The selection and use of relevant keywords and keyphrases is an important task for anybody carrying out web site optimization and promotion. The purpose of many websites is to sell goods or services and large numbers of visitors alone is not the primary aim, it is important to attract targeted visitors who are also potential customers.

It is very common for web designers to choose the wrong site keywords. The terms that we imagine will be good keywords are frequently not the ones actually used by searchers. That is why, before you add such text content to your site, it is important to define the keywords and phrases which properly correspond to the topic of the site and which are actually used by the audience you wish to target.

Information on search queries and appropriate keywords can be extracted in several ways:

Keyword suggestion services.. Search query statistics are provided by Overture and WordTracker. Overture is a free service while WordTracker is chargeable. However, there is also a free version of WordTracker, which supplies up to 15 suggestions for every specified word.

Keyword Associations and related search query suggestions.. These services are provided by the Yahoo and AskJeeves search engines. The frequency of queries is not given, but analysis of the suggested associations may help with selection of appropriate keywords.

Competitor analysis also helps to find new relevant keywords.

keyword suggestion tool imageThe Seo Administrator keyword suggestion tool supports all of these keyword information resources by collecting data from them and presenting it in the form of convenient reports.

The Competitor site analysis proceeds as follows: the resulting pages from a given search engine query are obtained, keywords are extracted from the downloaded pages using the Meta Keywords Tag, and the number of occurrences of each word on the page is counted and then presented as a report.

The keyword suggestion tool allows you to make quick analysis of a large number of related sites and obtain the most frequent keyword combinations. Reminder: The “HTML analyzer” utility is included in Seo Administrator for detailed site analysis.
HTML report

After the above procedure has collected a set of relevant keywords, you need to choose those that will be best for your site optimization. This is not as easy as it seems. Words with a low frequency of queries should be set aside as they are seldom used. The most popular keywords should also be set aside. All competing sites will have them and competition from them will be extremely high. Your site would probably not be listed near the top search position by using them. The second part of the keyword suggestion tool is designed to help you work through this problem and is described below.

The following parameters are obtained by the keyword suggestion tool for each specified keyword:

keyword competition rateAverage Google PageRank

      . The PageRank value for the first ten items in the search engine results is obtained and their average value is calculated. This is defined in the report as the average PageRank of the keyword. If the average PageRank for the given keyword is, for example, 7 then a site with PageRank 4 is unlikely to be able to compete with them using this particular keyword and it should be discarded.

Average number of inbound links

      for a keyword is calculated in the same way. The situation is the same – the more inbound links the high-ranking sites have the greater the competition will be if you use this keyword.

Number of pages containing a word/phrase

      – this shows how many sites a search engine will find when searching on the specified keyword combination.

Number of exact matches

      – how many sites contain the exact phrase, as if the search term were placed in quotes.

HTML report

The keyword suggestion tool helps you make the best possible choice of appropriate and effective keywords for your website by using keyword suggestion sources, search query frequency statistics and competition keyword analysis.



The page rank analyzer module is designed to automatically analyze a large number of web sites and the following parameters are obtained for every site on the list:

– Google PageRank;
– Alexa Traffic Rank
– The number of inbound links, according to various search engines;
– The Site presence in the DMOZ and Yahoo catalogues;
– The Web page’s TITLE text.

The PageRank parameter is worth a more detailed description.

The basic task of Search engines is to return relevant web pages in response to a search query. To facilitate this, the page text is analyzed. Keyword density and weight, tags used and many other parameters are all taken into account in this analysis. Obviously, most of these parameters are controlled by the author of the webpage. A check with search engine results shows many web pages (so called “doorways”) that are quality optimized for popular queries but which obviously do not contain useful information for the human searcher. So, search engines cannot rank sites based only on page text; other parameters are also used.

This is why search engines use the link popularity parameter; they take the number and quality of inbound links into account when assessing the relevance and interest of web pages. Interesting resources will tend to have more links from other interesting resources.

A large number of inbound links alone is not a guarantee of web resource quality. In addition, the quality of each link referrer is taken into account. For example, an inbound link from the site has much more significance than that from a home page such as

What is PageRank, link popularity, citation index parameter? The citation index is a numeric estimate of the popularity of a web resource. It is an absolute measure of page importance. Each search engine has algorithms to calculate citation indices. These values are not normally published anywhere. In addition to the citation index, which is an absolute value, there is a scaled citation index. This comparative value shows the popularity (rank) of a given page compared to popularity of other Internet pages.

PageRank (PR) is the scaled citation index used by the Google search engine. This value characterizes the “importance” or popularity of each page. PageRank does not take into account the relationship of a page to its referring resources; it depends on the number and quality of inbound links. It is possible to view one PageRank value at a time with the help of the freeware Google ToolBar. Seo Administrator is capable of automatic PageRank display for a large number of sites.

Another parameter Seo Administrator checks is Alexa Traffic Rank. This is a traffic rank of your website among all websites of the world. Ratings are based on a level from 1 to 4,000,000 and it goes beyond 4 mil sometimes. The LOWER your rating on Alexa the better. Meaning if you have a ranking under 100,000 then your website should be producing some good traffic. 3,000,000 to 4,000,000 ratings are for new sites mostly, or sites with no traffic basically. While a rating of 1 will be the website with the most traffic.

The next parameter Seo Administrator checks is the number of inbound links according to Google, Yahoo, MSN. The number of inbound links alone does not give a real estimate of the page significance because it ignores link importance. However, it also gives an estimate of page popularity.

Site presence in DMOZ and Yahoo is very important for increasing a website page rank. The sites presence in these catalogues does give some increase in the number of visitors; however, the main purpose of these catalogue entries is to raise rankings in search engines.

The DMOZ or Open Directory Project is the biggest thematic catalogue in the world and is edited by volunteers. Submission in DMOZ is free, but the site has to be manually approved by an editor and this may take a long time. An entry in DMOZ will guarantee some increase in the number of inbound links and page rank growth because the DMOZ catalogue is copied and used by many other major sites. For example, the Google catalogue is an exact copy of the DMOZ catalogue.

Yahoo directory is a catalogue managed by Yahoo editors. Submission to the Yahoo catalogue is chargeable for commercial sites. An entry in the Yahoo catalogue also tends to raise website positions in search engines.

In addition to the parameters described above, Seo Administrator returns the TITLE text of every page.

page rank analyzer image


Every request to your site is handled by the server and an appropriate record is saved in the log-file. A great deal of information about your website visitors can be learned from the records in the server log file when they are displayed in an understandable format. The server log file is a text file containing records, in a special format, of every single request to the site.

Seo Administrator log analyzer handles these log file formats:
· IIS – Internet Information Server as generated by Windows servers.
· Apache – log file format as generated by the popular Linux operating system server.

An analysis of site visitor numbers is the first stage followed by extraction of parameters such as the number of unique IP addresses, the number of visitors, the number of page views and the number of entries originating from search engines. Seo Administrator log analyzer automates all of these tasks.

log analyzer report 1 Number of unique IP addresses

      – shows the number of unique requests to the server. Note that a unique IP address does not necessarily signify a unique visitor. Image files and other resources are sometimes requested from your site by other websites and a record of this request is filed.

Number of visitors

      – a visitor is a person who has retrieved information files from your website. Information files are html pages (with extensions htm, html, asp, etc.) and data files (with extensions exe, zip, etc.). Image and other supporting files are not information files.

Page views

      – these are sometimes called “impressions” and show the total number of html page downloads from the site. As a rule, the number of page views is significantly more than the number of visitors because almost every visitor examines more than one page. However, the reverse situation can sometimes arise. For example, on software download sites there may be many file download requests but few visits to other pages.

Entries out of search engines

      – a person entering a website site from a search engine is treated just like any other visitor. You will have a particular interest in search engine optimization and so the number of such visitors will be especially interesting. This is the reason why the current Seo Administrator log analyzer places visitors arriving via search engines in a separate report category.


HTML report

The following server log file information is displayed by the log analyzer for each page that has had requests:

log analyzer report 2Number of views

      – how many requests the page has had.

Number of entries out of search engines

      – how many times visitors entered the page from a search engine. The total numbers and the numbers from each search engine are displayed.


