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Shortcodes with params


  • Silver Bullet Pro – Speedup and protect WordPress in a smart way
  • Anti-spam Pro – Block spam in comments



Vbulletin widget

CAUTION: This plugin is no longer maintained and it may or may not work.

This is widget which pulls latest threads from vBulletin forum software. You can set how many threads to show. This is first release and it lacks many features but feel free to come up with suggestion.




Ultimate Product Catalog

Our responsive product catalog plugin is designed to display your products in an a sleek and easy to customize product catalog format. Choose between three default responsive layouts for your product catalog, or use the Custom CSS features or any of the hundreds of product catalog styling options. Make your product catalog easy to browse, sort and update with product catalog categories, sub-categories, tags and custom fields. Simple to add a product catalog to any page using the [product-catalogue] or [product-catalog] shortcode!

Perfect to create a product catalog for your store, art gallery, restaurant and more!

Key Features

  • 3 default product catalog layouts (thumbnail, detail and list)
  • Product catalog categories and sub-categories to organize your catalog, making product management and product filtering easy
  • Custom fields for your product catalog
  • Custom product pages
  • Product catalogs fully customizable with CSS
  • Widgets to display recent products, product list, random products from your product directory
  • Include product catalogs using the [product-catalogue id=’X’] or [product-catalog id=’X’] product shortcode
  • Upload and import products directly from a spreadsheet for your product catalog
  • Search product catalog functions with Javascript or AJAX
  • Easy to use product catalog attributes like [starting_layout], [excluded_layout]
  • Options page that makes it easy to customize product catalog features
  • Display a specific product category in your product catalog using URL filtering

Premium Features

The premium version of our product catalog plugin includes a huge number of features, such as: the ability to add over 100 products for your product catalogs, additional product images, SEO friendly URLs, product tags and custom fields for sorting within your product catalog, custom product pages, a minimalist product catalog layout option, product export and more!

  • Drag-and-drop and ultra-responsive tabbed product pages layout
  • 3 extra product catalog styles: minimalist, block and hover styles
  • Product inquiry form
  • Product reviews (using Ultimate Reviews)
  • Product tags for enhanced product catalog organization
  • Additional images and videos for better product catalog display and product management
  • Custom fields that can be added to your product catalog and used to include product manuals, additional information, etc., and for product catalog filtering
  • SEO friendly catalog single product pages
  • SEO By Yoast Integration for your product catalogs
  • Product catalog styling options, labelling options for product directory elements
  • For a more in depth list of product catalog features, please visit our FAQ page:

Product Catalog Additional Languages

  • Brazilian Portugese product catalog (Thanks to Tito_Cadallora)
  • Bulgarian product catalog (Thanks to Preslav P.)
  • Canadian French product catalog (Thanks to Pascale DRP)
  • Dutch product catalog (Thanks to Martin S.)
  • German product catalog (Thanks to Thomas S.)
  • Greek product catalog (Thanks to Christoforos A.)
  • Italian product catalog
  • Lithuanian product catalog (Thanks to AdArt)
  • Romanian product catalog (Thanks to Eszter N.)
  • Russian product catalog (Thanks to Alexander M.)
  • Spanish product catalog (Thanks to Irene L.)
  • Turkish product catalog (Thanks to Ayhan)

Thanks to James K for a number of excellent product catalog features

Check out our product catalog Frequently Asked Questions here:

Head over to the “Support” forum to report product catalog issues or make product catalog suggestions:

Check out more product catalog videos on the product catalog FAQ page.


Order Tracking Plugin

This order tracking software allows you to manage orders quickly and easily by posting updates about the order status or tickets that can be viewed through the front-end of your WordPress site. It’s software that’s easy to use through the WordPress admin panel and completely customizable with CSS. Orders can be inputted and updated manually, or entered by uploading a spreadsheet. Accept payment for orders through PayPal, or turn on WooCommerce integration to automatically create orders whenever someone checks out! Options are available to decide what information is displayed, to style the tracking form, to import and export orders via spreadsheet, to send out order status update emails and more!

Simply insert the ‘[tracking-form]’ shortcode into any page, and the tracking form will be displayed. It’s the simplest order tracking system around, and works great for managing projects within companies as well!

Key Features

  • Update the status of orders
  • Setup searchable orders or ticket numbers for customers
  • Automatically send an order alert email to a customer whenever an order is created or updated
  • Create custom order statuses tailored to your business
  • Hide or delete orders
  • Display options in Settings
  • Responsive and customizable CSS
  • Custom emails that can associated with different order statuses, such as for order processing and order delivery
  • Options for AJAX results, results in a new window, setting time zone, date formating and much more!

