Cemu Wind Waker

(Last Updated On: July 13, 2017)

The Cemu emulator updates may have slowed down due to the fact that the Cemu Team has made the Wii U emulator about as good as most people could have hoped for, and with only some optimization and compatibility feats left, the community is focusing more on third-party support such as plugin loaders.

Over on the Cemu sub-Reddit, user Growlith1221 designed a new DLL plugin loader for the Cemu emulator. This allows users to load in custom third-party plugins and hook them into the Cemu easily without a lot of huffing, puffing or configuring going on.

Growlith1221 explains that the Cemu Plugin Loader doesn’t do anything special outside of loading in additional DLL files to make it easy to load up add-on packs, fixes, or other community-made updates. He does mention that eventually a GUI will be made available, writing…

“[…] right now, it’s working as a simple plugin loader, in the future(possibly in a few days actually), a gui will be available for various other things like choosing which dll(s) you want to load and whatnot”

You can download the Cemu Plugin Loader right now from the Dropbox download page.

It’s suggested that you don’t use the Cemuhook in conjunction with the Cemu Plugin Loader, so it’s something you definitely need to keep in mind.

Updates for the main emulator have slowed down quite a bit after the latest main release. For the most part, the big surge happened when the Cemu was just starting to emulate The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but now that the game is mostly playable, it’s no longer a top priority for the community to express vested interests the way they did when the game first came out.

Nevertheless, Cemu is still a free Wii U emulator for PC, so you can download the latest version of from over on the official Cemu website.

How to add cloud functionality to your WordPress site with an easy to use plugin

One reason I always recommend WordPress for more than just blogs is its flexibility. With WordPress you can create sites centered around blogging, services, e-commerce, community, and so much more. Plus, with the help of a massive repository of plugins, WordPress can be expanded into almost any type of site.

If you use WordPress as either a community or a client-based website, you’ll be interested to know about a cloud-centric plugin called WP Cloud that enables users to:

  • Upload and view files
  • View assigned cloud space
  • View cloud space used

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At the moment, the plugin is limited in what it can do, and it doesn’t have an associated mobile plugin yet, but what it does offer goes a long way to extend the built-in features for users.

A word of warning about WP Cloud: The development has come to a standstill over the last two years. Even with that in mind, it’s a solid solution if you want to allow your users a bit of cloud space on your WordPress site. Hopefully, with a bit of prodding, the developer will resume working on it again, or open source the code so it can be continued by another developer.

Let’s install and use WP Cloud. I am assuming you have access to the admin section of your WordPress site.

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Installing WP Cloud

The installation of WP Cloud is as simple as installing any other WordPress plugin.

  1. Log into your WordPress site as the administrator or as a user that has admin permissions.
  2. Click Plugins | Add New from the left navigation.
  3. In the Search Plugins box, type WP Cloud and hit Enter on your keyboard.
  4. Click the Install Now button associated with the WP Cloud plugin.
  5. Once the installation completes, click the Activate button.

    Using WP Cloud

    The WP Cloud plugin is now available for your users. Each user has to point their browser to http://SITE_URL/cloud (SITE_URL is the actual domain or IP address of your WordPress site). Each logged in user will be presented with their cloud space on the site. Note: Users have to be registered and logged into the site to use the WP Cloud plugin.

    Before opening the floodgates to users, you might want to take care of a little housekeeping first. If you go to Cloud | Settings, you can set a user quota for the plugin—this is especially important when you’re limited on server storage space. This is an all-or-none quota, which means you cannot set different quotas for different users. There are really only two options:

    • 0 = cloud hosting disabled
    • X = any positive number (in megabytes) will enable hosting and set the quota to that number

    There is also a setting called “overlaps” (which is described as Overload in the documentation) that allows you to set a percentage that will—once it’s reached—prevent a user from uploading a file. The description, according to the developer, is:

    • 9 of 10 MB used. Overload 10%. File to upload: 2MB. -> YES
    • 9 of 10 MB used. Overload 0%. File to upload: 2MB. -> NO
    • 10 of 10MB used. Overload 10%. File to upload: 1MB. -> NO
    • 9.99 of 10MB used. Overload 10%. File to upload: 1MB. -> YES

    This allows you to prevent users from uploading files when they are close to their quota. You set the overlaps in percentage from 0-100.

    When you have the quota and overlaps settings ready, you can point users to the cloud link for your site. When a registered/logged in user goes to the cloud URL, they will be greeted by a simple page that allows them to upload, view, and delete their files (Figure B). The user will also see the percentage of space used in their cloud storage.


    The developer has enabled shortcodes so you can add custom pages that include WP Cloud options. The available shortcodes are:

    • [cloud] prints a list of files for the current user
    • [cloud_show id=”0″] prints a list of files of the given user id
    • [cloud_upload] prints a simple upload form that allows the current user to upload a file in his/her directory
    • [cloud_send] prints a simple upload form that allows the current user to upload a file to another user directory by specifying login_name or email

    Here’s hoping for more

    WP Cloud is a handy plugin to add to various types of WordPress sites. Although WP Cloud is limited in features, it makes up for it in ease of use.

    My hope is that the developer will either return to work on the plugin or allow someone to fork it so that it can expand its feature set. Even as it is now, WP Cloud is a worthwhile addition to WordPress.

[Source:-Tech Reepublic]

5 Easy fixes to Speed up your Google Chrome

After using several web browsers, I declared Google Chrome as my browser of choice. It is simple, offers quick results and effectively syncs everything (mail, bookmarks, contacts, notes, etc.) on Google Cloud. Just sign in on Chrome with your Gmail id on any machine, and you are at home.

5 Easy fixes to Speed up your Google Chrome

But there are times when it becomes so sluggish and unresponsive that all I want to do is to get rid of it. If you are also experiencing same issues with your chrome browser, then follow these simple tips to make it work like new once again.

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These steps will reduce the amount of RAM your browser is eating up to help you experience seamless web browsing.


easy Calendar

WordPress Calendar
Plugin is one of the best in WordPress Calendar plugin class. thinking about the massive variety of plugins in WordPress, Juna-IT enterprise day by day will improve and decorate the functionality of products, and keep on adhering to the first function among WordPress plugins. each of the variations are made through unique style according to your choice and corresponding to your website. So plugin is a actual miracle.

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Plugin may be used on distinct mobile devised as it’ s flexible for any screen size. as a consequence site visitors will get a pleasing consumer enjoy when viewing calendars using diverse cell devices and tablets.

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Demo version
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Juna-IT Demonstration

Plugin is created for the humans, who want to be screened for their website through distinctive design and splendor. Now you could additionally add any calendar. past the functions cited above, there are plenty of other WordPress functions internal of the plugin. You benefit the benefit of an intuitive consumer interface that makes control clean, easy to understand gallery options, and a plethora of hooks and filters to control the calendar output.

The plugin is created for the human beings, who need calendar to be screened for their website via extraordinary design and splendor.

Plugin have quite a few splendid features that you’ll like. below we defined a number of useful functions of our plugin.

The peculiarities

a hundred% responsive. completely compatible with all cell devices.
you could upload limitless wide variety.
ability to create plugin in Widgets
Plugin permits you to trade colors of the calendar and healthy it to colours of your internet site.
you may set width of the widget inside the WordPress plugin as properly.
tested on famous WordPress subject matters
you can change date shade, font length and font own family.
possibility to outline top and width.
possibility to trade next, preceding and current month font length and coloration.
opportunity to exchange current day mobile border coloration.
opportunity to define primary border radius, coloration and width.
opportunity to pick out calendar week style.
you could pick which button indicates navigation buttons.
capability to set heritage color.
completely layout customization.
Non repeated attractive designe
potential to set calendar textual content colorations.
Pluginompatible with all main browsers.
opportunity to expose or hide name.
Mini-calendar view for compact presentations (as widget or as shortcode)
assist to organizers
Preview of calendar list-months, weeks, days
clean set up and use
Plugin takes posibility to exchange coloration and insert calendar for your web site with the appropriate colors
Icon ‘ s – you can pick icons from our 9 unique superbly designed units. outline size, set height, width of the icons.
user pleasant Admin Panel – ” Juna-IT ” does not require any Coding know-how. With the simple admin panel you may be able to create the plugin within the simplest manner.
Font settings – Calendar have construct in superior text fashion editor alternatives. With this options you can absolutely personalize identify, caption, shade, font length and font famely of the every week
Optimized javascript code – Optimized javascript code make Juna-IT plugin even greater speedy.
absolutely Responsive

Plugin may be used on unique cell devised because it ‘s flexible for any screen size. As a very important feature responsiveness is on name and description of the calendar as well.

like minded Browsers

iOS browser
Android browser
past the features referred to above, there are plenty of other WordPress calendar capabilities interior of the plugin. You gain the benefit of an intuitive person interface that makes plugin management easy, simple to understand gallery options, and a plethora of hooks and filters to govern the output.

Why choose this Plugin? Soliloquy is the first-rate choice for a WordPress plugin because it’s far fast, extraordinarily intuitive and first-rate easy to use. you may get your plugin moving into only a matter of seconds. In reality, test how smooth it is to create a WordPress plugin.

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characteristic – you may without problems alternate size, shade, navigation and border.

Icon ‘ s – you could pick out icons from our 9 special fantastically designed sets. additionally you may define to seem the icons left/proper. define size and shade icons.

consumer friendly Admin Panel – ” Juna-IT Plugin ” does now not require any Coding information. With the simple admin panel you will be able to create the calendars within the simplest way.

Font settings – Plugin have construct in superior text style editor options. With this options you may completely customise title, week day and name

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