      – how much traffic each page generated.


HTML report

log analyzer report 3    Search query statistics displays which keywords search engine visitors used to find your site. Google, Yahoo, MSN, AltaVista, Overture and other search engines are supported.
HTML report

log analyzer report 4    Log file analysis can also yield important information on referrer’s statistics. The referrer, or referring resource, shows where a visitor came from before entering your site. Seo Administrator log analyzer displays statistics for referring domains and referring pages.
HTML report

log analyzer report 5    Each record stored in the log file contains the IP address of the system making the request. Seo Administrator log analyzer can analyze the IP addresses and provide geographical information about your site’s visitors.
HTML report

In the three following reports the log analyzer shows the most frequent paths on a site and entry/exit points.

The final report presents the information on the visits of search robots (spiders). As you know, the site should be indexed and added to the database of the search engine before it gets in the search engine resutls. It is the job of the search robots – to search for the new pages not available in the index, and to update the information about already known ones. In the given report you can see the information on the search robots visits of your site.



Our site analyzer software is a universal website scanner and broken link checker. The main website page is entered as the start address and the site analyzer follows links to internal pages until it has scanned the entire site. During the scan the site analyzer gathers information on website structure, possible errors (broken links, broken images and so on) and other information.

This information is used to reveal the following issues and useful statistics:

      – Broken links;


      – Broken images;


      – “Lost” or “orphaned” files;


      – Errors and bugs in html code;


      – The Google PageRank for all the site’s pages;


      – A detailed report on all outbound links from this site;


      – Creates sitemaps as html pages;


      – Creates an XML sitemap in a format that can be submitted to the Google search engine;


      – Creates and edits the robots.txt file as used by search engines.

Broken link checker

Non-working links, also called broken links, are irritating and create a bad impression of the site. These are especially unacceptable for commercial sites because they often result in the loss of a customer. If the owners can’t even keep their website in order, visitors will ask themselves why they should have the confidence to order goods or services from them. The same applies to broken images…they will result in lost customers.

However, manual checking of all the links can be quite time-consuming, especially on a large web site with many pages. .

Our broken link checker can automatically scan the entire site and check validity of every link and image referenced in the html code of all pages on the site. The broken link checker will display the pages in a list and specify errors in them – a broken link or a broken image – and also display the section of html code containing the error. This will allow you to rapidly locate and fix any broken links and images on your website.

Site analyzer – faults in the html code

Some HTML tags are highly desirable but not vital to the operation of a website. These include the TITLE, Description and Keywords tags which are used by search engines. Image ALT tags are also highly desirable.

If any of these tags are missing no error will be flagged but the page will be less useful to visitors. More importantly, the search engine ranking is likely to be adversely affected by these missing tags. Our site analyzer will point out such issues, giving you a chance to easily debug the faulty pages.

Site analyzer – finding lost files

Finding lost files is a task that in some ways is the reverse of locating non-working links. In this case the file exists on the website but there are no links to it. Our site analyzer will, optionally, scan the FTP catalog of the site and compare it with the list of (http) scanned html pages from the site analysis. Lost files will show up as differences between the two lists and can readily be identified.

Checking Google PageRank of all site pages

The site analyzer will make a list of all site pages and also check PageRank of entire site (the rank value for each page is checked). This can be handy if you want to get a general idea of the site structure and will also help you to select those pages that are suitable for search engine promotion.

Creating a detailed report by outbound links

The site analyzer will generate a report of all links to external resources from the analyzed site. A list of these external links, plus link text, will be displayed for every page on the site. This report can be very useful for sites where links are sold. It allows customers to select the best pages for their purchased links. Also, the link seller will be able to see which pages are “overloaded” with external links and perhaps suspend link sales on those pages.

site analyzer software


To guarantee a high position in search engine results there must be a large number of appropriate sites with links to your project. There are many Internet resources that are ready to publish information about your project and help you promote your site. The problem is how to find them. There are, for example, web directories, sites offering link exchanges, news feeds, and so on. The purpose of this software module is to help you find these valuable resources.

Our link exchange software tools search the Internet and then generate a list of resources that might publish a link back to your site. These candidate link pages are then downloaded and analyzed with the help of special algorithms that estimate the probability of publishing a link on each of them. This probability estimate allows you to make effective use of the various reports generated by our software tools.

Our link exchange software offers the following types of reports:

Sites with link exchange submission forms

      for adding link exchange information. These sites are prime link exchange resources and will promptly publish a link back to your resource in exchange for a link to them. This report will quickly and easily yield a large number of inbound links.


Sites with link exchange pages, partner and resource pages.

      Our link exchange software generates a list of sites with topics related to your project. It then checks them for pages that have standard names, such as links.html, partners.html, resources.html, etc. Pages with these names are often used for link exchanges or for publishing links to sites with similar topics. The probability of getting your site link published on these pages is quite high.


Sites with links to your competitors.

      If a resource has links to one of your competitors, it is quite possible that it will publish a link to your project as well.


A general list of resources related to the topic of your site.

      This list includes those sites where you may find some other method to get a link to your site published. The list will include – web directories, news feeds, forums, and other sites with topics related to your project.


We recommend that you take some preliminary steps to allow you use the information in these reports most effectively. Here are our recommendations:

      – Create a page where you intend to publish reciprocal links for link exchange. Ideally, this page should have a Page Rank of 3 or more.


      – Prepare several descriptions of your project with different lengths. Three descriptions of length 80, 200 and 500 characters are usually adequate.


      – Prepare a small press release that you can publish on news feeds.


      – In addition to a press release, we suggest that you prepare an article on your project topic that has an embedded link to your site. You may be able to publish this in appropriate resources found by our link exchange software.


The Google Page Rank value and the estimated probability of publishing your link is displayed for each page found in all reports. The picture shows an example of a report generated by our link exchange software tool.

link exchange tool


Before a site appears in search reports it has to be indexed by a search engine. Indexation of your web site means that the site pages are visited by a search engine and analyzed. The information is then added to the search engine database. If a page is not indexed, it means that the search engine cannot know about it and consequently will never display information from it.

Site promotion in search engines is an ongoing process of page text optimization, increases in number of quality inbound links and so on. However, the very first step a webmaster of a newly created web resource should make is to check site indexation by the major search engines.

It is normally not difficult to get into a search engine index. In some cases, you do not need to take any special action. For example, the Google search engine will automatically visit and then index your site within a few days, if there are inbound links from other pages that were previously indexed by Google.

With other search engines, it is not quite so simple. In some cases, it is necessary to manually submit the new web resource to a search engine for successful indexation of the site. It is not necessary to sign up all of the pages, submission of just the main page is sufficient. The other pages will be tracked via their links.

Most of the search engines allow you to examine the indexation of the site with the help of special language operators. Seo Administrator allows you to check site indexation in Google, Yahoo, MSN and other search engines.

As Seo Administrator checks the indexation of the site it also obtains the Google PageRank value of each checked page. It is very useful to get the PageRank at the site indexation stage, especially when analyzing complex and large sites.

Updating of search engines’ database is a permanent ongoing process; records in the database may change, disappear and re-appear. That is why indexation of your website pages should be regularly checked. Once or twice a month is a reasonable interval.

The most usual reason for indexation site failure is server unavailability. The search robot could not access to your site at the particular moment that it was visiting it.

The search robots main route into your website will be via inbound links. This means that the more inbound links you have, the more often search robots will visit your site. You can control robot indexing behavior with the help of a robots.txt file.

indexation site report     The image shows an indexation report of the site by the Google search engine.



A large number of sites with links referring back to your own website (inbound links) is a guarantee of high positions in search engines. This number is your site link popularity and is the single most important objective parameter used by search engines to assess the significance and value of your website.

Most search engines have an inbound links database (link popularity database) and most of them allow you to view your sites inbound links list with the help of special language operators. The databases from various search engines are mainly similar to each other, but each one will have some unique information on link popularity not present in the others. The Seo Administrator link popularity tool checks inbound links across a number of search engines. It then composes a unified and comprehensive inbound links list (link popularity report) without duplicates.

A second important parameter that affects the link popularity value is the weight and importance of the referrer site. A link from is much more significant than one from some anonymous home page. One of the most convenient ways to estimate the importance and link popularity of a referring site is to obtain its Google PageRank.

Finally, the third parameter affecting link popularity is the anchor text. This is the text on the referring page, which is associated with the link to your site. It is located between the link tags like this: “a href=…”Anchor text “/a”. Keywords within this text will significantly improve your positions in search engines.

link popularity checker jpg     As well as collecting inbound link information, our link popularity software tool also defines PageRank and anchor text for every referring page. Here is a sample inbound link report for the site (In this example only the first 60 links are displayed)..
Link popularity report 1

link popularity tool     In many cases, you will be interested in following link dynamics. In other words, you will want to track changes in the links by noting any new and outdated links. Our link popularity checker software allows you to view and track such links over a specified period.

Link popularity report 2

îò÷åò 3      The above information is all very well, but you may be asking – how to increase link popularity? Nearly every website, especially if it is new, will have competing sites that have better search engine positioning. Competitor site analysis is, potentially, a great way to increase the number of inbound links to your own sites. Seo Administrator link popularity checker allows you to compare the links database of your site with your competitors’ sites. A list of related resources with links to your competitors’ sites, but not yet to your own site, can easily be created. You can then attempt to get inbound links from these sites to your own by the usual methods, such as contacting the relevant site webmasters to offer link exchanges. The image shows an example of our “own” site some “competing” sites and
Link popularity report 3

In summary, the Seo Administrator link popularity checker software allows you to increase your sites link popularity by:

      · Generating a comprehensive list of inbound links (link popularity report)


      · Tracking link dynamics.


    · Finding new related web resources for links exchange via competitor analysis.



Every Seo specialist needs to regularly monitor web site positioning in the major search engines. Manual checking is possible but this can occupy a significant amount of time. Seo Administrator software tool completely automates this chore and allows you to easily create convenient and informative site position reports in minutes.

Currently, just a handful of search engines bring nearly all of the visitors to a website. Google is in first place, while Yahoo, MSN search and AOLsearch engines are also extremely popular. Seo Administrator supports all of these major search engines as well as more than thirty other international and West European search engines.

The operation of the “Ranking Monitor” module is user-friendly and intuitive. You simply specify keywords, your site addresses to be checked, then select your search engines. Ranking Monitor then collects the required information. Collected information will be displayed as easy to interpret web site positioning reports.

site positioning report 1    Positioning report 1 displays the data in a brief but informative form. As well as the current position, the report displays any position changes compared to the previous report. Here is an example of a ranking report on the site at .
HTML report

site positioning report 1    Positioning report 2 provides more detailed web site positioning information. The web page which occupies the position is specified (The symbol “/” indicates the root of the checked site). Note that if several pages of the same website occupy different search engine positions (for example, at the 5th, 6th and 45th positions) this information will be displayed.

HTML report

site url report    When checking web page positions it may be more convenient to view the whole search query results at once. URL list report shows all the links delivered from a search engine in a single list.

HTML report

positions history report    One of the most important Seo Administrator functions is the creation and maintenance of a web site positioning database that provides a site position history. Naturally, knowing the current site position is important but you need a search engine position history to track the effectiveness of your website optimization procedures.

HTML report

Seo Administrator software tool gives a comprehensive set of functions and reports needed to check and track web site positioning based on specified keywords. Seo Administrator is very user-friendly and the demonstration projects included with the program will allow you to fully understand its operation within just a few minutes. Full support of all major search engines means that this web site positioning tool is an essential component of every web master and Seo specialist’s toolkit.


Food: A slice of Asia

Take a culinary trip across Asia by indulging in a wide selection of vegetarian oriental delicacies at 38 Bangkok Street in Kala Ghoda, Mumbai.


It may not be easy to locate 38 Bangkok Street, one of Mumbai’s new vegetarian Asian joints in the by-lanes of Kala Ghoda. But once lunchtime strikes, it will be hard to miss groups of professionals working in the vicinity, line up to get a table here.  The restaurant, furnished with minimal but exquisite décor, has an open kitchen to give you a glimpse into the dishes being whipped up for you.


Choose from an array of delicious mocktails: mango lychee smoothie, a blend of mango juice with lychee puree and coconut cream; Miyagi mojito, a blend of passion fruit, lime juice, mint and soda; watermelon lemonade that consists of fresh watermelon juice shaken with ice, lemon juice and triple sec or strawberry colada which is strawberry pulp blended with vanilla ice cream and coconut cream. What stands out is the virgin chocolate martini, a creamy blend of triple sec, chocolate sauce and vanilla and chocolate ice cream.


When it comes to soups, thuppa, a Tibetan clear noodles soup with vegetables, and the Burmese classic, khou suey, a noodle and creamy coconut soup served with a variety of contrasting accompaniments, are must-haves. A bite of the som tam salad, consisting of hand-pounded unripe papaya infused with bird’s eye chili, lime and palm sugar will teleport you to straight to Bangkok.


There are plenty of starters to choose from inlcuidng dimsums and momos. Some of the best appetisers are the java lotus stem, crispy fried lotus steams tossed with ginger and garlic and kung pao potatoes with chilli, ginger and cashew nuts.
For the mains, opt for stir fry exotic vegetables in coriander sauce and team it up with the Indonesian favourite nasi goreng, fried rice loaded with vegetables and topped with pickled vegetables and peanuts and stir fry Pattaya noodles.


The dessert menu is elaborate as well. Finish off the Asian meal with Sangkaya, a Thai coconut and pumpkin cake with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.



Spa: Calm and bliss at Shanaya


A cup of herbal tea before beginning the therapy to warm my body and a chat with the spa manager, who gauged my inclination for the day and also my problem areas via a short questionnaire began my spa session. Then she took me thought the extensive spa menu that offers a choice of international and ayurvedic therapies, all specially designed to enrich and revitalize the inner-self, and we jointly decided on trying out Shanaya Signature Cocktail therapy. I was told it would be quite unlike other therapies I have experienced to date and that clinched it for me.

A quick look around the spa located on 4th level of the hotel unveiled 5 thematic treatment rooms – Udaya, Ujwala, Aten, Kalyana and Aswini with wet area facilities and a couple therapy room and I found the decor quite in tune with what the name Shanaya denotes: First ray of the sun that brings with it an exuberance signifying a fresh beginning of another day. The entire spa is beautifully put together and extremely pleasing to the eye. The vibe is extremely positive.

Finally the therapy began with a warm compress on the feet. Then after ensuring that i was comfortable, the therapist began a relaxing 30 minutes dry massage, the aim of which I was told is to enhance the flow of energy, restores harmony and get the circulation going. This was followed with an oil based /gel based massage. Two primary reasons I opted to go with the gel were: I had another meeting straight after the session and I wanted to get a feel of how the gel works on the body). The strokes ranged from frictional to relaxing and the therapist to her credit blended them  seamlessly to allow body’s internal system to benefit from the properties of the blended aromatic gel. Later the therapists shared multiple other reasons why the gel is getting extremely popular these days. Apparently besides assisting in creating smoother stroke techniques for light massages the gels also help the skin retain its own natural oils, so moisturize the skin fabulously minus the greasy feeling (that you don’t really want sometimes) that an oil may generate. Plus it is cool and refreshing and


I was told that it is completely chemical free and is particularly good to undo the sunburn damage.

This Shanaya Signature therapy gets full marks from me as it gave me a sense of deep relaxation and well-being. It alleviated tension and fatigue that was sitting heavy in my city weary muscles, eased up my heavily knotted upper back and shoulders (all thanks to the hours spent in front of the laptop) and the heavy sensation in calves and feet disappeared too.

Finally some tlc for my hair – a hair wash and blow dry at their Hair By Dar Salon had me completely ready for my next meeting, totally relieved of the weekday stress and fatigue. Next on the agenda, some of the fabulous facials the spa is extremely famous for. I have my eye on their Caviar facial (for him & her), which hydrates and firms the skin via a synergistic blend of vegetable extracts, crushed pearls and marine caviar. Sounds delish! By the way the salon also has a nail bar which is proving very popular with fashionistas.