Premium Features

  • PayPal integration to allow order payment
  • WooCommerce integration to import WooCommerce orders
  • [customer-order] shortcode, to let customers create their own orders which admins can then update
  • Dozens of styling and labeling options
  • Require login for WordPress or Front-End Only users before viewing an order’s status
  • Custom fields for orders, customers and sales reps to display information such as weight, estimated delivery, price etc.
  • Import and export orders to Excel
  • Assign orders to customers and sales reps for enhanced order managament
  • Let sales reps manage only their orders


  • [tracking-form]
  • [customer-form]
  • [sales-rep-form]
  • [customer-order] (Premium)

Click here to find out more and to purchase the premium version:

Additional Languages

  • Italian (thanks to MD Ariful)
  • German (thanks to Benko)
  • Norwegian (thanks to EinarSkaug)
  • Polish (thanks to Jakub G.)
  • Portugese (thanks to Jaoa)
  • Spanish (thanks to Pablo M.)
  • Turkish
  • Vietnamese

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions here:

Please head to the “Support” forum to report issues or make suggestions:




Front-End Only Users

Front-End Only Users is a user management and membership plugin that allows admins to restrict access to portions of their websites. By using a registration shortcode to create a registration form, visitors can sign up as users on the front end of any page of your website. Signing up can either require a one-time paid membership, recurring monthly or annual membership payments, or it can be free. The users are separate from the standard WordPress users, so they have no access to the back end of your site. User management is simple and effective, with different user levels available.

Front-End Only Users is completely customizable using CSS and is easily personalized. The shortcodes can be used to insert registration forms, login forms, edit profile forms and many more forms on any page of your website. You can also make use of shortcodes to restrict content to users who are logged in and even to specific user levels. Create different fields for members to fill out and customize content based on their profiles. Use shortcodes to display user profiles or allow visitors to search current users (See our demo site). Customize forms with CSS to suit your needs using the Admin panel.

Includes paid membership and user level features to restrict different portions of your site to different user groups (those you have signed up, those who have paid, etc.). This level or user management makes it easy to monetize your content and segment your users! Type any shortcode name and help (ex:[login help) in any WordPress page to get a complete list of the shortcode’s attributes.

Ideal for paid content, membership, dating sites and more!

Key Features

  • Customizable membership fields
  • Pure CSS-styled login form, registration form and edit profile form
  • Supports all input types for user fields, allowing you to create a custom user profile
  • Include different membership levels and restrict content accordingly
  • Option to send sign-up emails and to require admin approval of users
  • User input-based redirects
  • Send user groups to different pages after login with our customizable login shortcode
  • Personalize the experience of your site with the [user-data] shortcode
  • UTF-8 support
  • Front end features: registration form, login form, edit user profile form, account management, user listings or searches, user profiles and more!
  • Back end user management features: add new fields, add new users, create and assign user levels, email settings and options

Premium Features

The premium version includes lots of useful features such as:

  • Facebook and Twitter integration: Ability for users to create and log in to accounts using Facebook or Twitter APIs
  • PayPal integration: Ability to charge users a one-time, annual, or monthly membership fee through PayPal
  • Ability to integrate WordPress users, so that WP users can create profiles, access restricted content, be given a specific frontend user level within this plugin, etc.
  • User Levels: Ability to create different user levels and to specify a default user level for users to be set to when they register (created on the “Levels” tab). Different user level groups can have access to different user content, allowing for easy and effective user management.
  • Access to the one-click installer, which lets you create all of the pages necessary for a membership site with one click
  • WooCommerce integration: Autofill WooCommerce fields for logged-in users
  • Email confirmation: Require users to confirm their email address before they can log in.
  • Ability to restrict pages: Gives you the option of restricting pages to groups of users in the sidebar of the page editor.
  • Admin Approval of Users: Require users to be approved by an administrator in the WordPress back-end before they can log in.
  • Statistics: This feature allows you to gather information about frontend users and how they are using your site, as well as to see what pages each user has visited.
  • User import via spreadsheet and user export to spreadsheet

For a complete list of the plugin shortcodes please go to our FAQs page:

Additional Languages

  • Brazilian Portugese (thanks to Humberto W.)
  • Dutch
  • French (thanks to Olivier B.)
  • German (Thanks to Mikkael G.)
  • Russian
  • Spanish (Mexican, thanks to Jorge N.)
  • Swedish (Thanks to Martin H.)

