Five Potential Cap Casualties For The Dallas Cowboys In 2017

Our sister site Pride of Detroit, the SB Nation community for fans of the Detroit Lions, had an interesting piece earlier this week on Detroit’s potential cap casualties.

As teams around the league get ready for free agency, many have started cutting players to create some additional cap space. The New York Giants for example released Victor Cruz and Rashad Jennings on Monday, freeing up $10 million in cap space. The Dolphins on Thursday released defensive linemen Mario Williams and Earl Mitchell to free up $12.5 million in cap space, and offensive tackle Branden Albert will likely follow either via cut or trade, clearing an additional $7.2 million in cap space.

For the Cowboys, Tony Romo is the most obvious candidate to be cut or traded, but he’s not the only one.

1. Tony Romo

Cap Saved: $5.1 million/Cash Saved: $14 million

The Cowboys can clear $5.1 million of cap space by trading or releasing Romo now, and could clear even more space by making Romo a June 1 cut, which would free up $14.0 million in cap space. However, as a June 1 cut, Romo would remain on the Cowboys’ books in 2018 with $8.9 worth of dead money counting against the cap.

Romo will not play for Dallas in 2017, and his impact on the 2017 salary cap will depend on whether the Cowboys find a trade partner for Romo or release him outright

2. Alfred Morris

Cap Saved: $1.6 million/Cash Saved: $1.6 million

Morris arrived in Dallas as a two-time Pro Bowler and a three-time 1,000+ yard rusher and was expected to share carries with Darren McFadden. That all changed when the Cowboys drafted Ezekiel Elliott and McFadden was injured, but in the end, he totaled just 69 carries for a career-low 3.5 yards per attempt, and was inactive when McFadden was back in the lineup over the final two regular season games and in the playoffs .

The Cowboys will restructure some big contracts to get under the cap by March 9, and may not need the $1.6 million cap savings from Morris, but they are likely to move on from him at some point, as they can get that type of production for a lot less.

3. Cedric Thornton

Cap Saved: $0.5 million/Cash Saved: $0 million

Cedric Thornton signed a 4-year, $17.0 million contract last year, including $9.0 million guaranteed, which means his entire $3.0 million base salary this year is fully guaranteed. The Cowboys can’t save any real money by cutting him, and the $0.5 million in cap savings isn’t going to make any difference in the grand scheme of things.

Thornton didn’t start a single game last year, and only played 262 defensive snaps, but he was fairly productive in the process, recording 18 tackles, 3 TFLs, 1.5 sacks, and 9 QB pressures, along with one forced fumble and a fumble recovery.

The Cowboys will almost certainly stick with Thornton for now, but if they find an upgrade in free agency or the draft, that could change. If the Cowboys make him a June 1 cut, they could create $3 million in cap space for 2017 (though they’d be left with $3 million of dead money in 2018).

4. Joe Looney

Cap Saved: $0.8 million/Cash Saved: $0.8 million

On paper this looks like a substantial potential saving for a backup interior lineman who played just 156 snaps on offense, but those are “fake” savings as the Cowboys would have to find a replacement for Looney, and it’s not clear that that replacement would be any cheaper.

5. James Hanna

Cap Saved: $1.5 million/Cash Saved: $2.3 million

Hanna may come as a bit of a surprise on this list, and it’s unlikely that he would be a cap casualty. But there is a chance Hanna could get released with an injury settlement.

Hanna had developed into a solid No. 2 tight end behind Jason Witten, and the Cowboys signed him to a 3-year, $8.25 million contract extension in March 2016. But then Hanna entered training camp complaining about knee soreness and was subsequently placed on the PUP list with what was initially described as a “bone bruise.”

For Cowboys fans, “bone bruise” set off all kinds of alarms because that was the same description the Cowboys used to describe an injury that effectively ended the career of Anthony Spencer. In Spencer’s case the term was used as a euphemism for potential microfracture injuries, and those almost never resolve well.

In mid-August, Hanna and the Cowboys opted for knee surgery to address his knee issue, but that apparently didn’t result in a significant improvement, so Hanna underwent a second knee surgery in November.

The Cowboys are not going to cut Hanna now as they are going to wait and see how his recovery progresses. But if he is unable to play by training camp, the Cowboys could cut him, thereby creating $2.3 million cap space in 2017.

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Five Themes And Matching Songs To Expect From Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl Performance

Lady Gaga will perform the halftime show at Sunday’s Super Bowl game and is expected to put on an eye-popping spectacle. Here are a few things to look for and some song choices.

1. A Statement About Equality: For an artist who has always been about inclusion, this is no big surprise that she is stressing that will be the theme of her performance. But given that everything in the current climate tends to take on some political weight, expect her actions to be interpreted as a political statement— either for gay or immigrant rights or both. Potential song choice: “Born This Way”

2. Guest Stars: There’s been speculation that her buddy Tony Bennett would join her, but that seems unlikely beyond his already announced role in her introduction. If the Super Bowl were in San Francisco or New York, it would make sense, but Bennett isn’t famous for singing about Houston.  You know who is from Houston? Beyonce. Any while Beyonce has been busy breaking the internet with her announcement that she and Jay Z are expecting twins, Lady Gaga’s recent Instagram post featuring an emoji of a bee has folks going crazy that Queen Bey will join her. Potential  song choice: “Telephone.” .

3. High-flying Entrance: The half-time show is an exercise in military precision-like execution and not always prone to special effects beyond lots of fireworks and lights given that the first rule is to do no harm to the field. However, Lady Gaga has hinted that she will perform while hanging from the roof of NRG Stadium at some point. She credited her sister with coming up with the idea during  a Boston radio show interview. Potential song choices: “Edge of Glory” or “Perfect Illusion”

4: An Athletic Performance: She has around 13 minutes to stake her claim in Super Bowl history and despite getting sidelined with a hip injury a few years ago, Lady Gaga has stressed that hers will be a very high-energy performance. During a press conference, she noted that she and her dancers have been working on the set for two months and spies apparently saw the dancers working out their routine to some material. Potential song choice: “Bad Romance”

5. No Left Shark: While there will likely be plenty of water cooler moments to dissect, Lady Gaga’s style isn’t cutesy.Instead expect flashiness, lots of dancing, some feel-good moments possibly  involving kids,  tremendous vocals, and some wow moments that are shocking, but not deliberately provocative. Lady Gaga seems to know that she has a real opportunity to provide a moment of unity when we really need one. And yes, it’s just a Super Bowl performance, but more than a billion eyes will be on her and on the USA. Potential song choice: “Poker Face.”

Bonus: Beyond the performance, it’s now become commonplace for artists to use their Super Bowl platform to announce a new career move, such as a tour, and there have been rumors that Lady Gaga will use the opportunity to announce a world tour behind her latest album, Joanne. Keep your eyes peeled for that.


Sony launching five new Xperia retro themes featuring PlayStation’s iconic design

Sony launching five new Xperia retro themes featuring PlayStation's iconic designEvery once in a while Sony Mobile releases the so-called Xperia Themes for those who rock Xperia smartphones. Most of the time they are launched as premium themes, so even if you have a compatible Xperia smartphone, you still have to pay to installed them on your device.

The same goes for the new retro Xperia themes that Sony Mobile announced it will release soon. In fact, the first one is already available for download via Google Play store and it’s dedicated to the PlayStation 1.

The PlayStation 1-inspired theme is available for purchase for $1.99, but you can get it for free if you’re an Xperia Lounge Gold member. It appears that Xperia Lounge Gold owners will be able to download all five PlayStation Xperia retro themes for free via the Xperia Lounge application.

According to Sony, this specific theme features new textures, tones, icons and more for users to enjoy throughout. The theme is supposed to remember those who are now fans of the newly launched PS4 Pro and PlayStation VR, where the journey really began.

What better way to show that you’re a true fan than installing the PlayStation 1 inspired theme on your Xperia smartphone. The theme was tested on Xperia Z5, Xperia Z5 Compact, Xperia Z4 Tablet, Xperia Z3, and a few other Xperia phones that haven’t been mentioned.

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five reasons to maintain doing mobile seo despite the fact that ads are anywhere


“look,” says your boss, directing your attention to the Google seek consequences on her iPhone. She just searched on “existence insurance fees,” and the organic listings are nowhere to be visible. She absolutely has to scroll down past the 1/3 advert before she receives to the primary natural list.

“Why might we keep to pay any attention to natural search on mobile whilst Google is handiest showing commercials?” she says. “I simply examine a report from a distinguished company that said natural seek visits have been down seven percentage 12 months over year in Q1, as increased monetization of cell outcomes is pushing more traffic to paid listings, and that cell site visitors proportion has been flat for organic seek within the beyond yr, however it’s far up 10 factors for paid search. let’s simply shift the budget into paid and be finished with it.”

if you’re interested by growing your site visitors universal, you should withstand that proposal.

while it’s real that organic seek visits are down average, in keeping with recent reviews, there are numerous motives you should preserve doing mobile seo in 2016. right here are 5 of them.

1. the first natural listing in mobile still gets seventy three% extra clicks than the first and second backed listings blended.
the primary 3 points I’m going to mention come from studies done last month with the aid of Mediative, a Montreal-based digital advertising and marketing organization and originator of the Golden Triangle examine. Their white paper referred to as “How do customers conduct searches on Google using a mobile device?” is simply well worth downloading (registration required) in case you’re inquisitive about stable studies on cellular search conduct.

The seo enterprise is really worth $sixty five billion; will it ever forestall developing?


seeing that its early days, search engine optimization (search engine optimization) has always had naysayers insisting that this advertising area is a passing fad, or that it’s dead.

not only has search engine optimization survived this long, it’s thriving: in line with a latest examine by means of Borrell friends, companies are going to spend $sixty five billion on search engine optimization in 2016. that is more than triple what they predicted for this 12 months again in 2008, before principal game-changers like Panda and Penguin even entered the equation.

What’s more, the business enterprise is predicting that the search engine optimization enterprise will keep growing to an envisioned $72 billion with the aid of 2018 and $seventy nine billion by 2020.

even though estimates can be fallible, this does recommend that search engine optimization has grown even more than previously predicted, with a trajectory to keep that growth well into the future. In reality, every other latest survey of 357 marketers determined that greater than 90 percentage plan to boom their search engine optimization budgets or hold them the equal over the subsequent 12 months. Assuming these projections are at the least kind of accurate, is there whatever with the intention to forestall seo from growing?

factors for perpetual search engine optimization growth
allow’s take a look at a number of the motives seo would possibly keep growing indefinitely:

greater person searches. It’s in all likelihood that the range of searches in step with user will develop well into the destiny. Older generations, averse to era, will make manner for more youthful generations, who rely upon era for the whole lot. Plus, technology becomes quicker and extra convenient, allowing even extra seek traffic for every person in stream.
greater users. The sheer number of search users may also feasibly increase, compounding the consequences of the in step with-person search increase. This is largely due to the net turning into more low-priced and greater to be had to distinct demographics. in the future quickly, thanks to efforts with the aid of Google, fb and other companies, we may additionally enjoy prevalent availability of the internet. And technology which include self-using motors will give customers more time to perform searches at times once they previously couldn’t. these adjustments will make it viable for nearly each person to search for some thing at any time.
greater retailers for search visibility. There can also be extra retailers for search visibility, beyond the conventional engines like google we’ve come to recognize (e.g., Google and Bing). opportunity search engines like google and yahoo will genuinely rise, however there are two principal areas in which I anticipate radical increase: first, using digital assistants, which bridge the distance between online and offline seek; and 2d, search engines like google and yahoo precise to character platforms, like app shop-based totally engines, or YouTube search.
reducing energy of traditional advertisements. traditional advertising and marketing methods were demise for a long term, and that they’ll preserve dwindling in power till they ultimately fade away. after they ultimately do chew the dirt, a number of businesses depending on conventional ads as a means of client acquisition will don’t have any preference but to look to inbound advertising campaigns in the online international to complement their acquisition strategies.
growing seo sophistication. We’re getting better at growing and managing more extreme search engine optimization campaigns. As a easy instance, what was a be counted of keyword stuffing and reasonably-priced link constructing has now emerge as an difficult method of content material improvement and publication. moreover, we’ve access to more records than we’ve ever had earlier than, and our capability will only develop from here.
factors in opposition to limitless boom
And now, a number of the motives why search engine optimization may additionally face an eventual halt or decline:

opposition and prohibitive prices. search engine optimization spend growing approach that more organizations are becoming involved in seo. meaning more competition to address. For some time, this will be pleasant, however ultimately the fee of entry turns into prohibitive, and there may be a “tipping point” wherein the rise in spending tapers off.
The information Graph and visibility decline. thanks to the information Graph (and similar future technological trends), customers are being given extra on the spot sorts of answers, lowering their reliance on character website online visitations to discover what they’re seeking out. this can finally begin compromising the ROI of seo, pushing people out of the sport.
opportunity seek modes. search is starting to evolve in some weird forms, consisting of personal virtual assistants, which marry on-line and tool-particular seek. these alternative modes of seek are more difficult to are expecting and tougher to “rank” for, when you consider that oftentimes they forgo a “ranking” system entirely.
RankBrain and lowering rank predictability. system learning is already large, and it’s simplest getting bigger. technologies like RankBrain are beginning to upgrade seek systems in real time, with strategies best AI applications can include. That’s going to make it harder and more difficult to correctly investigate ranking factors and reply for that reason.
The problem with definitions
It’s also vital to recognize what may also without a doubt qualify as “search engine optimization” in the strict experience. today, this term largely refers to optimizing a website to be featured better in organic search ratings, however already it’s starting to apply to other regions, from nearby effects to knowledge Graph entries, or even digital assistant-based outcomes.

As new varieties of seek generation evolve, it’s likely that seo will adapt with the instances, instead of demise outright. If that’s the case, spending on what we see as “seo” nowadays may also disappear, however spending on what we label “search engine optimization” inside the future may also continue to perpetually rise.

the bottom line
It’s difficult to appearance quite a number years into the future with so many variables and capability technological tendencies in play. but, it’s probably that search engine optimization will continue to grow in recognition, in one form or another, for the foreseeable destiny.

With that statistics, you should at least sense secure making an investment similarly into your present approach. For search optimizers, that also manner a superb outlook in your task safety — so long as you’re willing to adapt.

five super qualities of powerful on-line content material

content marketing's five essential elements

after I put together for a presentation on virtual business and content material advertising, I suppose loads approximately what I need the target market to eliminate.

Of path, there’s constantly the first Rule of Copyblogger, which I hold forth to all and sundry who will concentrate. however telling humans “don’t put up content that sucks” has a tendency to need a touch extra clarification if it’s going to be useful.

What could deliver content advertising and marketing rookies the proper basis? and the way can i assist content advertising and marketing veterans who aren’t locating the success they want? Is there a framework they could use that could start them off on the right foot?

What makes a few content material marketing prevail, while other efforts fail?

like all framework, this one can be said clearly. absolutely executing it’s far going to be greater complex. however in case you use it, you’ll avoid the pitfalls that bring down most content advertising.

The framework: schooling + character = powerful content material

1. effective content material educates

over the years, you’ve heard us say: Don’t sell, teach.

content that sells (whether or not you’re in the top class content commercial enterprise or you use content to promote every other services or products) is content material that makes itself useful.

effective content material teaches your target audience something they need to recognise extra about.

It is probably fitness recommendations, parenting capabilities, or career advice. however it answers pressing questions and makes your readers’ lives better in some key way.

2. powerful content material has personality

purpose to create a content material-pushed internet site that has personality, that’s reader-friendly, and that’s written to each educate and entertain.

Bringing a consistent voice and persona on your content is a lot of labor — but it’s also notably worthwhile, both personally and professionally.

three. powerful content has a top notch headline

We’ve stated it before, and we’ll maintain pronouncing it till we flip the lighting fixtures off for excellent:

if you’re going to put in the paintings to create sturdy content material that educates in a reader-pleasant way, please don’t bury it with a awful headline.

amazing headlines make it clean for readers to proportion your content material. They attract greater hyperlinks, social media sharing, readers, and customers.

take some time to discover ways to write better headlines. It certainly does repay.

