcast into a book that became an Amazon bestseller.

Yeah, he went from unknown podcaster to bestselling author in 18 months. (I bet that was fun for him to read.)

Jonny also recently launched a paid membership community and has now interviewed more of his business heroes than he can probably count.

Imagine if he hadn’t made that choice to launch the show 18 months ago, well before he was ready.

Actually, I bet he’d rather not, as I know he’s quite fond of what has transpired since.

So … did you come up with an answer?

Where could you be in 18 months if you launched your podcast in the next 30 days?

You know, 18 months is a lot less than five years, but it’s still a while to wait.

Let me rephrase that question.

If you launched a podcast today, about a topic you are passionate about and that was chosen strategically to build an audience that could build an online training business, where could you be six weeks from now?

Think about it for a minute. Let your mind wander.

While you’re thinking, I’ll quickly share my story of working with Jonny.

On April 1, 2015, we launched a podcast about a topic that we are passionate about, and that was chosen strategically to build an audience that could build an online training business: podcasting.

At this point, after our individual podcasting successes on our own, we had a much better idea of what we were doing, but neither of us had ever built a course before. So, we were still nervous and a little afraid. But we launched anyway.

Less than six weeks later, on May 8, 2015, The Showrunner was one of the most popular Management & Marketing podcasts in the world, and our course, The Showrunner Podcasting Course, had grossed more than $75,000.

Yes, we had gone from nervous, sweaty-palmed novices to respected podcast instructors. (It wasn’t easy, but it was incredibly rewarding.)

And both the podcast and course kept growing. The Showrunner Podcasting Course would gross nearly $175,000 by August 20, when we closed new registrations for 2015.

Imagine if we hadn’t made that choice to launch the podcast on April 1 and launch the course just a few weeks later.

Actually, we’d rather not. We’re both quite fond of what has transpired since.

So … did you come up with an answer?

Where could you be in six weeks if you launched your podcast in the next 30 days?

That’s not a long time to wait.

What will your story be?

Those are just three podcasting stories. My story, Jonny’s story, and our story together.

But the subtle secret about this post is that it’s not about us — it’s aboutyou.

I told you those stories because I want you to understand the podcasting paths that Jonny and I have walked, while also realizing that there isn’t much separating you from me or you from Jonny.

And if launching a podcast can have that big of an impact on our lives, creating relationships and business opportunities we never thought we’d have, then it can do the same for you.

  • Yes, you’ll probably have to be willing to overcome some nerves.
  • Yes, you’ll likely have to face a few fears.
  • Yes, you’ll have to learn as you go.
  • And yes, you’ll surely make a few mistakes along the way.

But so did we.

The difference is that we did it mostly on our own, especially in the beginning, so it took longer for us to succeed than necessary.

We don’t want you to go through that.

  • We’ve developed processes and templates to help you be more efficient.
  • We’ve recorded lessons and interviews with experts to teach you the skills and knowledge you need to succeed.
  • We’ve uncovered tips and tricks to help you be more confident and natural behind the mic.
  • We’ve committed to hosting regular online get-togethers where we can answer your questions and provide specific, tailored feedback toyou about your show.
  • And we’ve gathered an incredible group of Showrunners into one community to offer feedback, answer questions, and provide support when you need it most.

Which you will. :-) And it’s okay.

Podcasting is fairly simple, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Nor will we sugarcoat it and tell you it is.

But you know that. Nothing truly rewarding is easy. Anything worth having requires plenty of blood, sweat, and tears. And maybe even a little delayed gratification.

That’s what it will take to build the podcast audience that can build your business.

But boy is it worth it.

And you’re less than 30 days from getting started, if you choose to be.

Take the first step right now — but don’t take it alone. Join us in The Showrunner Podcasting Course.

Jonny and I relaunched it this week, and we’d love to have you join us.


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