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions here:

Head over to the “Support” forum to report issues or make suggestions:



Quick Admin

This plugin is no longer being updated. Please feel free to adopt me!

Quick Admin is a simple plugin for adding quick links in the admin dashboard and admin bar. Separate management panel is provided to add/edit/delete links. Adding links in Admin bar is optional. You can set roles for which quick links are displayed.

If you like this plugin, please rate and review. If you have any question, suggestion or issue, please post here.



Feedburner Follow Me

Feedburner Follow Me is a simple plugin that allows you to show Google Feedburner subscription form either as a floating button or in sidebar(widgetized areas of your site). This plugin is very helpful for your visitors to subscribe to your feed and receive every new update into their inbox right away. Even you don’t have to worry about managing subscription and email content, it will be automatically managed by Feedburner. This plugin is quite easy to use and customize, just put your Feedburner user name via admin panel and you are ready to rock!


  • There are two ways to use of plugin via Footer sticky widget (always displayed) and sidebar widget.
  • Very easy to setup, just need to put Feedburner user name via admin panel.
  • Widget options.
  • Join millions of other followers.


Multi Social Widget

Multi Social Widget WordPress plugins makes it super easy to display your social photo streams from various social photo sharing networks (Pinterest, Dribbble, Flickr and Instagram) to your WordPress website. Multi Social Widget is quite simple to use and is having clean and interactive as well.


  • Social Streams form Pinterest, Dribbble, Flickr and Instagram.
  • Clean and interactive interface.
  • Easy to configure.
  • No need of technical knowledge.
  • Adjustable thumbnail height and width.
  • Show any no of thumbnails.
  • Easy Backend.
  • Compatible with Multisite.



Zedity: The Easiest Way to Create Your Posts & Pages!

Create your posts and pages very easily and quickly, with unprecedented design possibilities and no coding skills required. Zedity makes your WordPress experience much better.

  • Really Easy to Use: 100% pure visual content creation becomes a reality with Zedity. Finally, no more need to get your hands into HTML5, CSS or Javascipt codes: Zedity generates that for you, so you can focus on what matters to you.
  • Great Time Saver: what would usually take you hours, will take you only minutes with Zedity! Furthermore, since you can do it by yourself, without hiring developers, you may also save money.
  • Powerful and Flexible: Zedity gives you unprecedented flexibility and possibilities not available in the WordPress visual editor. A simple example? How would you place some text on top of an image? Unless you want to deal with coding, you just cannot do it. With Zedity, instead, you can do that and much more than that.
  • Dedicated Assistance: we love what we do and we will be assisting you. Whether you need help, you think you have found a bug, or you have a feature request, pleasecontact us. If you are using the plugin already and would like to rate it, you’re welcome. Here is a post you may want to read before rating:

Zedity is already available in many languages: Chinese, Czech, Dutch, English,French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Polish, Russian,Spanish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese. Isn’t your language available yet? Be the first to translate Zedity into your native language to enter the hall of fame and get rewarded! In addition, you can also take part to the WordPress translation program.

IMPORTANT: we recommend all users on past versions, to **install the latest 7+ version, which comes with a brand new user interface, support for touchscreen devices, interactive tutorials and other features. Enjoy Zedity!

Discover more about Zedity:

  • Zedity is currently available in two versions for WordPress: Free and Premium. Not using WordPress? Zedity is also available as a standalone HTML5 online editor. Check out the Official site to find more information.
  • Blog: tricks and tips, examples, video tutorials, etc.
  • Facebook and Twitter: stay in touch with us to get the latest from your Zedity plugin!
  • Help and Support: contact us for assistance, ask for information or provide your feedback: all from your free Zedity account!

Version requirements
Zedity works with any version of WordPress 3.5+. To take advantage of the latest features, we recommend to install the latest version of both WordPress and Zedity.

Do you need to use other WordPress versions? Please make sure to meet the compatibility requirements:

  • WordPress 4.1+ with at least Zedity 4.9.1+ (best with Zedity 7+)
  • WordPress 4.0+ with at least Zedity 4.2.1+ (best with Zedity 7+)
  • WordPress 3.9+ with at least Zedity 3.1.2+ (best with Zedity 7+)

Would you like to support Zedity? You can do it with a little donation. Thank you and enjoy Zedity!

For those curious about the first milestone, here is a video of Zedity 1.0: