IMPHOTO: Free Photoshop alternative Photo and Image Editor software for Windows 10

GIMP is one of the best free open-source photo & image editing software. But some users believed that GIMP was a few features away from being a complete solution to photo editing needs, and so someone created a modified version of GIMP with improved features and options, and they call it GIMPHOTO. Gimphoto comes with GIMP loaded with useful plugins and resources. The UI is tweaked a bit here and there.

GIMPHOTO for Windows 10

GIMPHOTO comes packed with Gimp plugins that have been developed by other developers across the globe. These plugins can help you extend features and add more options while editing an image. Let us take a look at some of the outstanding feature of this free Photoshop alternative software.

GIMPHOTO for Windows 10


Gimphoto makes use of Clearlooks GTK engine to render the UI. The interface is almost the same, but you may notice changes in the appearance of controls. They are more smooth and flat because of the Clearlooks engine. Gimphoto also includes a tool that lets you use any other GTK theme and customize the UI more easily.

Menu Convention

A few changes to the menu structure have been made. Although, the naming convention remains the same so that you can still follow GIMP tutorials as it is they were before. The right click menu has also been modified to add more tools so that they are easily accessible.

Additional Plugins

This section covers the additional plugins that come preinstalled with Gimphoto.

Save for Web

This plugin lets you save images in webioptimized quality. Since disk space is an expensive resource these days, you can create images that are beautiful to look and are small in size. This option has been added to the ‘File’ menu.

David’s Batch Processing

This plugin exactly does what it says. You can easily manipulate images in batch mode without learning any new scripting language. You can perform operations like rotate, resize, color, blur sharpen, crop and even rename. This is a pretty nifty plugin and can help you a lot if you use batch operations.


This plugin adds some really useful color management features to the GIMP. Gimphoto uses this plugin for RGB to CMYK conversion. This feature is mostly required by professionals and needs in-depth knowledge of digital imaging. You can find this plugin under ‘Image’ -> ‘Mode’.


This script lets you add some effects to the separate layers of the image. You can add effects like border, gradient, glow, and shadow.

Other than these plugins, a few other additions have been made. You will find a new and improved set of brushes awaiting you. A new and modified brush set has replaced the default one, and the developer has stated to improve it further and add more brushes to it.

The default set of gradients have been modified, and almost 30 new gradients have been added to create button, symbol or graphics for Web 2.0 design style.

So that was pretty much that has been changed to make this tool more useful. All in all, Gimphoto is a complete photo editor that can handle most of your image editing needs.


Moreover, Gimphoto updates come along with GIMP updates. So the latest version of Gimphoto is now running upon GIMP 2.4 stable version while GIMP has been updated to 2.8 in the meantime and we expect a new Gimphoto update with all the new GIMP feature like single window mode, etc. With this tool, you get all the GIMP functionality with more features.

Gimphoto is an outstanding feature-rich image editing software that does what it says. It can serve as a PhotoShop alternative software for those who cannot afford PhotoShop. The UI is very easy to understand, the image is in the center and the toolbox and others sub-windows are aligned around it. You can easily perform basic and complex tasks on Gimphoto. Click here to download Gimphoto. The software is Open-Source, and the source code is available for further modifications.


Over 80 powerful VFX & color grading plugins now free to use in any major video editor

Image result for Over 80 powerful VFX & color grading plugins now free to use in any major video editorFXHOME ( today released Ignite Express (, a free suite of over 80 powerful plugins which transform editors like Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X and more, turning them into advanced visual effects toolkits.

From world-leading keying technology to 360° video effects and the ultimate light flares collection – this suite contains over 300 effects and presets in total and uses professional HitFilm technology to help editors generate impressive visual effects, achieve perfect grading, color correction and much more. Created to fit into any workflow, users can plugin and power up using Ignite Express on Mac or PC with the editor of their choice: After Effects, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X, Motion, Sony Catalyst, DaVinci Resolve, NUKE, EDIUS, Media Composer and Vegas Pro 14 are all supported.

Hero shot
Hero shot

Ignite Express offers choice to video editors worldwide, with direct native support giving a smooth workflow and high performance every time. They can effortlessly scale up production value and dramatic flare in their next project with advanced VFX plugins, or experiment with hues, exposure, and hyperstylized effects to create their own signature film look. Ignite Express even contains advanced keying plugins for bold and believable composites, including a matte cleaner tool to seamlessly smooth edges.

With Ignite Express, we can help editors all over the world tell great stories, no matter their workflow,” says Josh Davies, Founder and CEO of HitFilm. “It’s important to us that everyone has access to our powerful technology, so we’re thrilled to be able to offer these free plugins and open up a new world of possibilities for video editors and creators worldwide.”

Ignite Express users will find even more advanced plugins available in Ignite Pro, which is available from the HitFilm store for $199. It contains over 150 plugins and offers further flexibility for video editors.

They [HitFilm] feel that helping future generations become masters of their craft is the right thing to do.” – Dan Cooper, Engadget



  • For information about HitFilm’s products and services, please visit
  • For reviews and briefings, please contact [email protected]
  • The HitFilm YouTube channel has over 130k subscribers and provides free weekly tutorials and filmmaking techniques:
  • Media information, including a product description, logos and images can be downloaded here:

Ignite Express 2017 is FREE to download ( from the 15th June 2017 for both Mac and PC.

Minimum requirements are:
• Apple Mac – OS X 10.10 Yosemite, 10.11 El Capitan or macOS 10.12 Sierra
• Windows PC – 64 bit version of Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10

ABOUT FXHOME, Makers of HitFilm
In 2011, Josh Davies set out on a mission to prove that professional grade post-production tools can be made available to everyone. HitFilm was created as an all-in-one video editing and visual effects software solution – at a fraction of the cost of other industry standard tools.

With over 1.3 million users, HitFilm is one of the leading post-production software tools in the industry, offering professional software options and unrivalled community support for the next generation of filmmaker.

What started as a big idea on a little budget, has grown to a global movement of filmmakers who share HitFilm’s vision for the future of video software.


RT editor disputes US hacking report’s implication of Russian news channel

rt margarita simonyan

The editor-in-chief of RT, the Russian government-backed 24-hour news network, has hit back at claims in a US intelligence report that the news organization engaged in a longstanding effort “aimed at undermining US viewers’ trust in US democratic procedures”.

In comments provided to the Guardian by email, Margarita Simonyan disputed US intelligence claims linking RT to Russian efforts allegedly “ordered” by President Vladimir Putin, to influence the presidential election in favor of President-elect Donald Trump.

In the words of the declassified CIA, FBI and NSA report, RT’s coverage of Hillary Clinton “throughout the US presidential campaign was consistently negative and focused on her leaked emails and accused her of corruption, poor physical and mental health and ties to Islamic extremism”.

Simonyan called the report “a sad commentary on the state of affairs in the American intelligence analyst community”.

“The agencies’ only charge against RT is that we were critical of Clinton in reporting actual facts about her,” she wrote. “This is our supposed crime! What a resounding endorsement of journalism and freedom of speech.”

The report cited comments made by Simonyan in early November to the Russian newspaper Kommersant, in which she said the US itself lacked democracy and had “no moral right to teach the rest of the world”.

Simonyan’s comments are unlikely to throw critics of the state-funded broadcaster, after the US intelligence report accused RT America of “deliberately seeking to obscure any legal ties to the Russian government”.

The report may, however, strengthen those ties, said Alexey Kovalev, who runs a website debunking Russian propaganda.

“There are many legitimate reasons to criticise RT,” he said, “but the report singles out the channel for all the wrong reasons. Covering protests and other social and political fissures is a perfectly legitimate media activity.”

Kovalev added that the prominence given to the channel by the US intelligence report is likely to be seen as a huge success by its management, and may lead to increased funding.He also suggested that by “viewing RT reporters in the US as saboteurs and spies”, the report would give Russian authorities more ammunition when dealing with critical western coverage of Russia.

“The alternative is that they would have to reckon with the fact that RT’s reporting often reflects the reality on the ground, in the US and elsewhere, much better than the mainstream media.

“How else to explain years of totally out-of-touch coverage that failed to acknowledge the momentum behind not just Trump but Bernie Sanders, leaving mainstream media journalists and punditry collectively speechless on 9 November?”

Simonyan declined to address why US intelligence agencies would identify RT’s “importance to the Kremlin as a messaging tool and indicate a Kremlin-directed campaign to undermine faith in the US government and fuel political protest”.

That question, she wrote, was “among the many, many other questions left unanswered by their report, for instance about actual evidence supporting their judgments. So far they haven’t provided any intel aside from up-to-a-decade-old, publicly available interviews and obsolete but likewise public data.”

RT receives funding from the budget of the Russian Federation. Its executives say its journalists are independent.

The intelligence report was particularly embarrassing for the Trump camp because its nominee for national security adviser, retired Lt Gen Michael Flynn, has been a frequent guest on RT news programmes. In December 2015 he was paid by the network to give a speech in Russia and attend a lavish party, at which he sat next to Putin.

Simonyan said RT was no different from other state-sponsored broadcasters.

She wrote: “I think the fact that the BBC World Service, Germany’s Deutsche Welle and the US Broadcasting Board of Governors receive considerably more funding than RT (BBG nearly three times as much!) to get their respective countries’ points of view across to a global audience, points to a fact that media-political establishments of the United States and Europe can’t let go of the monopoly on messaging.”

Simonyan claimed proof of this lay in the Guardian’s own endorsement of Clinton.

“Somehow,” she wrote, “nobody is raising alarm over British interference in the US elections when the Guardian published an actual endorsement of a foreign country’s candidate (Don’t vote for Trump, elect Clinton).”

Guardian US is a US-registered media company and subsidiary of the Guardian.

“You had nearly all the US media in the bag for Clinton,” Simonyan continued, “all the pundits prophesising a virtual coronation for several years, and an outsider won regardless.

“What’s obvious is that the US has a very imperfect system, and yet its leaders are obsessed with lecturing the rest of the world on how to organise their affairs.”

[Source:-The Guardian]