Create A Scrollable Widget Full Of App Icons Using ‘Foldery’

There are a ton of apps for Android that allow you to improve your productivity. As this is Android we’re talking about, you have far more freedom than you’d have on iOS, for example. There are apps that can boost your messaging experience, multitasking, and even change the look and feel of your entire home screen while adding some extra features into the mix. Well, we’re here to talk about an app called Foldery Multicon Folder Widget’ or ‘Foldery’ in short, which is basically a widget that will help you organize your home screen in a unique way, read on.

Many of you probably have quite a few icons on your home screen, and some of you are probably reluctant to use too many home screen pages. Well, with Foldery, you can create scrollable widgets and place app icons inside of them. You can essentially create a 1-by-1 widget on your home screen and place a number of icons inside of it. You can go through them by swiping either vertically or horizontally, that’s totally up to you. If your launcher allows you to, you can resize this widget and truly take control of what will it look like. The app also allows you to manipulate the size of the icons you include, you can make them huge, or simply use the standard size, it’s totally up to you. You can also increase the number of columns you’d like to use in a widget, change the background of the widget, and Foldery also supports icon packs, which means you can use whichever icon pack you want, as long as it is installed on your smartphone.Foldery worked great during our testing, and the app is very well designed, it’s not exactly in line with the latest Material Design guidelines, but it looks nice and it’s fairly easy to navigate. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that you can create only 1 Foldery widget in the free version of this application, if you’d like to add more of them, you’ll need to make an in-app purchase. Interesting enough, you have 5 levels of contributions to choose from, ranging from ‘Patronage’ to ‘Coconut Cocktail’, which essentially means you can choose how much you’d like to pay for the app, though do keep in mind that you won’t be able to pay less than $1. All of these aforementioned options will give you access to ‘Foldery Premium’, and this is a one-time payment.



2017 NFL Draft Full Of Talented Edge Rushers; Perfect For The Cowboys

Last year around this time, Dallas Cowboys fans were turning their attention to the draft. The Cowboys were 4-8 at this point in the 2015 schedule, and were about to drop four consecutive games to close out an abysmal season. The draft couldn’t arrive fast enough. This year, at 11-1 and already in the playoffs, the draft seems like a distant point in the future, with little relation to the here and now. We got a playoff run to worry about first.

Still, on a Saturday afternoon with limited college football to watch, let’s contemplate the draft of those college players. Not specifically individual players, there will be plenty of time to talk about everyone’s favorite pet cat for the draft later (meaning in the comments). Instead, let’s talk about needs. If you asked any fan what the Cowboys need in the next draft, just about all of them would say Dallas needs a pass rusher, or two, or three. The Cowboys need help on defense, but they really need help getting after opposing quarterbacks.

Unlike last year, when the Cowboys were sitting with the fourth-overall pick in the draft, this year you can expect them to draft later in the first round. If everything goes as planned it will be very late in the first round, maybe even last! The downside of winning is the fact that the players you covet, specifically talented edge rushers, can be pretty much picked over. You can be reaching for players that you hope will make good. Well, it turns out the Cowboys are a little bit lucky in this regard.

The 2017 draft just happens to be stocked with talented edge rushers according to the draftniks.

Example 1:

1. Is this draft better on offense or defense?

[Mel] Kiper: This is a defensive draft. It’s incredibly strong there — 15 of my top 25 prospects are defenders, including eight of the top 10. And it’s deep too, with pass-rushers and defensive backs galore. On offense, this draft is lacking in premier talent at positions that are usually picked in the top five: offensive tackles and quarterbacks. There just isn’t much there.

12. If my team needs a ______, we’re in luck in this draft.

[Mel] Kiper: Pass-rusher. The class is littered with talented rushers — for both a 3-4 and 4-3 scheme. The next-deepest positions: tight end and center.

Example 2:

The 2017 NFL draft should be loaded with talented edge defenders who can wreak havoc on opposing quarterbacks.

Example 3:

…trust me in the 2017 NFL Draft there will be pass rushers SIGNIFICANTLY higher rated still on the board at the same point in the draft. How can I be this confident?

As I began to dig into the tape and study of these outside edge rushers, I was floored. These guys aren’t ‘try hard’ guys that have ‘excellent motors’ or are ‘powerful guys with very little athletic upside.’ No, these guys in the 2017 NFL Draft are guys that are fast-twitch, athletic freaks, guys that can play either on the right side, left side, or as OLBs in a 3-4 system. I’ve already seen 10-12 edge rushers that have borderline 1st round grades, and I’m absolutely convinced they can be 10+ sack a year guys. Many of them will drop into the 2nd round and possibly even 3rd round.

Example 4:

A premium has been placed on edge rushers for decades, but rarely have they been as coveted as they are now, and this draft class has a stockpile of standouts.

Example 5:

What seems clear already is that this is going to be a good year if your team needs defensive help. There are a handful of potential top-10 edge rushers, with a solid group behind them.

Music to our ears. Everybody thinks the 2017 draft is filled with pass rushers, and for a team desperate for help in that area, and likely to be picking later in the top few rounds, that means everything.

Now, feel free to discuss guys you’d want Dallas to go after.

[Source:-Blogging the boys]

7 Tips to Help You on Your Way to Blogging Full Time

pexels-photo (2)

Recently a listener asked me about my journey into full time blogging, and I wanted to expand on my answers in a podcast episode, as it’s a question that gets raised a lot. Charlotte asked:

“When did you make the transition from blogging being just a hobby to blogging as a profitable business?  What was the turning point for you and/or what were the major changes you made to get where you are now?”

I thought I’d share the things that happened when I went full time. Though initially I started blogging as a hobby, I quickly found myself spending more and more time experimenting, creating content, interacting with readers, and learning about this new media.

It soon became apparent that I was going to have to earn some money to fund my new “habit”, and when I had been blogging for about a year I started dabbling with AdSense and Amazon ads.

After another year of making part-time cash, things started to escalate and it was time to make the leap into full time blogging.

7 Ways I Knew I Was Ready to Go Full Time

There is never really a right time to go full time, it’s always somewhat of a leap of faith, but in this episode I talk about the things that helped convince me it was now or never:

  • At what point I believed my traffic was enough
  • A mindset shift I had around readers and their needs, which helped me write the right content
  • Treating my blog like a business and being proactive about making money
  • Income streams and which ones worked best
  • Working with other bloggers and how that helped grow my traffic
  • Creating and selling products
  • My thoughts around long-term strategy rather than short-term gain

So while going full time wasn’t an easy task, there certainly were things that made it smoother. Everybody’s tipping point will be different, as will their motivation. But these are the things that worked for me and I hope they help you along your own full time blogging journey.

[source :-problogger]