Vitamins Essential to Children’s Health

If you want your child to grow healthy and strong then you need to supply them with the minerals and vitamins that are a necessary part of their proper nutrition. They should be able to get all of the needed nutrients from the foods that they eat. But what are the vitamins essential to children’s health?  Let’s go through them in more detail to see what your child needs.. Continue reading

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Tempting Foods to Always Avoid

Sometimes the best intentions lead us down the worst path. Who would suspect  that certain revered food processing companies would consciously lead us down the road to obesity or even diabetes? Certainly a company like Pepperidge Farm, that has given us so many calorie-conscious healthy choice foods, would not lead us astray. Yet a second look at the label of the Original Flaky Crust Roasted Chicken Pot Pie appears to indicate just that. Continue reading