4. powerful content material maintains seo in mind

creating content that’s each academic and reader-friendly has seo benefits. It’s exactly the content search engines like google desires to serve.

simply do not forget, powerful content works for human readers first and serps second. If balancing the ones two nevertheless seems mysterious to you, take a look at our unfastened search engine optimization Copywriting ebook.

5. powerful content puts the reader first

all of the “guidelines” of terrific content advertising and marketing come from one rule: put your target audience first.

It’s not about how tons money you want to make with this release, where you want to rank in search engines like google, or what your cat had for breakfast this morning.

It’s approximately your target audience — the readers, possibilities, and customers — no longer you.

That doesn’t suggest that you may’t have desires to your commercial enterprise and your content material. however while you create content that both blessings your readers and makes them experience properly, you’ll locate that your advertising goals emerge as lots extra plausible.

Cutthroat digital advertising and marketing: five guidelines that will help you overwhelm the competition


the day gone by, commenced like every other Sunday. We went to brunch at our favorite spot and sat down to enjoy the breakfast arepas that I dream approximately all week.

Then, out of nowhere, I identified a person sitting at the give up of the bar. It was Cutthroat Kitchen’s Alton Brown. It took the whole lot I had now not to fangirl on him and walk up gushing approximately how life converting his display has been.

instead of interrupting his meal, we decided to “play it cool” and offer to order a spherical of drinks for the food community big name and his visitors. as soon as he located out that we had provided this gesture, he came up, introduced himself and requested if he ought to take a photo with us. Does it absolutely get any better than that?

If we’d taken a unique approach, he probably might were pleasant and we might are becoming something out of it, but we wouldn’t have offered any value to him. similarly, these days’s virtual advertising market is flush with marketers all seeking to attain the equal clients however now not knowledge the actual guidelines of engagement.

within the global of cutthroat advertising and marketing, there can best be one winner. Will it’s you? To growth your odds, observe those 5 policies.

Rule #1 – Be understanding
Key to a a success digital advertising program geared at your clients is knowing what it is that they really need. In these days’s marketplace, simply understanding which key phrases to include for your internet site in order for search engines like google and yahoo to index your content nicely will not suffice.

there are numerous a mess of approaches to discover what your customers want together with:

Asking cutting-edge clients without delay.
carrying out surveys and research reviews.
Digging into Google Analytics to discover your maximum popular content material.
Doing studies to see the pinnacle questions being asked through search engines associated with what you do.
Rule #2 – Be honest
Why is it that over 92% of clients believe individuals over brands? due to the fact, whether or not it’s continually the case or not, consumers believe that a brand will have the whole thing to advantage, but an individual is sharing their honest opinion.

so one can build that equal (or near) credibility and trust with clients you must always strive to be as obvious and sincere as feasible with your advertising and marketing packages. What does that seem like in the real world?

If someone is running a question on a search engine they’ll in all likelihood click on one of the first organic outcomes that appear. The purpose that those outcomes seem on the top is due to the fact they provide credible content material that is optimized for what many humans are looking for. as an alternative, if there may be a seek result that guarantees one element, but gives a totally distinct enjoy as soon as the reader lands there, that internet site will not be taken into consideration to be a reputable supply.

As tempting as it may be to hook your target market with a clever title, you had better ensure that you deliver at the promise made.

Rule #three – Be modern
The greater that entrepreneurs create increasingly more content for the identical corporations of customers, the tougher it is to hold and keep their attention. for you to stand out these days, entrepreneurs can’t be afraid to innovate in huge and small ways.

A small manner to innovate could be adding video on your digital advertising and marketing approach whilst many of your competitors are not. On a bigger scale, there are numerous opportunities to create interactive and individualized studies in your on line target market in a manner that not handiest creates one-time clients, however repeat customers and logo advocates.

Rule #4 – Be valuable
there is no manner to win at advertising if you’re now not supplying as a whole lot value to your customers as feasible. The more we see the worlds of sales and advertising and marketing collide and align, the extra it’s apparent it’s far that marketers want to play a robust role in assisting pre and submit sales to offer clients what they need.

fee can are available in many paperwork and is often simpler than you watched, it is able to be creating a website that is well designed and clean to navigate (sure on cellular too), developing killer content material that answers their top questions or maybe having an FAQ or carrier wide variety that clients can quickly find to remedy issues and answer questions.

every commercial enterprise will have a exclusive fee to add and each purchaser could have a slightly specific need. ensure which you apprehend what troubles your brand can help solve, in addition to the distinctive situations your customers may be experiencing.

Rule #five – Be the pleasant solution
within the time that I’ve labored at TopRank marketing, i have learned an first rate quantity approximately what it simply way to be a great marketer. one of the most crucial training I’ve found out from our CEO Lee Odden is deceptively easy, in-short it’s far to “be the excellent answer”.

all of the advertising techniques and tactical advertising and marketing sports within the global received’t suggest whatever until you are doing the entirety you may to be the pleasant solution for anything your clients are looking for, anyplace they’re searching.

in an effort to be the excellent solution, it requires an omni-channel approach that takes into attention the habits and desires of your best clients to create a constant experience throughout all digital marketing channels.

Cutthroat advertising and marketing policies for success
Following the regulations above received’t guarantee a win, however it’s going to come up with an side above your competition and offer your clients with a better and more meaningful experience. Are you ready to commit to comply with these satisfactory practices and put together for something “sabotage” can be thrown your manner?

Five dead in Fiji in wake of Cyclone Winston; clean-up begins

Fiji hit hard by Cyclone Winston - © Clements / Unicef Handout, EPA

Cyclone Winston hits Fiji - © Naziah Ali / Handout, EPA

Cyclone Winston hits Fiji - © Naziah Ali / Handout, EPAMassive cyclone bears down on Fiji - © Noaa/Handout, EPA

At least five people died during the weekend after a severe tropical cyclone left a trail of destruction through the South Pacific island nation of Fiji, according to media reports Sunday.

Cyclone Winston packed an average wind speed of 205 kilometres per hour (km/h), with gusts of 285 km/h, as it passed over Fiji, qualifying it as a Category 5 storm – the strongest rating – the Fiji meteorological service said.

It was the strongest cyclone in Fijian history.

The archipelago of 300 islands has been declared a disaster area by local authorities, though few specifics about damage have been made available. Nonetheless, many aid groups fear the worst.

“The situation in Fiji is critical and will be for some time. The island nation has never been hit by a storm like this before, and will need a lot of help to recover,” Iris Low-McKenzie of Save the Children said on the organization’s website.

Jone Tuiipelehaki of the United Nations Development Programme also noted that the damage might be severe.

“Some villages have reported that all homes have been destroyed,” he tweeted.

Residents have been without electricity for more than 24 hours. The risk of heavy rains and floods continued as the leading edge of the storm moved away from the islands Sunday.

“As a nation, we are facing an ordeal of the most grievous kind. We must stick together as a people and look after each other,” Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama wrote on Facebook.

More than 1,000 people were in shelters on the second-largest island of Vanua Levu, the Fiji Broadcasting Company said.

New Zealand has military personnel on the way to help assess the situation.

Local forces were already at work Sunday leading clean-up efforts. Efforts focused on trees and power lines down throughout the islands, but there were reports of many houses damaged or destroyed.

The roads leading to the country’s international airport were blocked by hip-deep water. Flights in and out of the country have been cancelled through Monday.

“Some villages have reported that all homes have been destroyed,” United Nations Development Program spokesman Jone Tuiipelehaki tweeted.

An elderly man died when a roof fell on him, officials said.

The government imposed a 6 pm curfew and residents were hunkered down in their homes or in 700 emergency shelters across the island chain with 900,000 inhabitants.

The cyclone is now headed westwards, towards the island chain of Vanuatu, which was devastated by Cyclone Pam a year ago. However, meteorologists say they expect Winston to tack to the south and avoid Vanuatu.